These are the administrators who volunteer their time to bring this website to you.

Name: John van der Geest
Age: 54 (as of 2018)
Country: Netherlands

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Started simracing off-line in 1999 with Grand Prix Legends.
Started simracing on-line in 2008 at Race2Play.
Became Administrator at SRO in 2016.
Favourite type of racing: multi-class 90 minutes
Favourite type of track: Long tracks
Favourite tracks: Brno 65 / Dundrod / Spa 66 / Magnificent Park Endurance / and many more ...
Favourite sim: rFactor 2 / Assetto Corsa
Favourite cars: Historic cars

Started off my racing career in 1995 with a Nascar game and a joystick, followed up by Grand Prix 1 and Grand Prix 2 by Geoff Crammond. Also drove them with a joystick. Got my first steering wheel when I bought Grand Prix Legends in 1999. That's where I start counting as a start in simracing. Driving that brutal sim is where I learned to control a racecar. After that, I did a lot of GTL and GTR1 and finally, I decided to go online in 2008 to test myself against humans. The rest is history.
Name: Nigel Middleton
Age: 64 (as of 2019)
Country: England



My sim racing career started in 2009 with a second hand copy of Race07, I raced offline for a couple of weeks then started searching for online racing websites that is when I came across R2P.
I raced there until they closed in 2016, I also raced in between at RC and RD.
My favourite cars are GT and LMP, I also like endurance racing which I have done 6 hours up to a 24 hour race.
Favourite tracks Nordschleife, Sebring and Paul Ricard.

SRO was founded in March 2015 after R2P closed i invited Mark to join me from that day we have gone from strength to strength.

When i am not sim racing i do go to my local track Silverstone, I never miss the WEC and when time permits i like to go and watch Historic racing.
My other real life racing is motorcycles.
I have owned over the years Suzuki Honda and Triumph motorcycles.

Name: Ken Jagger
Age: 67 (as of 2018)
Country: England

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Became interested in computer car racing with Atari Pole Positon in 1983 (funny I know!)
Started simracing off-line in 1994 with Microprose Formula One Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond.
Participated in simracing & hosting races on-line between 2008 & 2016 at Race2Play.
Co-Administrator at Moonshine Sim Racing in 2017
Ran online at Bent Metal Sim Racing, Simracing Indonesia and SRO in 2017
Became Administratior at SRO in 2017.
Favorite type of racing: anything that drives like a real car would!
Favorite type of track: Those with elevation changes
Favorite tracks: Belgium 66 / Mexico City / Mills Metro / Watkins Glen name a few
Favorite sim: rFactor 1 / rFactor 2
Favorite cars: Don't have one

I began sim driving with a joystick(?) and progressed through using a Flight Sim Yoke (as a substitute), until buying my first proper wheel, which I can't remember the make of except that it had analog paddles which I used for throttle/brake and buttons for gear changing. I then progressed through MS Sidewinder Black, Logitech G25, Fanatec GT3RS to my current latest, a Thrustmaster T300 with Fanatec Clubsport pedals.
I went through various racing sims/genres including Rallying sims until I discovered an Italian simracing site with a group of international members and some good series. Anyone remember Sam Krueger from R2P? He was racing there along with one or two others who became well known on the scene.
After they reduced the number of races they were hosting, I discovered Race2Play and spent many enjoyable years there until they closed at the end of 2016. I ended up here at SRO after discovering that Nigel had set this organisation up, before R2P closed.
Administrator/Software Developer
Name: Mark Hightree
Age: 54 (as of 2018)
Country: USA


Favorite type of racing: 90+ Minute Multi-class and Historic F1
Favorite type of track: Technical
Favorite tracks: Nordschleife, Spa, Sebring, Mid-Ohio
Favorite sim: rFactor 2
Favorite Cars: Enduracers and F1 1979

I am relatively new to sim racing. My brother-in-law introduced me to rFactor1 in 2008 and we were soon networking our computers together and racing on weekends. My first online race was at Race2Play in 2011 and I competed there until they closed the doors in 2016. It was then that I teamed up with Nigel and the crew to begin writing the custom software that we use at SRO today. It's been my pleasure to serve this awesome community and hope to continue serving for many years to come.

I also enjoy creating plugins and building hardware for rFactor2. I have built three custom motec dash displays and wrote the software for Arduino and Teensy microcontrollers, which drive the displays. I currently use a G27 wheel, V2 clubsport pedals and a custom made sequential shifter mounted on my one of a kind plywood chassis. Other hobbies include designing, building and flying r/c airplanes and I received my FAA pilot license in 1993.