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    SROGT3 LOGO.png


    Welcome to the inaugural Sim Racing Online GT3 Championship . This March 24 drivers will meet to test their skills of endurance. Each round will be 90 minutes around 7 world class tracks. Driving some of the best GT3 cars around to try and win the championship. Could you/your team be the one to take the crown?


    The championship will be contested over 7 rounds. The racing will take place on famous circuits from all over the globe. Gilles Villenuve Canada, Algarve International, Brands Hatch GP, Le Mans, Road Atlanta, Autopolis, Spa, Will play host to the championship.

    Live Action:

    Not available


    Audi R8 LMS Ultra
    BMW Z4 GT3
    Ferrari 488 GT3
    Lamborghini Huracan GT3
    Mercedes AMG GT3
    McLaren 650S GT3

    Nissan GTR GT3
    Porsche 911 GT3 R 2016

    Default Content | Dream pack 1 | Dream Pack 2 | Dream Pack 3 | Red Pack | Porsche pack III

    Track Pack can be downloaded HERE
    Signup for the championship HERE
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    Sim Racing Online GT3 Championship Calendar:

    Every round will be 20:00 BST

    Test Race = Sepang = 11-03-2017

    Round 1. 25-03-2017 Gilles Villenuve Canada
    Round 2. 08-04-2017 Algarve Internationl
    Round 3. 22-04-2017 Brands Hatch Gp
    Round 4. 13-05-2017 Road Atlanta
    Round 5. 20-05-2017 Autopolis
    Round 6. 03-06 2017 Spa
    Round 7. 17-06-2017 Le Mans

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    Driver Aids:
    Automatic Clutch: Yes
    Automatic Gears: No
    Traction Control: Yes
    Anti-Lock Braking: Yes
    Stability Control: No
    Spin Recovery: No
    Steering Assist: No
    Braking Assist: No
    Car Damage: 20%
    Tyre Wear: 100%
    Fuel Usage: 100%
    Tyre Blankets: Yes
    Driving View: Cockpit & TV Cockpit

    Car ballast:
    To ensure a good balance in the racing, we will ballast the cars where and when we feel it is needed to be done. The cars already have a ballast before the league starts to ensure cars are as equal as possible when we start racing.

    Rules & Regulations:

    The SROGT3 will operate in accordance with the SRO Regulations unless specifically outlined below.

    Blue flag exception:
    Blue flags need only be respected when it concerns two cars of the same class. The slower car may ignore a blue flag issued over an approaching faster car from a different class. Both cars are still encouraged to facilitate inter-class overtaking.

    Race start procedure:

    Each race will be a standing start.

    Racing Infringements:

    · Any racing infringements (such as causing a collision or disrespecting track boundaries) must be reported to the stewards immediately for review. The report must be sent to the stewards by the team owner or one of his drivers.

    · Any incident that is reported after the event could lead to a team losing points or being disqualified from the race.

    · If you push another car off of the track you will have 2 laps to let them get back past no matter how many place your team loses in the process.

    · Any driver can lodge a complaint during the race with race control.

    · If race control deems you to have a drive through or stop and go you will have 3 laps to do this in.

    · Stop and goes cannot be taken during a pit stop. If you have been given a stop & go you are to wait at the end of the pit lane in a safe place and race control will tell you when you can leave the pits.

    Other infringements:

    Any other infringements (such as software cheating or illegal drivers) can be reported to the stewards up to 24 hours after the race. These incidents will be reviewed in the week after the event.
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    Championship Point Scoring System:

    Points are scored when a car covers at least 75% of the distance covered by the winning car. Additionally teams score points. Points are distributed as follows:

    P1. 40
    P2. 36
    P3. 33
    P4. 30
    P5. 28
    P6. 26
    P7. 24
    P8. 22
    P9. 20
    P10. 18
    P11. 16
    P12. 14
    P13. 12
    P14. 10
    P15. 9
    P16. 8
    P17. 7
    P18. 6
    P19. 5
    P20. 4
    P21. 3
    P22. 2
    P23. 1
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    League signups will open on Sunday the 5th of February

    To sign up a team for SROGT3 you need to fill in the form HERE. Note that signing up requires you to know:

    The car you wish to use

    Every single driver must be on Team Speak For the race briefing. You do not need to speak just listening is fine. This will be for race briefings before each round. Each team will also have their own Team Speak channel.

    Finding drivers or a team:

    If you are looking for drivers or a team to drive for you can look and post in the Team & Driver Matchmaking thread HERE.

    Submitting a team livery:

    All teams are required to have submitted a livery before the livery submission deadline of each round they enter. Please make sure you are happy with your team livery before the season starts so as we don’t need to keep changing them for every round. Until your livery has been processed you are required to use the mods default liveries on the server. No other custom liveries are allowed.

    The livery must be based off the SROGT3 Template of the team's car model, without moving or altering the elements put there by SROGT3 staff such as number plates and sponsor names. Windows and numbers will be added by the SROGT3 staff after the livery has been submitted.

    Skin Templates can be downloaded HERE

    Note that liveries containing offensive imagery or language will be rejected.

    A livery is submitted by sending the following files including the appropriate naming format to: or by sending a PM to Wayne Reed

    The information and rules are subject to change. All league signups will be made aware of any changes.
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