1. AMS2 Fans! Are you a Season pass owner?, Have the latest DLC? The SRO public server has you covered! SRO AMS2 servers are highlighting the latest DLC, the Racin' USA Pt1 pack! Jump in for some open GTE / DPI Multi-class races @ Daytona Road course with the latest v1.2 build!
  2. Don't forget to check in on the Announcement Thread in our General Forums, for notification of upcoming new series
  3. Gerhard Hoffman takes his 12th SRO win at the 5th Round in the X-Bow GT4 series at Ruapuna in New Zealand. After passing his Team mate Bjorn Johansson, he was able to withstand strong pressure from Bjorn and Julian Smith, who filled out the podium positions.
  4. Jeffrey Ruskus takes another round in series 2 of the year-long 2021 ACC GT3 Championship! dominating the field @ Laguna Seca. Only 2 rounds left in series 2 (races 11&12 of the 24 race 2021 GT3 season). These final 2 rounds will take advantage of the new BOP with all cars carrying the same amounts of fuel.

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