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  1. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Introducing Assetto Corsa RSS GT1

    This mod is based on the FIA GT1 championship from the late 90's. The cars have no Traction Control or ABS and the tires are modeled to the level of development from that period. Race Sim Studio has made a very good interpretation with this GT1 car pack and the mod is viewed as one of the very best in Assetto Corsa.

    FIA GT1 races at the time were 3 hour long. It wasn't until 2007-2008 that the races dropped from 3 hours long to 2 hours to better cater to a TV broadcast.

    All 6 cars have different sounds and balance. They each have their own personallity.

    Broadcast of round 1 at Buddh / Indian GP

    Sim Racing Online presents a new series: GT1 Championship

    Sign up here:


    All races will be broadcasted

    This series will have 5 rounds. All races will be broadcast and commentated by Matheus Marçal.
    Commentator Joseph Wright will sit in on round 1 & 5.
    Commentator Joshua Penny will sit in on round 2/3/4.

    If there are less then 15 signups (excluding the broadcasters), the series will not be broadcasted.


    RSS GT1 is payware € 15,-.
    Download the car pack here:


    Mod installation
    When you unpack the mod you will see 6 car folders. You need to go inside each car folder and copy the "content" folder inside to the main AC folder. So you have to do that manually for each folder separately 6 x.

    Don't paste the complete folders in to AC. Go inside and get the content folder for each car.


    The cars
    Tornado v12 (Lister Storm)
    Vortex v10 (Viper)
    Ferruccio 55 v12 (Ferrari 550)
    Lanzo v12 (Lamborghini)
    Shadow v8 (Saleen S7)
    Ferruccio 57 v12 (Ferrari 575)

    Select your car here:


    Balance Of Preformance (BOP)

    The Ferrari 550 and Saleen S7 have an preformance advantage over the other cars, where the Ferrari 550 is the king of the pack.
    Therefore they will be given a weight ballast:
    Ferrari 550 = 50 kilo's
    Saleen S7 = 20 kilo's

    The top speed of all 6 cars are not far apart. The difference in preformance comes from the balance of the Ferrari 550 and Saleen S7.
    Although it is track dependant on how big the gap to the other cars is without the extra weight.


    No entry fee

    There is no entry fee for this series.


    App) Helicorsa_V6
    Helicorsa is a app that detects cars close to you, so contact can be avoided.
    You must have this app installed and activated to take part in this series.
    More info:

    Please have this app installed for this series.


    How does each race start?
    All races will have a standing start.
    There is no formationlap


    If a driver does not show up for a race without unregistering for that event or letting me know that he can't make it in the event-forum, he will be taken out of the complete series.

    (You don't have to unregister for the whole series. You can unregister only for the race you can't do.)


    No Esc. on track rule in Qualification
    In qualification you can not press Escape (Esc.) while on track (if you crash) and then go back out again.
    If you want to do another run, you have to come into the pits first.

    This is to protect the other drivers from someone taking abnormal risks to set a good laptime and crashing (other cars).


    Teamspeak is one of the features of Sim Racing Online.
    If you would like to hook up with other drivers on teamspeak before the race (or any time), here is the forumlink for the SRO Teamspeak adres and password:

    For who are not familiar with Teamspeak, you need to add the Sim Racing Online channel to your "bookmarks".


    If you have any questions or need help, please contact me.
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  2. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    SRO Test server is up threw the weekend for the new Watkins glen v1.0 and car selection/testing !
    server name :SRO G.E.A.R. RSS GT1
    you know the password;)
    (must have the new version 1.0 of the glen, please read the install directions as it has a twist .)

    Please read the installation instructions for the track here:

    It would be quite helpfull if everybody would do a few laps on the server so I can get all your GUID info from stracker & then can start assigning the skis and BOP.
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  3. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator


    Next to our regular broadcaster Matheus Marcal, we will be joined by 2 more co-commentators:

    For round 1 & 5 by Joseph Wright
    For round 2 / 3 / 4 by Joshua Penny
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  4. Stef Williams

    Stef Williams Pro Driver

    So, after running the first race on pretty much default setup, I thought I'd try and get my hands dirty in the garage for the second one.
    The good news is that just by changing gearing and wing, I've found quite a bit of extra time, but now I'm looking at tire pressures and temperatures and am getting some conflicting advice from the webs. I'm hoping some of you more experienced folk might be able to give some pointers.
    Tire pressures and temperatures
    I think I get the principal of this:
    look at inner/middle/outer temps after a few laps and tweak camber to adjust inner vs outer temp and pressure to adjust middle temp in relation to inner/outer... BUT...
    1) What is the optimal temperature/pressure I should be aiming for?
    2) Also, some advice says to try and get i/m/o to be same whereas others say to have 5-7 degs higher on inner compared to outer.
    What does everyone else do?

    As an aside, in order to save time, does practising with 2x or more tire wear rate actually give useful info for how tires would last over a race?
  5. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    Hi @Stef Williams

    I am not an expert in any way, but i am somewhat experienced with setting up my cars to my own taste before each race. Getting the tire pressures and temperatures is the most vital point to improve lap times and one of the keys to having a good car control. It is i believe, most ideal when the center tire temperature is the average of the inner plus outer temperatures. In Assetto Corsa, bring up the tyre table app and drive 2-3 laps while it is on and monitor the data. From what i can remember the tyre temperatures for my Chrysler Viper is usually around 90-95 Celcius, but this obviously depends on the car geometry and the place of the engine too. So i can not tell for another car.

