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Sim Racing Online

FKR DTM Pic 2.jpg
DTM Comes to SRO !
Practice Server is up ! @ Silverstone .. WEC R2.jpg
A few changes for this round mainly I reduced the field from 30 to 24 (can switch back if needed but we will need the ORSW version of the track to do that as kunos track only holds 24 ) Server will be OPEN NO PW for the first few days of the week to try and pull in some more drivers (tell your friends!!) I will lock it down 48 hrs before the race with the PW found on the Championships page ! Now One of the other changes I'm making involves the server name ! first I hate to type ..lol You know in AC the server list (1,200-800 servers at any time) to get to our servers in search you MUST type the entire server name to get it to show or scroll threw all thoes servers to the [S's] Pffft ! So what I purpose is a slight name change to our servers ! ( i do this on the public server) I found this little trick years ago .. I suggest adding A1- to the beginning of our server names, what this does for us is simplify the server search down to 2 key strokes ! Try it !! Once the server list completes loading simply type A1 in the serach window and BAM there are all our servers ! you will be in the server before the time it takes you to type out s i m r a c i n g o n l i n e!! seriously its that fast and easy !
WEC Pic 2.jpg This thread is for choosing the car in your class and the skin. Aswell as for questions about the series and (race) comments on the series.