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    Welcome to the "Historic Touring Car Series - Datsun Bluebird 510".

    While looking for a new car mod on the internet, I came across the Datsun Bluebird sss (510 Coupe) and first overlooked it as the presented picture didn't really strike fear into my heart. So a few weeks later I ran into it again and saw all these reviews of praise about the car in the commentary on Steam:

    *** "This thing is awesome." ***
    *** "what a great car!! feels great!" ***
    *** "This car is amazing, feels perfect, drive excellent. I love it."
    *** "this is just what RF2 needs" ***
    *** "It' s a pleasure to drive and it's one of the best mods for rF2! Thank you!" ***

    So I got curious and decided to download the mod and give it a try not expecting too much of the hype-train. Well ... let's just suffice with saying that I've been driving that car on an almost daily basis now. That little b*tch seduced me from the moment I did lap 1 and she's got me sitting on her lap now ...


    Series promo video


    Datsun Bluebird sss history
    The Datsun 510 was a series of the Datsun Bluebird sold from 1968 to 1973, and offered outside the U.S. and Canada as the Datsun 1600.

    According to AutoWeek's G.D. Levy, the 510 has often been called the "poor man's BMW."

    The 510's engineering was inspired by contemporary European sedans, particularly the 1966 BMW 1600-2 — incorporating a SOHC engine, MacPherson strut suspension in front and independent, semi-trailing arms in the back. The styling is attributed to Datsun in-house designer, Teruo Uchino.

    The engine was promoted by Nissan USA president Yutaka Katayama, a design developed through Prince, an acquisition.

    Launched in October 1967, body styles included a two-door sedan (1968), four-door sedan, five-door station wagon and two-door coupé (November 1968).

    The 510 range became famous for Nissan's rallying successes outside Japan and paved the way for greater Nissan sales internationally.

    The Datsun 510 released to the U.S. market had a Hitachi downdraft-carbureted 1.6L L-series I4 engine, with an advertised gross power of 96 hp (72 kW), a claimed top speed of 100 mph, front disc brakes, four-wheel independent suspension (MacPherson struts front and semi trailing arm rear- wagons had a solid rear live axle and leaf springs in back), rear-wheel drive, and either a four-speed manual or a three-speed automatic transmission. Two-door sedan, four-door sedan, and four-door station wagon variants were available. It achieved 20 to 30 mpg in factory trim (U.S.). Japanese-domestic-market (JDM) models were also available in a two-door coupe body style with either a 1.6L or a 1.8L (1973) L-Series engine. 510s, in some markets, offered twin Hitachi side-draft carburetors, which were a smaller version of the British SU (Skinner's Union) design used on Jaguars and MGs.[citation needed] These engines also used enhanced compression and camshaft profiles to produce more power. SSS models (not available for the U.S. 510) offered upgraded instrumentation and interior trim, as well as appropriate exterior badges. All U.S. model 510s received anti-sun glass from 1970 on.


    Sign up link:

    Sign up here: https://www.simracingonline.co.uk/racing/seriesinfo/129


    Datsun Bluebird - Baseline setup
    This is actually the setup from Mondello Park International, but it is stable and fast on all other tracks.



    Datsun Bluebird sss

    We will drive only 1 car mod: Datsun Bluebird sss (510 Coupe)
    The Datsun is a 1 car mod and it's free to download on Steam. The download link is on the event page.

    The mod has 3 sub-divisions: 1970 / 1971 / Fictional.
    You can use any of these three divisions.

    Just like the real car you can't over-rev the car for too long too hard. Keep it at 8000 rpm. Once the oil temp goes over 122 degrees, you get a warning for overheating. We will be racing at a temp of 24 degrees, so I don't think we'll have that problem unless you're trying to kill the egine.

    Fun fact: the car can only hold 30 litres of fuel. So, over a 40 minutes race, everyone has to do at least 1 pitstop.


    Skin pack

    You are free to design and use your own carskin.


    How does each race start?
    All races will have a standing start.
    There is no formation lap


    If a driver does not show up for a race without unregistering for that event or letting me know that he can't make it in the event-forum, he will be taken out of the complete series.

    (You don't have to unregister for the whole series. You can unregister only for the race you can't do.)


    No Esc. on track rule in Qualification
    In qualification you can not press Escape (Esc.) while on track (if you crash) and then go back out again.
    If you want to do another run, you have to come into the pits first.

    This is to protect the other drivers from someone taking abnormal risks to set a good lap time and crashing (other cars).


    Teamspeak is one of the features of Sim Racing Online.
    If you would like to hook up with other drivers on Teamspeak before the race (or any time), here is the forum link for the SRO Teamspeak address and password:

    For who are not familiar with Teamspeak, you need to add the Sim Racing Online channel to your "bookmarks".
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    Any chance there'll be another season for this series? I have a friend who's interested.
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    Maybe by another admin, but not by me. :)

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