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SRO Software Update - August 2017

Discussion in 'SRO Software Information' started by Sim Racing Online, Aug 16, 2017.

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    On January 1st of this year, SRO started developing the championship software system. On April 1st we released the software to our members. If you have not visited the site in several months you may not recognize it. It has a new look and a big investment early this year in hardware and dedicated servers has increased the performance of our site and will allow us to keep up with the demands as our membership grows. And we are using a popular, open source software platform that guarantees support and scalability in the future.

    For the most part this project has been a big success and we continue to develop and fine tune the system. It takes a dedicated team to keep this site running and the following people make most of it happen:
    • John van der Geest
    • Rob Milliken
    • Nigel Middleton
    • Kenny Press
    • Ken Jagger
    • Mark Hightree
    This team puts in a lot of time to maintain the site and the only payment they receive is the satisfaction of helping our members have the best racing experience possible. We have received a lot of great feedback from our members with ideas for future enhancements. The list of ideas continues to grow. Here are some of the future enhancements we have in the works:
    • Team pages
    • Team rankings
    • Average team points. Currently we only use Total team points
    • More information for the Driver page
    • Forum posts on the Events page
    • Event screen shots posted by members along with race comments
    • Better organization of car and track downloads
    • Better race results processing
    As with any new software, there are known problems and bugs still pop up now and then. The following is a list of issues we are working on. Knowing about these issues can help us manage the site more efficiently.
    • If you race in an event and unregister before the race results are processed, your race results may not appear on the event page. We are currently working on a way to "lock" the grid before the event begins. Until this is fixed, please do not unregister from an event until the results are processed.
    • Race results may be missing a lap in the Reports page or laps may be completely missing. Processing race results is complicated and there are a lot of pieces that must synchronize to achieve complete and accurate results. But sometimes the result files themselves are missing data. Project Cars is an example of bad race result files. We cannot extract complete stats from these flies. rFactor 1 and 2, on the other hand, produce excellent results. It's possible to generate more reports, such as accident and penalty reports, from RF files.
    • If your driver name includes an accent over any letter, this will cause problems in race results processing. You can use accented names in the web site but please do not use accented letters when entering your "game name". The game name is what links the race result files with the SRO software. You specify your game name inside your simulator configuration. Please only use unaccented letters in your simulation game.
    Thank You to all those who have supported SRO financially. The software part of this project is 100% free. But the hardware and dedicated servers are an expense that is cheerfully paid by the owner of this site, with the help of a few donations :)
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