rFactor 2 Indycar 2014 - Round 2 - NOLA - 10th March

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  1. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    rFactor 2(rFactor2.exe) Screenshot 2018.03.08 -

    Date: Sat Mar 10, 2018
    Race Time: 21:15 GMT
    Qualify Time: 21:00 (10 minutes)
    Practice Time: 20:00


    Rules to Remember
    Punting 3.1
    Use of Escape Key in Qualifying 3.4

    Hi all, Welcome to Round 2 of the TNC Indycar 2014 Series.

    I am delighted to bring my racing events to SRO, having run series previously for many years at Race2Play.

    So as most of you who have raced with me before will know, play fair and we will have a great series.

    All SRO Rules are in play so please bear that mind and ensure you and all other competitors have an enjoyable event.

    Good luck all!
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  2. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Layout A?
  3. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Will confirm tonight as I am out for the day.
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  4. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver


    No it should be "NOLA Louisiana Indycar Course" I will ask @Rob Milliken to ensure it is set to that layout and NOT the "A" course layout.

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  5. Tyler W Parker

    Tyler W Parker Pro Driver

    Hey all,

    Sorry for missing last week I had a family emergency to take care of. Also I wont be able to make it to the next race at NOLA on the 10th, due to a friends wedding.
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  6. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    OK Saturday and Round 2 is fast approaching.

    @Rob Milliken will have the server up shortly if not already for us, and look forward to getting ready for this one.

    See you on track soon!
  7. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Servers Up !
    NOLA Louisiana Indycar Course
  8. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Gonna try and do some practice this evening, apologies for my no shows recently. Had about six skin design requests on the go and it takes up some time to get them all done.
  9. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Ok first run out tonight, easy to get some of these corners wrong.

    In terms of track limits, there are in game warnings for cuts on all corners where that would matter, we will go as those being the limits for all drivers. You can run onto the kerbs and left of the white line onto the final straight, but go too far across and you will get a cut warning.

    Still finding a sweet spot with the car but hope to do some more practice tomorrow night.

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  10. Mark Hightree

    Mark Hightree Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Thanks for the info Nick. Good to know about track limits.
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  11. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Ok so after some long run testing tonight, it is clear that tire wear x2 is too much for this track, as I could see 4 stops or more on Alternates, which is too much in a 75 min race, therefore this will be set to 1x tire wear for this event.

    We will review for each event.

    Server has been updated.
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  12. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    @Marcos Junior @Michael Schmiedel @Sergio Casanovas @Toni Gutierrez @Tyler W Parker @Larry Thomas @Robert Waddell @Mark Hightree @Nigel Middleton @Rob Milliken @Andrew Harper @Dan Houk @Alexandr Meshkov @Ricardo Almeida @phil pitzer @Eric Cline @Toni Talvitie @Victor Penche

    Ok guys race day!.

    Rolling start in play, so follow the in game instructions at the start of the race and hold your position for a pace lap until we go green.

    Cut warnings are very active on this track at several corners, so those will be the defined limits.

    All SRO Rules in play!

    Certainly a different track to last time, so take care out there and drive it like you own it, not stole it!

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  13. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Sorry guys a very stressful day with the wife, will miss this one have fun and keep it clean :)
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  14. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Can not get any feeling at all for these things so will sign out of the series.
    Have fun.
  15. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  16. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Sorry to hear that Larry, yes they do take some handling but rewarding when you get it right.

    Shame about the turn up, 19 tagged above, and only 8 on the track, pretty disappointing for the second race of the series guys.....
  17. Michael Schmiedel

    Michael Schmiedel Pro Driver Donator

    A sad race. Only 8 riders at the start, although the series is so great.:(

    Unfortunately I couldn't find a proper tuning for the car again. Of course, that made it hard to drive good times.
    I would be happy to get a setup for this race again.

    Next Saturday are two races for me. DTM and Indycar. If there are only 8 people at the start again, I will certainly not be motivated to drive 75 minutes again.

    Congratulations to Ricardo.

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