Indycar 2014 - Round 1 - Daytona RC - 17th February

Discussion in 'Indycar 2014 Series Closed' started by Nick Phillips, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Sergio Casanovas

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  2. Nick Phillips

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    You have to click on the link, then select "Download now" and put it in your rf2 replay folder.
  3. Sergio Casanovas

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    aaaaaaaaaa ok lol
    thnx man
    PD: sorry for my post, it was made from my phone at work and i can see that i need glasses fro the short distance...hehe.
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  4. Sergio Casanovas

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    Hey I just saw the replay, woau what a batle with Joseph, top man, but I didnt found the moment I jump the bus stop, did you watch the replay bfore sayin it? or was only asensation bcouse I was catching there?, wing diference I think. The only time I did jump only the second apex was to aboid colision, bcouse was a very close racing, love it, and bleavme that was not a advantage, i lost you there, so I didnt took profit of it.
    Thnx great time!.
  5. Michael Schmiedel

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    A good start, then in round 2 too much on the brake to not meet the driver in front of me. Departure to the meadow and then like Larry as an encore a stop and go penalty for cutting the track.:(:mad:
    Overall, I am very satisfied with rank 9.
    For me as an IndyCar newcomer, a base setup would have been very helpful. It's amazing how good and fast the top drivers are.:cool: Unfortunately there is nothing to be found on the net.

    I'm already looking forward to the next race.
  6. Ricardo Gomes

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    I can send you mine.. :)
  7. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Here is my Daytona RC setup, however not sure how much it will help on any other circuit.

    I am also learning as we go with this car.

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