Assetto Corsa Comp ACC Sprint series 2 Round 3 Hungaroring

Discussion in 'Blancpain GT3 Series 2' started by Rob Milliken, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Round 3 Update :
    The results are on hold due to pending protests . Once these are completed we will prosses the results !
    In the mean time the Misano server is up !
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  2. FKR

    FKR SRO Team Owner

    Round 3 results have been posted !

    After review we have some penalty's to hand out :rolleyes:

    Official warning given to Michael Röwert for Punting and failing to do a drive threw or give the positions back . (under probation for next event so keep your nose clean;-)

    Drive threw penalty given to Bart Zweerink for Punting and failing to do a drive threw or give the positions back (2nd indecent) This drive threw must be done within the first 5 laps of next event ! (Misano)

    Official Warning given to Mark Jones for failing to yield to blue flag possibly causing an indecent ..

    All drivers please make sure to check all the rules including the PUNT rule ..

    Here at SRO we strive to have fair competitive racing & rules must be in place and enforced to assure this continues as designed ..

    Thank you to all our members without you there is no racing !

    I will re-post this again in the Misano pre race for a reminder :D

    Thanks ! ;)
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  3. Tim Larsen

    Tim Larsen Pro Driver Donator

    The nervous waiting is over. I can breathe easy!
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  4. Claus Jørgensen

    Claus Jørgensen Pro Driver Donator

    Tim Take it easy - breathing works automatic, almost like gearshift in af GT3 :) ;)

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