    Red tyres mean they are too hot, so they will not be able to hold onto tarmac. Possible solution: Increase Tyre Pressure /if not, Change Compound.
    Blue Tyres mean they are too cold, again you will find it difficult to grasp the tarmac. Possible Solution: Decrease tyre pressure/Change Compound
    Bright green tyres mean that they are at an optimal temperature, so this is good.
    There is also the tyre pressure, in assetto corsa they are indicated by numbers with colours placed next/below each tyre.
    Blue colour means there is not enough pressure for that tyre: Possible solution is to increase PSI for that tyre, this is where you might need to be careful, though. Because doing so may result in loss of tyre temperatures, so you will need to compromise between.
    Red Colour means there is too much pressure for that tyre: Possible solution is to decrease the PSI for that tyre. Again, remember to compromise between temperatures and pressures.
    Bright green pressures with bright green temperatures mean the best mechanical grip you will get, you are at peak.

    I think this is the basics for tyres and temperatures in assetto corsa, i am not going into suspension settings, but we could speak about them as well, if you may contact me through pm. I know this is not much, but it is really difficult to explain all of the things going on at once in a single wall of text :(

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  6. Stef Williams

    Stef Williams Pro Driver

    Hi, @Yusuf Macit
    I've been using the in-car tire monitor app to see temperatures and I get the colour-coding for that, but...
    I don't think I've seen this... is it in the same app? The text is quite small and difficult to see, so maybe I haven't noticed this part - I'll have to have another look tonight.
    EDIT: just seen a picture of the app online, so it is there - I'll have to make note of it from now on :)
    Thanks a lot!
    This should get me well on the way to optimising things... I'm sure I'll have more questions, and I may well be in touch. (Think I'll still put them as forum posts as well though, as having this kind of info will hopefully be useful to others too)
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  7. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    If hover mouse over titles of the setup options, it pretty much tells what it does.
    Id start with suspension:
    Find the correct balance for you by increasing or decreasing front OR rear. Good balace is found by the evenish tyrewear and mostly by clock.
    Then find out how hard or soft. Again test and clock tells you :)

    Then just wings...change abit...test. Might need to adjust
    suspension to get balance back.

    Arbs...find balance...testing...


    its lots of testing until you learn the procedure and the process of getting good setup for you comes much faater.

    Fastest car isnt allways the best one to drive.

    And finally you really cant do setup untill you can drive the track nonstop doing same laptimes.
    The key is to be consistent or else you cant do setup.
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  8. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    oh and brakes...sometimes and mostly for me less force stops better and allows more control.

    After get basics straight might want to start thinking about ride heights...weight transfer etc..

    Could write whole day so
    Internet is full of guides.

    And dont forget the goal:
    Be consistent, be faster.

    and next day drive more and shave off even tenth or 2.
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  9. Stef Williams

    Stef Williams Pro Driver

    Thanks @Toni Talvitie
    I've seen this, but sometimes the explanatory text is a bit confusing too, possibly because the devs are Italian, or possibly because I'm easily confused :)
    I'm getting more and more consistent, which is a plus.
    One thing I was looking for last night was fast bump/rebound damper settings to try and bounce less over the chicane, but it seems there's only one setting available(bump/rebound). Does this mean these cars can't be set up differently for fast/slow dampers?
  10. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    guess you cant adjust fast bumps and rebounds.
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  11. Darrel Kruger

    Darrel Kruger Pro Driver Donator

    I would think a chicane curb would be into the standard damper setting, not 'fast', but what do I know.
  12. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    Slow, natural movements of the car such as braking&cornering, which makes the body of the car roll to the left and right while cornering or lean front or back under braking and accelaration is related to standard, slow bump/rebound settings.

    Fast on the other hand controls the damper reactions against riding over a curb, or bump, which makes the damper move in an instant motion.

    Bump determines the initial movement of the dampers, and rebound as the name gives it away controls the recovery of the damper to its original position.

    Do not forget that this system works in a direct proportion logic, what i wanted to mean by that is, when you adjust a bump setting, adjust the rebound setting in a similar way, if you increase bump, increase rebound - if you decrease it, decrease rebound together.

    Edit: FST Bump/Rebound settings are not visible for me too.
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  13. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Good explanation.
  14. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    One should look into suspension travel also.
    If short and soft suspension, it
    cant handle it, but hits the limit and bounces car.
    It can be used inten...dunno how ti spell :D....intentionally?...
    anyhow make it hit the bottom in
    certain circumstances to kinda
    quickly rebound and stop weight transfer.
    More the car bounces the weight back and forth, slower you go.
    Thats why lifting off brakes and oressing gas ahould allways be smooth as possible.
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  15. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    The Dampers actually control the rate that the springs absorb/release any load created by whatever action induces it. Rebound controls how quickly or slowly the spring unloads the energy it accumulated under the Bump condition.

    One of the best tools around to help develop and understand setup changes is the Setup Developer Tool 2018 available on STEAM
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  16. Davide Ricciardi

    Davide Ricciardi Pro Driver

    I've tried the Saleen.. what a car !!:cool:... It's fast... excellent grip on the rear end, easy to drive, without tweaking the setup with just few laps I've been faster than my Lambo with setup :confused:...I regret I didn't choose the Saleen :D can I change? :D:D Just joking!!! Anyway I think probably 40 kilos would be the right ballast for the Saleen, she's damn fast...
  17. Simon Pike

    Simon Pike Pro Driver

    I am sorry but I have to withdraw from the championship as Sundays have become very difficult for me to commit to its been great racing you guys and hope to see you on other nights.
  18. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Understand Simon. Thanks for supporting the series !
  19. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Any car is fast in the right hands :D
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  20. Jeroen Remmers

    Jeroen Remmers Pro Driver

    Looks like the first NGT car is coming soon too. Same guys, so same quality I hope. They will also start making the Porsche 911 Ngt after. Same kind of cars with less power.


    PS; this thing should be even louder then the lamborghini gt1 ;)
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