Assetto Corsa WEC Round 2 Silverstone 7-2-2017

Discussion in 'World Endurance Championship 2014 Season 1 Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Round 2 Race Server is up ! @ Silverstone ..
    WEC R2.jpg

    A few changes for this round mainly I reduced the field from 30 to 24 (can switch back if needed but we will need the ORSW version of the track to do that as kunos track only holds 24 )

    Server will be OPEN NO PW for the first few days of the week to try and pull in some more drivers (tell your friends!!) I will lock it down 48 hrs before the race with the PW found on the Championships page !

    Now One of the other changes I'm making involves the server name !
    first I hate to type You know in AC the server list (1,200-800 servers at any time) to get to our servers in search you MUST type the entire server name to get it to show or scroll threw all thoes servers to the [S's] Pffft !

    So what I purpose is a slight name change to our servers ! ( i do this on the public server)

    I found this little trick years ago ..

    I suggest adding A1- to the beginning of our server names, what this does for us is simplify the server search down to 2 key strokes ! Try it !! Once the server list completes loading simply type A1 in the serach window and BAM there are all our servers ! you will be in the server before the time it takes you to type out s i m r a c i n g o n l i n e!! seriously its that fast and easy !

    Also its no case sensitive so you can type a1 and it will instantly bring up our servers !

    So this practice server is named :

    Please give this a try and tell me what you think !
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  2. Fabiano Lima

    Fabiano Lima Pro Driver

    Well, i think i won't be in this race (maybe)
    Sunday is my birthday so is 100% for sure i'll be pretty drunk at the time of this race (because -4 hours for you guys).
    Do my best to be here (able to race) if not see you guys in the next one.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2017
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  3. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    I might give this race a try. Tested the LMP2 and sorta liked it. Not sure how it will hold up for 90 minutes, but we'll see
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  4. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Euh guys, is this race Saturday juli 1 or sunday? It says "sunday juli 1"
  5. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Fixed ! July 2 Sunday
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  6. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Thanks. So this is alternating with the BTCC series on sundays. Good. I might even take part in more races then
  7. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Just did myself a practice race 45 laps against 16 Ai LMP2 cars. First time it has happened to me that the AI is faster than me. They are over a second a lap faster... I get the feeling i'm not fast enough in these cars. :(:mad:
  8. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    :) It's the human opponents you need to worry about Roy.....
  9. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Haha, but if the Ai is faster than me, then i'm sure humans will be to. Ah well, we'll see on sunday
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  10. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Ace Motorsport Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Will miss this :( out most of Sunday not back until 7 to 8 have fun
  11. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    I see on the timelap tracker someone doing a 1.50.958 with medium tyres, 40% fuelload and track grip at 97.5 in LMP2. Am I missing something here or is he an Alien?
  12. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    wow .. :D must be ...

    BTW SERVER IS UP in race mode ..

    see Championship page for PW !

    If you get a chance please check that you have your car & let me know if you have any issues !

    As long as we have enough of the car types available on the server we will be ok !

    I have assigned cars to those who posted ,plus the same assignments from round 1 so we should be good to go :D

    & remember simply type A1 into the AC server search window !
  13. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Rob, shouldn't there be 5 of the Ligier LMP2's? And server works for me
  14. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    OK thx ! that's what I thought to .. but do we need an extra liger or oreca.. ? we have 8 lmp2 4 oreca 4 ?? i only see 3 ligas so Im adding one to be safe and removing 1 LMP1 Toyota .. new server setting going up now !
  15. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Thing is, in LMP2 everyone seems to take the Ligier. I see no times of the Oreca on the timing server. No idea why and to be honest, I haven't even tried the Oreca
  16. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member


    I don't know if you all know what a "formationlap" is, but it's a sort of warmup lap where the polesitter drives around 120 km/h. If the polesitter don't know that rule, that's fine, but if you all fly after him as he starts a lap on racepace, then ofcourse I'm out. Because I'm not doing a formationlap on racepace. So if that means that I come over the startline already 10 seconds behind the next GTE, then I have no motivation to do the race. Then I press Esc.

    So in the next races, please do a formationlap at 120 km/h and not on racepace.
  17. Alberto Alvarez

    Alberto Alvarez Pro Driver

    Yeah, I got in the follow-the-guy-in-front-of-you heat as well. It was strange as I didn't expect that, I tried not to loose sight on Rob -being a formation lap- but at the same time I didn't want to loose you. Actually I tried to stop at the last chicane but then the Protos were there and I think I saw going straight so didn't know if you had an issue or something

    A mess it was, really
  18. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    To be honest John, 2 of us in LMP2 had to start from the pit. We both legged it until we reached the last in line. A GTE, no idea who that was. From then on we held back keeping pace with the last GTE until the last corner. Then we opened up. Nothing wrong there. You could have just kept racing, it was a 90 minute race, so plenty of time
  19. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    I didn't get chance to grab the replay due to the stupid end of race switch that AC does, before you've had time to digest the results, laptimes, positions etc.

    Rob will/can you put up a replay as I want to check out the driving of one car, which looked to me like repeated 4 wheels off course every lap with no attempt to stay within track limits, specifically at Copse corner.
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  20. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Anyway, so here is my view on things.

    This was my first race with a Rear wheel drive car and my first "endurance" race, so I had no idea what to expect. I had a strategy in mind which turned out to be spot on. I didn't really bother with qualifying because its just a bragging thing to get pole for these races. Anyway, on to the start. For a very dark reason both Jozsef and I had to start from the pit (never had that happen). Since the start was a formationlap not all was lost. Both he and me drove our socks of until we reached the last car. That was a GTE who couldn't keep up with the pace being set by the first car. We both didn't know if we were allowed to take our place in the line so we stayed with the lone GTE until the last corner. From then on we went all out. Both of us were doing 1.51 laps which in my view was seriously fast. Cought up with the leading GTE in the 2nd lap and Rob in LMP2 on lap 4. 6 Laps later we were right behind the leader in LMP2. Jozsef appeared to lose some time trying to get past that car which made me think I could do better. Suffice to say I went on the gas to early in a corner and binned it. No one to blame but myself :-( It took me a while to get the car straight. After a few laps it was clear that the damage to the car was to severe so I had to pit. Having no experience with pitstops I did it all wrong. By the time a had things in order (fuelled, new tyres and repairs) I had lost 2 laps (more then 4 minutes) by the time I rejouned. Now i'm not one to give up, so I kept my head down and did some fast laps again. Cought up with Rob not knowing he had 2 laps on me. Passed him and saw no position change. F*ck it I tought and kept going. With about 15 minutes to go I finaly passed him for position only to bin it again a few corners on. Again, no one to blame but myself. Lost 55 seconds trying to get the car in the right direction. Not easy... No way I could make up for the lost time.

    BTW, the remaining GTE car has to be commended for letting the other through without problems. Not always an easy feat.

    In conclusion, I enjoyed myself and will be there for the next one.
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