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Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Jerry Chen, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Jerry Chen

    Jerry Chen Pro Driver

    First of all - big thanks to Nigel and Wayne for giving us a place to continue the GEAR and Spirit of Lemans races ...

    But my OCD is killing me and maybe I can offer some friendly unsolicited advise which you are free to ignore as the ramblings of a crazy person. :)

    1. There's no FAQ or Getting started link/post anywhere on this site. Those of us from R2P are used to the deal, and know the drill for John and Paulo's leagues. But if you guys want to attract new people, you might want to at least have a getting started or FAQ somewhere, and include a link in the registration email notification to the FAQ.

    2. There are too many damn forums and subforums. Most of the subforums are completely empty, and I see no reason why they exist. As someone who has some experience with UX, and supports giant web based enterprise applications with thousands of users for a living ... if you have a subforum with no posts in it, for over a year, then that's a hint that you don't need it.
    Most of the subforums you guys have setup can be better represented with a sticky post instead of another subforum. All you're doing is scattering the information and making it harder for people to find what they need. If information is too hard to find, people just give up and walk away.

    3. Instead of posting your name in the race threads to sign up for a race - have you guys thought about using a simple html web form? Might make it easier to manage/organize going forward. I know some places use SLS (simracing league system), I believe it is free (at least their webpage says so, not sure if they have some premium fees for x amount of usage/users etc).

    4. Since there is no FAQ ... whats the situation with race day server password? I see there is post with the practice password for the server, but it looks like that post is not password/member protected. It's open to the public so you don't even have to register for the forum to see it. You might want to at least restrict that post with the server password to at least only visible after a person has registered or signed up for a driving license ...
  2. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Will look in to what you have to say Jerry.

    I think you hit right on it Jerry you are all use to r2p never looked at how other sites do things :)

    Guests should not be able to see any of the passwords you have to be logged in to the forum.
  3. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Wayne is working on Getting Started & FAQ'S I forgot about that.
  4. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member Donator

    An FAQ is in the making.

    There is not to many forums and sub forums. All are in use the only one that has nothing in it is the GTL league and that will be have stuff in there is the coming days and weeks. I to build websites and I have been an admin on many sim racing sites the big one being racedepartment. This is how its done. You have said your self you have come from race2play and over there there site is coded in a way no other site is. I wont have HTML on the site. one reason is its a backdoor for hacking. it also loses the face to face we have here at SRO.

    I understand you have come from race2play and you are having to learn a new system and I will do as much as I can to help all race2play members getting around and learning the way it all works here.

    Your feedback has been noted.

  5. John lock

    John lock Administrator Staff Member Donator

    there is already a system in place if we started using the RSVP to register
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  6. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Ok Jerry. We took your advice and installed almost every change you requested. I think you will approve and will want to join the grid. :)
  7. Jerry Chen

    Jerry Chen Pro Driver

    Haha. Appreciate the personal service guys. Just been crazy busy with work and real life.
    Got a new real life 4 wheel toy as well, so haven't turned on the sim rig in a while. Will try and join you boys soon.
  8. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member Donator

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