RiP (Racers in Pyjamas)

Discussion in 'RiP' started by Andrew Harper, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver


    Just a quick introduction.

    At the moment I don't get much chance to race as I've been creating numerous liveries for the RiP team (and others) via RaceDepartment. So I'm a honouree RiP member, lol

    Did want to take part in the F3 and GT3 leagues but the timings are not good and RD take your membership away if you miss rounds so this DTM league is more ideal for me.

    I've been tied up a bit with livery designs for other teams for the last few weeks so I've been unable to do a car for myself yet, but I'll work on it probably for the next round.

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