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    Welcome to the first official AMS2 event here at SRO!
    You will need the 'Racin USA' pack 1 DLC.
    Races will be 60 min plus 1 lap!
    This means when time runs out, & the leader crosses the line, there will be one more lap!
    So be careful when setting up your strategies that you allow for the extra lap!

    AMS2 Multiplayer
    If you are not familiar with AMS2's MP there are a few things you need to know.
    The first player to join becomes the host. The Host (now admin) will be the only one to see the "NEXT" button when the sessions change. The host (admin) has no admin commands in AMS2 so we can not advance or restart the sessions we can only click the "next button".
    Clients will not have this option.
    Knowing this the Race day procedure will go like this:
    On race day the server will restart at the top of the hr (7 pm euro 18:00 gmt) for the official one-hour practice session.

    (GMT will be adjusted for DST in late OCT but races will always start at 8:15 euro with Q @ 8:00 pm)
    At this time Admin MUST BE THE FIRST TO JOIN to become the host.
    This timing is crucial to the sessions being 'on time' as we cannot advance or restart the sessions once they start.
    You may be on the server as much as you want up to the 1 hr official P1 start time.
    The server will be shut down at (6:55 pm euro, 17:55 GMT)
    to restart at the top of the hr for official P1.
    The simple rule to remember is:
    (after the race day restart)
    I will be restarting the server and immediately joining to become the host!
    This is the only way to assure the session starts on time & runs as smoothly as possible.
    So if you're looking to join the server after 18:00 GMT - 7 pm euro on race day!
    Please do not join if it's empty after the restart.
    It will be about 2 min of real-time from the time
    I restart the server, to when I'm on the server as the host.
    All this is to get the official clock running
    on time because we have no admin commands in AMS2.
    If for some reason you find yourself as the first player to join please exit & rejoin after the admin has logged in. :)
    The Next thing you will need to remember about AMS2 MP is the server lockout timing:eek:
    AMS2, like PC2 has a lockout feature where once the clock reaches a certain amount of time left in any session it will simply lockdown and not allow anyone to join until the session changes.
    If the next session is the Race session you will be locked out and not be able to race.
    The good news is, In PC2 its 2 min but in AMS2 it has been cut to 30 seconds!
    This means, if you, for whatever reason, get dropped or exit the server with less than 30 sec's left you will not be able to rejoin until the session changes, & like it says above if the next session is the race session you will be locked out of the race & without admin commands, there is nothing the host can do for you ..:rolleyes::eek::(
    So please be aware of this lock-out feature.
    If you have issues seeing the server try a refresh or 2 then simply restart the game if you still don't see the server. This has been an issue in earlier builds but should be ok now.

    The server will be up 24/7 the weeks before the events so feel free to jump on anytime!
    Check the rounds 1,2,3 & 4 threads for any official info on race starts etc.
    By default, we will be using the standing start procedure
    due to some bugs in the rolling start for MP.
    *That said we may convert to the manual rolling start where the pole sitter leads the pack on a formation lap after the green. check the individual event threads for start info.

    Race Points: 40-36-33-30-28-26-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    Pole Points: 1
    Fast Lap Points: 1
    Round 1 Daytona Road Course
    Round 2 Laguna Seca
    Round 3 Long Beach
    Round 4 VIR

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask in this thread ..
    there are no stupid questions!:p:D

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