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Discussion in 'F.K.R' started by Rob Milliken, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I have been working out a new style scoring format for online racing here at SRO , over the years we have followed the basic rules of road racing where the points are spread out with rewards for the winn of up to 5 points increase over 2nd & 3rd down to the rest of the field and so on .. This works but what happens after 3 or 4 race's is the series is pretty mush down to 2 or 3 drivers & way out of reach to all but the fastest guys . Now this is justly deserved as they are the fastest ! however what this does in online racing is put the champ out of reach for 2/3rds of the drivers & then we see the grids get smaller & smaller towards the end and their is little to no incentive to continue ..
    So my Idea is to lower the points to where everyone can always be "In It" throughout the entire series .. :D
    After years of online racing I have come up with a simple formula that in theory should improve the over all racing and keep players incentives going by not having the fastest guys build such huge points gaps .. They still will be at the top but the point spread will be tighter :rolleyes:

    Ok so here it is .. I want you to think long and hard about this after reading it , & forget about traditional race scoring formats ..;)

    The points will work like this:
    2 points for a win 1 point for a finish 0 points for a DNF or No Show (no podium glory here but I think that's ok )
    Now it gets another twist :D their will be bonus points awarded for drivers that attend every race in the series , example would be in a 10 race series all drivers that make every race will receive 5 bonus points at the end to add to there total .. I know this is all fun and games so people have things happen and sometimes we just have to put real life first so missing a race you will only loose the 1 point for that day and no bonus 5 points at the end so your down 6 points & with the tight points spread your not really out of it.

    The bonus incentives are there to keep all drivers in the mix & with the old format if you miss a race you could be 20-25 points behind already !! with this format your never out of it as long as you show up to race !

    All FKR guys will get a crack at testing this (and anyone else willing to help out with a small test series)
  2. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Trying to understand here. For example, in a ten race series with ten people with one person who wins all the ten races - The winner of all the races will get 25 points. All the others who show up for the ten races and simply finish all races, whether it be 2nd or 10th, will have 15 points. Or have I misunderstood?
  3. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Well yes sadly in that situation that would happen .. But with the given points we have now in the same situation with the 3-5 point spread between 1st & 2nd X10 he would be some 30 to 50 points ahead .. this is designed to keep the field a big tighter ..
    Ther will still be 1st 2nd & 3rd over all at the end .. we are simply trying to figure out how to keep everyone in the mix throughout a series .. Again this is all in theory .. I have only seen one event lately where the same guy won all the races & then he did not even show to the last & still won the champ if that happens it happens & it will always be lopsided .....nothing we can do about that ..

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