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Discussion in 'SRO AC TT Cup Season 1 Closed' started by Nigel Middleton, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Pro Driver Donator

    I ll always prefer a japanese car over a german one but i can live with both options. :) gt86 is one of my favourites as well even though it's a road car. Had some nice battles in them myself on public servers. Or the mx5 or the abarth are also great racecars to compete in.

    @Roy: i agree about the kunos car selection completely. The biggest letdown of the game imo but i can't agree with the 'not that accurate but fun to race'-statement: if that was the case I moved over to raceroom a long time ago and never looked back at ac. They have an awesome carpark: wtccpack :cool: for example.
    This doesn't mean there aren't any good mods but kunos has soo much more access to cardata than modders do. Still this doesn't mean there aren't good mods out there...
  2. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    So guys, personel skins. Are these allowed for this series?

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