Assetto Corsa Comp Round 1 Hungaroring

Discussion in 'FKR ACC GT3 Championship Series 2 Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. Simon Brown

    Simon Brown Pro Driver

    Good luck tonight guys, finished my rig and was waiting for seat witch didn’t arrive, so bodged the old seat on for now o_O not much practice time but I’ll be on from six. Stay safe
  2. Rogerio Santos

    Rogerio Santos Pro Driver

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  3. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander Pro Driver

    Well gents, $h!t race that was! I got ran into 2x on the opening lap, and another few after. This is probably the hardest track to pass on so I was scratching my head at those moves. Long pit stop with repairs and me not being able to find the damn ignition key with my VR on.

    No protests on my end, just disappointed :/

    See you at the next one.
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  4. Simon Gymer

    Simon Gymer Pro Driver Donator

    Wow, can't believe I won the race from 7th or 8th on the grid. Had a terrible qualifying, having to go deal with a child half way through losing the second half running. Despite Rob putting the race length up to 80 mins I thought I could probably just make it on fuel as my calculations were basically showing 0 left at the end. In the end I had 1.2 litres left and once you're on the no-stop strategy there really is no turning back until you are about to run out of fuel.

    Didn't think Max was going to catch me at the end and as I saw Tanner losing pace up front I knew I might be able to win as I guess he was marginal on fuel. I doubt I will win again this season, so will enjoy the champagne tonight!

    This is definately not an Aston Martin track, it's like wrestling a heavy nosed barge around those twisty bits, so this definately bodes well for some of the other tracks, although I don't really like Suzuka, hate Paul Ricard, like to see the back of Laguna Seca and not a fan of Zandvoort which is not suitable for big cars like these imho. Basically I'm looking forward to Imola LOL.

    I very much doubt you can get away without stopping at Suzuka or Paul Ricard and probably not Imola either. Laguna and Zandvoort might be close I guess.
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  5. Rogerio Santos

    Rogerio Santos Pro Driver

    Didn't you need to refuel?
  6. Christian Mentin

    Christian Mentin Pro Driver

    I was late unfortunately and went in for 20min practice. Well, Hungaroring is a track I did not race before, so I tried my best to learn in the short time I had during P & Q. After Q I ended up not even in the back of the field but I was hoping for a few fights at least. And indeed I wasn't upset the first laps were fun, but my car was all over the place...
    @Rob: I had hope to race you today but I think the Bentley gave you hard times?
    @Simon Brown: No worries for the punt in the first lap - I almost did not feel it ;)
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  7. Simon Gymer

    Simon Gymer Pro Driver Donator

    Nope. Was surprised more people didn’t try it. You can never make back the 30 or more seconds you lose in a pit stop in a short race like that. It was VERY tight, I had 1.2 litres left from 120 litres with zero fuel saving and you have to wrestle a heavy car for half a race but it was worth a try. Won’t be able to do that at the faster tracks.
  8. Rogerio Santos

    Rogerio Santos Pro Driver

    in Ferrari it fits 110 liters, there is no way to go to the end without refueling ... I will definitely change cars ... :)
  9. Renato Coelho

    Renato Coelho Pro Driver

    Congratulations for this victory Gymer!
    But i think admin should review this rule. In my opinion one car could not get advantage in this situation. Admin should insert pit window rule to avoid this situation.

    Admin, is it possible to include this pit window rule? If not, some cars will have advantage.
  10. Simon Gymer

    Simon Gymer Pro Driver Donator

    I did say before the season started why not make these 90 mins then there is no way not to stop at any track or make stop mandatory. I didn’t even know different cars had different sized tanks. I’ve always driven cars with 120 litre tanks so surprised to hear there are 110 litre tanks too.
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  11. Karl Steeg

    Karl Steeg Pro Driver

    not going to make it tonight
  12. Simon Brown

    Simon Brown Pro Driver

    @Christian Mentin im glad I spun my self and not made you spin, got the new rig all made up and was fine until the race and the seat came lose,
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  13. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    I was expecting everyone to not pit at all, or just stop for a top up. A fuel only stop is alot quicker than stopping for tyres I saw just a couple of secs compared to 30 for tyres. But my thinking was I would be quicker and more consistent if i stopped for fuel and tyres. A full tank is quite a weight penalty around here to laptime.

    Strange i didnt realise the cars had different tank sizes. The Audi has 120L and could just about make it though the pace lap does make it worse. But the tracks this season, to me don't suit fuel saving with a full tank, being quite tight tracks.

    I need to check the replay, managed to stay out of trouble in the first corner for someone to come right across on me and push me onto the grass dropping me back and then something else happened on the second lap, managed to work my way up the field a bit before coming up behind Mark J who I thought was not going to stop or just for fuel as i caught him so quickly and just thought we were in different races as once i pitted i would be dropping back again. So was shocked to find i came out less than a second ahead of him. Then started a rather epic last 30mins as tried to get past a ferrari, only just managing it with 4mins to go.
    It's a track you don't get any time to relax when just hotlapping so the concentration to race others was immense, I was shattered after that!
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  14. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Pro Driver

    Tough race for me last night, never got higher than 6th, but still enjoyed some good battles mostly with the two blue Ferrari’s and Delgados Lamborghini. Also enjoyed brief battles with Mark E and Sander. That McLaren had so much more agility!
    Lack of time pre event meant I didn’t have any time to try different strategies so I just did a normal fuel and tyre stop. I expected to lose a load of places to various strategies but guess I did drop 4 places after my stop. The Aston wasn’t great here and the 80minutes felt a real slog, it was good on fresh tyres but once they went off, it was tough to keep good lap times.
    Had to fuel save for a few laps near the end and nearly lost a place to Delgado but finished ahead in 8th I think?
  15. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Started to get lag right from the first lap. Sorry to the person I tapped from behind on the first lap. Did not get any better so quit, restarted my computer and went back to the race but still had the same problem so quit the race for good.
  16. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    Did the radar not show i was on your right?
  17. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander Pro Driver

    Is this the T1 incident? If it that I was I squeezed my apologies, I just recovered(ing) from the previous contact and was setting up for T2 and not sure what the radar was showing.
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  18. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Sorry guys I had a family emergency 2 laps in and had to park it ..:eek:
  19. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander Pro Driver

    @Rogerio Santos do you have some spotter app? My radio never tells me "3 wide" and all that good stuff, I'd like to have that.
  20. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    If you do a little research you will see the Ferrari does have 10L less BUT it also has 12 stages of fuel mixture where most cars have 3 , with the proper adjustments throughout the race the Ferrari as well can make it. that's what this challenge is all about .. figuring out a way to be the most productive!
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