Race07 Registration open for Caterham CSR200 Series Closed

Discussion in 'Race 07' started by Ken Jagger, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  2. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Round 1 Mallory Park
    Server is up
  3. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    Race07 :O
    I have the game but I thought it does not running under Windows 10. I was wrong with the compatibility mode "win 8" it launches, so likely I will join you.
    It´s about time to play a multiplayer game with it, because I never did that in the past.
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  4. Alexandr Meshkov

    Alexandr Meshkov Pro Driver

    It should be WTCC'07 not Caterhams :eek:
  5. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    If this series runs ok we will put on another maybe WTCC 07

    Caterham are a lot of fun :)
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  6. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    To give you an impression how big the queue behind John partial was.

    I made a costly error in the early stages which brought me behind John and then I couldn´t pass John. But even worse after the failed avoidance manoeuvre (braking probably would be the wiser option) I lost control and crashed. The "suspension damage" (don´t know if there is actually another damage in race07) was not to big so after all I could finish the race.

    Other than my last flyer in qualifying, I crossed the line before zero but the game decided to jump into the warm up and I couldn´t finish my lap. It was a valuable experience and fun to race with Race07 online. Hopefully we can keep the amount of turnout.
  7. John lock

    John lock Administrator Staff Member Donator

    nice video Philipp, had a great race & some awesome battles with you, Zac & Ed,
    Ken do you think there is enough support to be able to run future Race 07 series, if so I'll check through the tracks I've got for the false cheat online fault.
    if we are going to run future series we will need a Race 07folder setting up for downloads.
  8. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    This race using an "older" sim just goes to show that you do not always need the latest and shiniest sim to enjoy good racing. I didn't know what to expect from this series, but this 1st event in what is a trial revival for SRO member interest in Race07 went a long way towards proving there is life in the old dog yet :)
    From what I saw there was some very, very close and hard fought racing going on behind me between John, Philipp, Zac and Ed which was great to witness. I also can't omit to mention the appearance of Hugo Ramos, one of our oldest friends from R2P, who was most welcome to join us for this event.

    When we can attract the same number of entries who actually turn up for a 10+yr old sim that we get for the latest sims on the block, we can't ignore that popularity, so I expect we can look forward to more of the same in the future, if not immediately following this series. John, we can discuss this directly outside these race threads :)
  9. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Round 2 Aintree
    Server is up
  10. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Round 3 Crystal Palace
    Server is up
  11. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I may not be able to make it for this race tonight, so if I don't get there in time please use the player voting system to start Qualifying at the scheduled time of 19:15 BST.

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