Assetto Corsa 28/1/2017 Porsche GT3 R 2016 |Donington Park|20:00GMT

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    ASSETTO CORSA 595 size.png
    Server Name: A1-SRO Porsche GT3 R 2016
    Qualifying: 20:00 GMT
    Qualifying length: 10 minutes
    Race 20:15 GMT
    Race length: 30 laps

    Driving aids:
    Automatic clutch: Yes
    Traction control: Factory
    Automatic Gearbox: No
    ABS: Factory
    Start Type: Standing
    Tyre Wear: Normal
    Fuel Usage: Normal
    Damage: 50%
    Flag Rules Black only

    Track: Donington Park 1.15 ( Download HERE )
    Cars: Porsche pack III Porsche GT3 R 2016

    Download>>Skin Pack V5<<Download
    The 2016 GT3 R only has 3 cars livery's so we have added theses community skins to choose from > Feel free to pick one from the pack and post it here .. or post up your own.
    Friday night is the deadline for skins .

    (v5 added 8 new skins and Sanio's #11 martini skin, )

    Drivers: I will keep the skins you picked from previous race unless you have a new one as some new skins will be added and pack will be updated accordingly !

    Practice Server : ONLINE [​IMG]

    Post your name to register.
    If you find you can't make the race post your name again and put unregister next to your name.

    If you enjoy racing with us at Sim Racing Online then please donate. It helps us make SRO better.


    Registerd Drivers :

    1. Nigel Middleton

    2. Rob Milliken

    3. Wayne Reed

    4. John vd Geest

    5. Peter Stokman

    6. Sanio Alfa

    7. Diogo Rodrigues











Discussion in 'Archive' started by Rob Milliken, Jan 23, 2017.

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