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    Here you may report any future absences for the SROPC Championship.
    • Absences that are known must be reported no later than 48 hours before the round that you are reporting an absence for.
    • If your absence report states maybe, your seat will be open until 24hrs before the round that you are reporting a possible absence for. You must confirm your status in the absence report thread if you think you can race, or your seat will be automatically given to a reserve.
    • 3 or more absences may result with you being removed and/or replaced in the league.
    • The absence report form will be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result with you not being accepted into future leagues.
    • We understand real life issues or emergencies may occur and leave you no time to report, If so, you are required to send a personal PM/Conversation to @Nigel Middleton with the form made available and state a valid reason for the absence.
    Use the following form to report your absence:

    Round Absent:
    Certainty: (Out/Maybe)
    Reason: (State the reason for your absence.)
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