Assetto Corsa Comp Round 1 Hungaroring

Discussion in 'FKR ACC GT3 Championship Series 2 Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Pro Driver

    Out of interest what was the lap time cost running a full tank of fuel on worn tyres? Must have been horrible o_O I know there were about 6 of us queued up behind Simon’s bloated Aston for ages in the middle of the race :D
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  2. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    Fuel mixture settings ???
  3. Rogerio Santos

    Rogerio Santos Pro Driver

    hello, I use the standard ACC spotter, nothing more... :)
  4. Rogerio Santos

    Rogerio Santos Pro Driver

    hummm .... i'll see about this ... :)
  5. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    ECU map = fule setting..
  6. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    Another point I want to take your attentions. Why dont we use 2020 bop tracks in the races? What is the point/hint to use 2019 tracks?
  7. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    It is real drama for me. I just needed 1 lt fuel. I had to pull my leg off throttle and engine mapping down for last 2 laps. Only recovering my soul is finishing 3. on the podium.
    In pracrice session, I had 21 laps without non-stop. ACC fuel consumption said 2.39. I added 114 lt, 2 laps extra. Though this addition, I had lack of fuel. I know ACC is useless for fuel computing but did not expect missing 5 lt.
    I chassed Simon almost 15 laps to pass, was really hard to pass him because he was iron defence, well done. Just once found a small gap then went through untill last lap.
    Congratulations all who finishes this thugh race.
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  8. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Pro Driver

    I suffered the same with the dodgy fuel calc. I even put 5L in extra as a safeguard like i normally do with the Aston but still had to go to fuel map 3 or 4 for about 5 laps to make it to the end despite pitting for fuel and tyres :rolleyes:.
    My issue with this fuel stop debacle now for S2 is that if we are saying there is no point in pitting and you can just trundle around with a fat fuel tank to win, then we have removed all the pitstop tactics from an endurance race :( Personally i am not so keen to drive one of these for 80mins doing fuel and tyre saving and suffering lardy handling because now that is what everyone will be forced to do. (i think).
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  9. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Yes, That was supposed to be the 2020 track .. a server admin error o_O.. there's not a lot of 2020 tracks but we will use them when we can ..
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  10. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Also, RackService is closing down their game servers :( so we are on the hunt for a new provider for ACC & PC2 & AC ..we should have a new server by round 3.
  11. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander Pro Driver

    Please confirm which Suzuka we will run. If I set my season to 2020 I can still choose Suzuka, so there 2019 and 2020 Suzuka.
  12. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    We will be using 2020 tracks whenever possible!
    As long as admin has his head on strait:rolleyes:o_O;)
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  13. Christian Mentin

    Christian Mentin Pro Driver

    Hi Taner,
    I also figured out that there is something interesting with the fuel, but I would not say its wrong, at least in the Porsche.
    So I had following observation: If I go with a full tank, the fuel consumption is less than when going for a empty tank. There may be reasons in lack of top speed and corner speed when rpm are a bit lower and maybe longer braking zones, thereof burning less fuel per lap when being a heavy car.
    If I would go for Quali setup with 20l, the fuel consumption of the Porsche goes up, with the opposite reasons I described.
    Out of that fact - its hard to use e.g. one single lap and its calculated fuel consumption when going in Quali setup and trying to estimate the fuel for the whole race when the wheight of the car is constantly changing. Thats my conclusion to the numbers I see on the HUD and in pits.
    What I tried now two times: Running low fuel laps and full tank laps, and take the average fuel consumption of both runs. This gives a better feeling for me with the Porsche, and I think its not completely wrong for that car, although I am doing assumptions as e.g. the fuel consumption is changing with a constant rate.
    Anyway if I am sure on that I will let you Guys know if I found some magic formula helping me to determine the fuel in an exact way.

    @Rob Milliken: The Porsche has also 10 engine maps whereas it is basically just 3 Race modes + one very slow pace car mode. Its just resulting in 10 setting because of different pedal input mappings... But the normal race mode and quali engine map is 5-10% difference in fuel consumption typically - and for me as non pro driver barely feelable in the lap time ;)

    If someone may need some ideaas on the engine maps.
    Those can be found in the official forum here:

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  14. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    Hey Chris,
    I lapped with 80 lt in official practice ( I had many laps in the server before anyway to undestand the tires for real conditions in the server ) with engine map 8. In the Q, also map was 8. I beleive some calculation algortims is crashed in ACC. Surely, As you said, there is an difference consuöption comparing Q and race pace plus factor such pushing the car.
    Anyway, I got my lesson never believe ACC information and Aris ( big liar- perrrfect perrrrrfect, everything is perrrfect ) :D :D
    ACC is great sim ever, to me. But still lack of very very basic things.
    The next race, I am sure I will be full fuel up : )
    PS I am on the side of 90 min or over races time.
  15. Carlos Delgado

