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    From the 1st of February 2017 Sim Racing Online will offer premium membership in order to bring as much to this great community as possible. This will be a major change that will have a site wide impact. We will bring you the members more than ever, and fit the needs of all sim racers as best as possible.

    What Will Change?

    Beginning February 1st 2017 all of our “Racing Leagues”, and some “Club Events” and “Competitions” will become Premium only. Premium memberships can be purchased for £6 for one year.

    You can still race in the none “Premium Club Events” Every none premium member will be able to race 3 free events each month. There will be no points given for these events. But will give you a small taste of things you could enjoy in the leagues and Premium Club Events.

    We will also be giving away one Premium membership every 4 months on our free to run fun nights. All winners will be picked by

    As of the 1st of February 2017 the current "licensed Driver " group will end and all accounts will be become regular registered users without premium feature access.

    Why Upgrade?

    A premium membership will include more benefits.

    · Your own skin for events and Leagues.

    · Enter into Leagues and mini championships.

    · Your own racing number on your car for Leagues and Club Events.

    · An Area in the media section for you to post your racing videos.

    · A section on the forum for your racing team.

    · Prizes

    · Have your say on future Leagues and Club Events.

    • Full access to the SRO Drivers Club our private forum for premium members with tutorials, competitions, game giveaways, and other content exclusively available to premium members.
    · Sell your second hand sim racing equipment in our classifieds section

    · Your username will be highlighted in premium Gold everywhere on the forums.

    · Create a unique signature that is visible on all the posts you make on the forums.

    · Have an increased say in possible changes to the site.

    · Add up to 10 people in private conversations.

    · Add up to 10 people in tags.

    · Increased avatar quality (52kb vs 20kb)

    · See who up- or down-voted a post

    · Unlimited time to edit your own forum posts.

    · Unlimited time to edit your own conversation messages.

    There will never be any pressure on you to upgrade to a premium membership that will be entirely up to yourself if you would like to upgrade.

    So Why the Change?

    Hosting a website, dedicated servers, and providing the best possible content and resources costs money. Plus it brings in the best out of you as drivers. If you know there is something in it for you, You will want to be part of it.

    We the owners of SimRacingOnline are passionate about our motorsport and mad about our sim racing we all know as people keep telling us there is nothing free in this world but we are still going to give you some free racing.

    How To Become A Premium Member?

    Please go to upgrade your account HERE from the 1st of February 2017 onwards so you can continue your online league racing experience with us.

    If you would like to know more you can email us
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    Premium membership no longer applies all racing is free.
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