Indycar 2014 - Round 1 - Daytona RC - 17th February

Discussion in 'Indycar 2014 Series Closed' started by Nick Phillips, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Yeah from memory the Prime is new and the Alternate is used/scuffed/run in.

    So would expect the Primary to be quicker initially then tail off?

    Certainly will be some strategy and knowledge involved, so the more we discuss this beforehand the better, but obviously on track experience will help and given this series continues to be supported throughout then that knowledge will come in handy for future series I hope.

  2. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright Pro Driver Broadcaster

    Not at all. The Alternates work much better to start with. They are like the F1's Soft and Hard tires. Easy as that to look at. Use the alternates in qualy and the primary's in race. That's what I've been doing (and what I've done in previous Indycar leagues) so should be the same. :)

    I will be running a race-length test later today (shortly) so I will use an external app to track all information and share relevant information with you guys.
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  3. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Ok thanks so Primary = Hard, Alternate = Soft.

    Yeah need to do a longer run at some point tonight.

    Looking forward to this hoping we all enjoy it.
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  4. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright Pro Driver Broadcaster

    Here we go. Should have done this yesterday, but too much of this driving in practice gets you annoyed of the track!!

    Laps: 45 (give about 3 additional laps for me spinning and damaging my car so repairs took about 30 seconds addition)
    Tyre Wear: Forgiving UNLESS you spin. 70% wear is tyre drop off. You should never reach this point unless you spin 2 or more times in one stint.
    Fuel Usage: 3L (Approx) a lap.

    There are three strategies that can be played today.

    Risky: 1 stop - only for those confident in fuel saving. My setup takes two full tanks about 2 laps short.

    Full Fuel start, Primary tyres
    Full Fuel pit stop, NEW Primary tyres (About 35-40 Minutes depending on fuel usage)

    Recommended: 2 stop

    Full Fuel start, Primary tyres
    Full Fuel pit stop, NEW primary tyres (About 30 minutes in [30 minute stint])
    +25L Fuel pit stop, NEW alternate tyres (About 15 minutes from the end)

    Safe: 2 stop - for those not confident in tyre wear or fuel usage

    Full Fuel start, Primary tyres
    Full Fuel pit stop, NEW Primary tyres (25 minutes in [25 minute stint])
    Full Fuel pit stop, NEW Primary tyres (25 minutes from the end)

    **Hope this helps**
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  5. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Brilliant stuff Joseph thanks hope this helps people settle in.
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  6. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    I was thinking of joining, but sadly i can't.
    Have fun guys
  7. Robert Waddell

    Robert Waddell Pro Driver

    Trying to locate the server, but no luck. Will try a bit more. Could be my config.
  8. Lorence Calpatura

    Lorence Calpatura Pro Driver

    I didnt't try to qualify because its a long race so i started almost at the back. i slowly gaining position until i caught up with niggle middleton after the pitstops. I know it's not a wise move from me passing on the outside, on the last turn before the straight, but I should have enough space there. I went to the grass and hit the cones and we still collide, and puts me on a spin and stall and automatic dnf.:(
  9. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I did not know you were there Lorence until i see your car by the side of mine. Going in to that left hander on to the oval i would go right to get a good slingshot out on to the oval.
    Sorry you had a DNF.

    Opening round was fun :)
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  10. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright Pro Driver Broadcaster

    Okay. Im actually a little annoyed with myself and an unnamed driver after this one.

    Im annoyed at myself for the start: Crashed into a wall and suspension and aero damage for 50 minutes. Then at the end. Underfueld the car by 1 lap. And then pitted to be lapped immediatly and get the checkered on the way out the pits.2 > 3

    Annoyed at a driver for passing me UNDER THE DOUBLE YELLOWS on the banking at the start finish line... Then cutting the busstop multiple times to break my slipstream from him. I wouldve beaten him anyway if I hadn't underfueld, but that did annoy me. And I now realise why I was drafted into the commentary box. I HATE RACING.
  11. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver


    Replay about to go up, any issues please contact me or raise a protest, the post race thread is not the place to do it.

  12. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Well I really enjoyed that, decided to go for a two stopper on softs all the way as I did not feel good on the Primary tire.

    Needed a bit of luck in front with the faster guys tonight falling off, and would have been well happy with a podium if I had managed to get past Mark, but not to be.

    Everyone I came across drove very well, lapped cars moving over when required and hopefully got out of the way of Ricardo in good time as well.

    Look forward to the next event!

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  13. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

  14. Lorence Calpatura

    Lorence Calpatura Pro Driver

    Fair enough, racing incident it is. :) Its a fun car to drive, looking for forward to the next round. I should have gone left:(
  15. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Was suffering connection issues unfortunately which I didn't have in the morning.

    I'd been working on skin designs for someone in the morning and when I switched back to wheel input i had 600 degree steering...nice surprise! Lol

    So i was having to turn the wheel round twice to make the corners.

    I was also suffering terrible screen judder, which was a shame

    Roll on the next one! :)
  16. Sergio Casanovas

    Sergio Casanovas Pro Driver Donator

    Hi all, very good start with a second? Big mistake 1st stint with the alternativa tires that made me do a very early pit, that made me loose the front pace of Ricardo, from there made my race, the primary tires work good and stays longer... lol, last laps of the race great batle with Joseph, Í dont know ir un the unamed driver he mencion in his post, but iv beber jump the just stop, only in one ocasión to aboid crashing with hoy Joseph, he overtook me in tje insiste of the finish Line, crossing the doble continuos Line, más luckly i watch all the time my mirrors bcouse several times he was entering the turn going Long with the brakes, and Í had to aboid crashing. Luky me he run out of gas, lol. Congratulations Ricardo por a master victory más a master class that day. congrats rest of the podium and finishers. ser hoy next one. pls no more tires x 2 and hope por a beter grip next circuit. thnx all.
  17. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    First time out with these things and a long time since I have raced OW.

    Was a bit off the pace I had during training but qualified 7th which was alright for me.

    During the formation lap I was bit worried about the start as tyre temperatures were falling because of the pace car's snail pace. As it was everyone behaved well. Top!
    Everything went fine for me until I made a silly mistake (all my mistakes are silly:() and ended up stationary at a right angle to the apex in turn 2. So as not too hinder anyone I drove straight off the track and immediately got a stop and go penalty for cutting the track! This rather annoyed me as a) I got a penalty (which in fact is a double penalty) for doing the right thing and b) I was not aware that server still had the rf2 penalties turned on (an oversight by the admins?). Being rather annoyed I continued with a serie of stupid errors. Then to top it off, after I had done my stop and go, I saw that I still had another stop and go penalty to do. No idea why and, being distracted, binned my car again!

    Other than that, it was fun:)

    ps: Agree with Sergio about removing the 2 x tyre wear as this in effect leaves us with only one tyre choice. Just my opinion.
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  18. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Flag rules are always on black only Larry.

    Might be the type of start we used that gives the rules?
  19. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

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  20. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    In respect to the 2x tire rule, I did a two stopper using Alternates all the way, however I saw others on Primary at the start and swapping through the race, so not sure there is only one option in tire choice. Happy to hear other opinions though.
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