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  1. Ken Jagger

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    Nice job on your skins Andrew :)
    At Bad Voices Racing we also used a gradient fill for the whole body of the various cars we ran at R2P and I'm still not sure if it didn't have an affect on the display of track textures, at least for me, with flickering and such. Did you observe any issues of this sort or was it just that you didn't like the look of it?
  2. Andrew Harper

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    Hiya, thanks for the nice comments, they are good fun to do but take a lot of time as I'm sure you know! lol

    That's interesting. No I haven't had any issues like that before my friend so I'm not sure what could be causing the problem you were experiencing. Could possibly be something to do with the way the graphics card is rendering the track rather than the textures you are using. The images and the way the track works are very separate from one another. It points to a problem more with the track rather than the car. Maybe if the car is chrome in the alpha channel that might upset the way the game handles reflections but not something I've come across yet.

    The only issue I've had with the DX11 version of RF2 is of course the white(s). You really have to tone down everything white or pale grey quite considerably. To avoid any bloom on the bodywork. I think white on my T5 is R205 G205 B205.

    Yeah I was trying to make the silver stripes look like a metallic or silvery finish but in the end I just stuck with a solid silverish colour. Looks fine with that, and probably more in keeping with a real livery :)

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  3. Andrew Harper

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    Just to show why I was having trouble getting some practice in last week! lol

    One of the RiP team wanted a skin done for the Audi R18 in Assetto Corsa.

    Now for those of you who haven't worked on skins for these cars, they can be a bit nasty...

    The way Kunos created the texture maps for the LMP1 cars is different. The bodywork/paint part is one file and the sponsors are in a separate file at hi-res. These are then projection mapped onto the bodywork. You can't move them but you can turn them on and off by changing the transparency settings in the Alpha Channel. This results in lovely sharp edges to the sponsor logos but it obviously means you can't do a huge amount with them. You can't make them larger for example or change where they are on the car. I usually remove most of them but keep the car branding and the class markings. So it's a slightly involved process working on the LMP1 cars.

    The driver names are also in a separate file that's mapped onto the bodywork.

    You could ramp up the resolution to 8k for example. That would cure the roughness of any logo you put on the bodywork in the normal manner but as this was a league skin (and resolution limited) that wasn't possible this time.

    I then created the rest of the files including the racesuits, helmet and pit buildings. Which wasn't too bad as I had some of it from the Porsche I did for them.

    Managed to finish it all off Sunday morning and they seem happy! ;)

    ....I just hope they use it for more than just one race this time....:rolleyes:;)

  4. Ken Jagger

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    FANTASTIC job Andrew and excellent info for anyone contemplating doing skins for AC :)
  5. Andrew Harper

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    Thanks my friend, yes I'm really glad with the way it turned out. Kind of a learning process with these ones. Hopefully Kunos doesn't apply this technique to all their cars! lol

    It does kind of explain why there isn't an official template for some of these cars though (the Porsche one I got via another source), as the work required is obviously quite a bit more than usual. Explains maybe why some endurance leagues use the Enduracer cars or the URD ones :)

    Working on a Castrol F3 team now for the Racedepartment league on AMS (already done the HP one for Craig as shown previously). I'd already created a design previously for this team so just modifying it to comply with the league requirements and changing the layout a bit so shouldn't take too long (hopefully!) :)

    It never ends my friend! :D:)
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