Assetto Corsa Comp ACC Sprint series 2 Round 2 Zolder

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  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  2. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    1.3 update is out and with it in the change log I see a few things !
    with this > - Pitlane logic moved from trigger to surface system for more reliable detection. we should now be able to use the pit window option !
    Another key note talks about the start , we now have server settings to allow full control of the car in the formation lap without the need to use a server command from the server ! So the server is now set for manual starts /short form lap , this means you will have full control so DONT SPEED OFF before the green ! & be carful to stay in line !
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  3. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Some info on the new START features added with what is now 1.3.1:D , we will be using double file as before* ..

    - New Formation lap type for Multiplayer, including position tracking widget - to be used in official and CP servers and optional in private MP servers.
    - In "Single file" phase, player must follow the target widget, it should be relaxed enough to allow for warming up tyres and brakes.
    Being out of target by significant margins results in teleport to pits.
    - In "Double file" phase, players should find their target position as soon as possible and hold speed and side once there.*
    - In "Pre-green" phase (when the speed delta appears), players must lock their speed to the delta.
    Speeding or moving out of lateral and longitudinal position during the pre-green phase grants a penalty based on severity.

    The system works on a protect-the-innocent basis, the player can ignore what other cars are doing around them, the important thing to pay attention to is their own position and speed.
    Collisions are disabled during the formation lap and regained once any overlap is ended.
  4. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    1.3.2 out now ..
    ACC racers!
    Hotfix v 1.3.2 is available to download NOW on Steam!

    Changelog v1.3.2:
    - Cleared leftover pit strategies from all car preset setups.
    - All car preset setups tyreset is now set to the default set 1.
    - Updated race number generator when non-unique numbers are used.
    - Start procedure triggers revised for Mount Panorama.
    - Added lateral position indicator when delta speed is active in scripted formation.
    - Various minor livery updates.
    - Added option to disable the audio driver selection to use the default OS driver:
    "enableAudioDriverSelection" in moduleenabler.json.
    - MP: Servers will let team members join as spectators, independently of the isRaceLocked state.
    - MP: Added server admin commands /sg10, /sg20, /sg30 and /clear_all (clears all penalties from all cars).
    - MP: Scripted formation reliability improvements.
    - MP: Fixed <no name> entries for a special configuration of entry lists.
    - MP: Server will now write .txt files into the "current" folder, which implies the logging purposes better.
    NOTE: it is recommended to clear this folder.
    - MP: Renamed current/setting.json to current/settings.txt.
    - MP: Entrylist property defaultGridPosition is now 1-based, resulting in 1:1 grid positions (ie 1 is pole, 13 is really 13).
    - MP: Fixed an issue where defaultGridPosition would always start with position 2.
    - MP: Incremented the server version, please update the servers.
    - MP: Added server handbook version 7.
  5. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Just a heads up ! the Pit Window will be OFF again for this round , ..You may complete your pit stop /4 tire change anytime between Green & checkered !
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  6. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Reminder : if you cant make the race please remember to unregister ! We have a few on the waiting list (red) .. Thanks !
  7. Jeffrey Ruskus

    Jeffrey Ruskus Pro Driver

    That was an epic race with what felt like an undeserved win, because the Lexus behind me was much faster. Will have to wait for the replay to write the whole story, as I forgot :oops:.
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  8. Pablo Finotti

    Pablo Finotti Pro Driver

    Well, at least this time no one hit me...

    Q: bad... My best offline was 28.3, I was almost 2 secs off, no good

    About the race, my performance on wet floor was dreadful, I kept the same dry setup, but only changed tyres... Forgot to reduce pressures, that mistake probably costed me a podium. My car was just awful first half of the race, had no grip at all.
    When pit time came, parked ahead of the spot... Lost one position due to that error... It happens. Apart from that, I had a decent driving and all drivers were very respectful, at least with me )(finally). Keep the good job.

    Congratulations to all drivers, especially the podium finishers.
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  9. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    My first partially wet race ! Yay.

    Uhmm, I read about dry setup being better .. probably yes. Reducing tyre pressures ? Did none of that .. just wet setup, all default and way too much fuel. Looks like I stayed out on the wets too long, not sure..

    Happy finishing in P4 though.
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  10. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    My race was going not bad track had started to dry out so decided to stick with dry tyres.
    5 minutes before my pit stop I got a puncture not far from the pits and was not going very fast car would not stop hit the wall, Got to my pit box repaired damage went to leave message saying I still have a puncture.
    I had already changed to wet in the menu before the race started then changed my mind put them back to dry. I can only think when I changed from dry to wet in the menu it unticked to change tyres?
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  11. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    How did that work out starting the race on dry tyres ? Anybody else did that ?
  12. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    The hard part was getting heat in to them and keeping it.
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  13. Simon Pike

    Simon Pike Pro Driver

    Wow what a race ,first pole in ACC really happy with that against such good competition too .:D
    Wet race, "ok", :eek:I loaded default wet setup by mistake :confused:tires were cooking at the start did not put enough fuel in at pit stop so had to splash and dash before finish, but what a great race loved every minute of that, everyone drove really well congrats to all :)
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  14. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Pro Driver

    Hopefully I didn't cause any issues when my game crashed on about lap 6, gutted as despite not realising it was going to be a wet start I'd stuck wets on and was enjoying sliding around with way too much pressure in them.
  15. Tim Larsen

    Tim Larsen Pro Driver

    Bit of a curveball and not much experience in setting up for rainy conditions so very messy first 20 minutes which unfortunately affected others a bit so apologies for that. After the pit stops (!) I got settled into a rythm and it was fn to see the track slowly drying out, the race lines appearing as dry lines on the wet and then disappear for a while before the rubber tracks starting showing again. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You really start to think like a race driver when you drive in this sim and I love it. Now just have to become a better racer :)
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  16. Oli Bateson

    Oli Bateson Pro Driver Donator

    Enjoyable race, although the wet start was a surprise. I just did a wet tyre swap without any set up changes and things seemed ok, once Id got used to the grip level - very hairy in the first few laps with folks finding their feet :)
    My engineer suggested dry tyres were optimal at about lap 13 but it was still raining so waited till my stop mid race. I thought the sim did a good job of the rain/dry transition, looking forward to the next race.
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  17. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Tim mentions the racing lines appearing as dry lines. I did not notice this in VR (epic preset). Anyone else running VR that did see these lines drying up ?
  18. Tim Larsen

    Tim Larsen Pro Driver

    It was in the last 15-10 minutes of the race - maybe fire up the replay on your monitor and check, then if you can see it, try the VR. Can you replay to the VR headset?
  19. Jeffrey Ruskus

    Jeffrey Ruskus Pro Driver

    Will there be a server replay, I only have the last 30 minutes? :)
  20. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Replay is now available on the event page !

    Crazy fun race , Zolder by it's self is a little more on the technical side , add the rain and it was a handful ! great job by all keeping the incidents down to a minimum ! lol :D

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Screenshot 2020.02.12 -

    Round 3 Hungaroring server is up !

    In the mean time join up for another Fun Run with the new DLC this Saturdays race is Laguna Seca ..60 min fun run no pit stops just a sprint to the finish !
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