    Carlos Delgado Pro Driver

    Hello there!
    I've also struggled with the gas on the lambo. I even used a fuel calculator wich result in 130L with some margin, so i started with 50 and was aiming for 80 on the pitstop.
    But 20mins into the race i was o_O... so had to change to 100L. That's 150L total, and by checkered flag there was about 10L, so in the end i've used about 140L.
    Symon pace thru out the race was'nt much faster than me, but anyone that can go thru without stoping (at that pace) has clear advantage. P2 and P3 had much faster pace but they went for gas and lost P1. It's a weird 'race' concept for me, but hey i'm here for the fun :cool:
    90mins at least made it mandatory for everyone... This racing for economy and messing with ECU sets feels like PHEV racing...
    Anyhow.. couldn't set the lambo properly.. the front end feels heavy and slides a lot... tried my best to keep away from faster guys and happy to say i've made it to the end without a single bump :) But i'll drop the Lambo and pick the GT-R or something else, don't know yet.

    Meanwhile, for those who complaint about being bumped... take a look at how the TOP of the CROP in simracing managed the 1st couple laps... OMG :eek:
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  16. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Guys keep in mind this is a year-long championship with 4 - 6 race series. This is just series 2 of the 4 and it has a challenging format we must conquer while on the road to becoming the SRO ACC 2021 GT3 Champion! :D If you look at series 2 tracks you will see some cars have an advantage on certain tracks and not so much on others, this is how it is in real GT3 racing as well.
    The next series, series 3 , will again have another format/race leingth.
    I can't say what series 3 will have yet but to be the Champion you need to be ready for anything ;),
    I will tell you series 4 will be 120 min races!:eek::p:D
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  17. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Great Vid thanks !!
    I like how he states "classic Monza T1" Oh the carnage
  18. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Pro Driver

    they need our lap1 'no contact' rule :p
    Great simracing event though, love the fact it mirrors the real race with proper commentary team and liveries etc :cool:
  19. Simon Gymer

    Simon Gymer Pro Driver Donator

    Just like to point out I wasn't trundling around Mark! I had fuel mixture on maximum performance, it was just the extra weight that was slowing me down and the type of track not suiting the Aston. Look at where I qualified! I was only holding everyone up because I was out of position on pace because others were involved in incidents. One more lap and Max would have gotten past me at the end. I had to be on the money for the whole race and not lose a lot of time defending for no reason when it's all about the end game in these longer races. I see so many drivers defending vigorously and losing so much time over the race as a whole as a result. It might seem backwards but sometimes you have to give up a position to finish higher up, e.g. you have 10 laps left and you have 1 guy behind you who is clearly quicker, the next guy is 20 seconds behind and is also catching you, if you defend your position really hard you could easily lose 5-10 seconds in 2 or 3 laps and then the other guy is only 10 seconds behind you and you end up losing that position too. If you let the first guy through when in all likelihood they are going to get past anyway or crash into you, you will stand a much better chance of still finishing ahead of the car behind him! Sprint races are different and you need a different set of skills to do them. Unfortunately I see most drivers go into all races with the same mental outlook, sprint or otherwise, and then you find yourself ahead of drivers who qualified much faster than you when they invariably get impatient in the first 20 minutes and get involved in incidents.

    The Aston has 8 levels of mix but essentially only 1 and 8 do anything. 1 is max performance and 8 is dog slow and doesn't seem to actually save much on fuel at all, so seems pretty pointless. Essentially, this means there is no fuel saving in the Aston as far I can tell that you couldn't do by driving differently. You will not do well in a race if you spend a large proportion of the race on a fuel save mix as you will lose far too much pace. All I did was max the tank out, drive very slowly on the pace lap and cross my fingers. The main thing with fuel calculations is not whether the ACC garage is right or not (which in my experience it always is if you practice with race fuel on board), it's calculating the right number of laps. I never practice with low fuel. The only time I ever put low fuel in is for qualifying. All practice sessions are done on race fuel because that's the important thing for me.

    In my experience the tyres don't degrade anywhere near enough in 80 minutes to bother changing them. Considering they would have to be 30 seconds better over a 40 minute period of racing to make up the time loss in the pit stop. This would mean you would need to be 1.5 seconds a lap faster EVERY lap to make the time back, it just isn't justified.

    Personally I would mandate pit stops with tyres and fuel, but you have to police that somehow (unless you can make the server do it), but it's not my series and I have respect for Rob to run the series how he sees best. It's easy to force pit stops for fuel you just increase the race length to 90 minutes.
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