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    What is Next-Gen Marcas?
    The Next Generation Marcas project is an attempt to bring the existing Marcas cars by Reiza to a specification resembling those used in current European and International Touring Cars, namely BTCC's NGTC spec and TCR. Most of the data and figures come from TCR spec cars (as these where more readily available) but, like the original Marcas and BTCC, each car shares many components including suspension and brakes etc.

    • New 2 litre turbo engine using AMS turbo simulation. Based on a Honda Civic TCR, producing approx 350bhp and 420NM torque (currently shared by all brands)
    • Uprated transmission to handle the extra power and new fixed gear ratios based on homologated TCR specs
    • New springs and 2-way dampers front and rear
    • Increased weight and minimum ride height to better reflect TCR and BTCC regulations
    • Multiple changes to setup options to allow for changes that mimic TCR options and a default based on a factory setup
    • New sound file compiled using stock Reiza sounds
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    This may possibly be the final Automobilista series we run here at SRO due to dwindling entry numbers for this sim. With all my other commitments at SRO it is sadly becoming not worth the time and effort I have to personally expend on searching, reviewing, testing, creating, hosting and administering a series for the small number of regular entries we currently attract.

    If you have any interest in this Sim continuing at SRO, then please show it by registering AND running in this series once it is open.
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  4. Hi,im new here,wanna ask how can i choose a car for series,i mean can i select any of them?
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    Yes, you can select any of them ;)
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    Sorry to have to missed the race. Things come up.
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    The following members have been unregistered from this series for either no-show/not unregistering in the last two races.

    Jorge Herrera
    Saulius Laurinavicius

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