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    Team Principal/Manager: Luis Moreno


    Team Introduction:
    ANBU Racing is the racing division of the ANBU Elite Gaming guild from the Philippines. The ANBU guild was founded in 2012 by Justin Ray “Caladbolg” Limbo. The gaming guild has seen great success in various tournaments from various games such as Mercenary Online PH, Yulgang 2, Special Force 2, and Overwatch, and continues to expand to other games including Simulation Racing ("Sim-racing").

    The Racing division was formed in 2014 by Luis Moreno with the aim of being one of the most competitive Sim-Racing teams from the Philippines. The team has seen success in many on-site sim racing competitions during its early days, and after showing great pace during the 2016 Project CARS Logitech G Championship Series, the team is now taking it to the next level by competing in international leagues and events, including the events of Sim Racer Indonesia. Recently, Moreno won the ACIA Racing GT3 Series Championship and is still active in both local and international events. Currently the team is also competing in the rF2 Asia Series Endurance Championship 2017.

    This year ANBU Racing has handpicked a roster of strong, consistent and determined sim-racers from Asia that will be taking part in a number of global leagues on RFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa. The team is also open to other racing games as well.
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  2. Luis Moreno

    Luis Moreno Pro Driver

    Current Active Drivers (RF2 / AC):

    Luis Moreno
    Alexis Clapano
    Erick Chandra
  3. Luis Moreno

    Luis Moreno Pro Driver

    UPDATE (As of September 1, 2017) - ANBU Racing is now officially sponsored by MSI Gaming under the Join the Dragon program.[​IMG]

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