Assetto Corsa Comp Round 1 Oulton Park

Discussion in '2021 ACC GT3 Series 4 Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. Rob Milliken

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  2. Rob Milliken

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    Welcome to Round One of the Final GT3 series of 2021!
    Series 4 consists of 4 one hour races with one mandatory pit stop /4 tire change.
    All SRO rules are in effect

    Races will use a full Formation lap using the ACC widget.
    Zero contact lap one rule is also in effect!
    2021 has been a crazy year & we have seen some amazing and
    horrifical racing :D
    This series will take us into the holidays & finish up the 2021 season so lets make sure to have some fun while we put these amazing cars to the test!
    I want to personally thank everyone who made this years ACC
    series possible & hope to continue on in 2022 :)
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  3. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

  4. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    The grids were pretty amazing at the beginning of the the year, i hope this is a suitable close out for the series. A year long series is pretty ambitious and asking people to commit to it, maybe a bit much.

    Sadly will have to get on the server early to get practise in.
  5. Rob Milliken

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    Ya its not so much a year long Championship as it is just having this amazing sim to races every other week ..But sadly it seems to have ran its course here or maybe its just me With the lack of tracks we have to do a lot of repeats, & sim drivers are a fickle crowed & tend to go on to the next shiny thing or back to the old standards that are engraved into our driving styles .. I must say ACC is an amazing simulator & a challenge to master & some players just don't have the time to master it while others become aliens at it ..the deeper you go with this sim you see how in depth the psyx actually are ..Its been said by some of the real drivers that this is as close as any game/sim has come to what actually happens while driving a real GT3. Most of the other sims have there certain 'set up tricks' that defy the actual psyx of the cars they portray .Like in rf2 you simply drop all the springs and use the lowest tire pressure and your instantly faster real life this would not be the case but in ACC you have to play by the book & that does give it a certain integrity when compared to the other sim/games out there ..
    Like I said before, this is the end of 2021 so lets have some fun in these last 4 rounds & lets hope we can again get some nice grids in 2022 ...
    On the brighter side the ACC Porsche cup series does indeed have a nice singe up list with a decent race day grid :)..
    I have been running / hosting sim events from way back in the rf1/rf2 days working on 2 decades now ..& have seen about a 70% average in sign up's - to race day grids = 20 ppl sign up your lucky to get 15 .In the beginning with ACC we had some amazing 100% show ups with over 30 on the grid ! but it was a wreck fest and the drop offs start coming after handing out penalty's from some absolute crazy selfish driving so here we are almost 2 years later with a single digit grid o_O:eek: but it is what it is ...:D
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  6. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    You are effectively asking people to commit to racing every two weeks!

    Hmm thought i'd said something...

    Simon was always going to be quicker despite the close qually times. Just tried to push and keep my times up but the gap stretched out a bit. Was probably protecting the tyres too much as i upped the TC for the first 15mins. Came out from the stop and felt much quicker and was trying to keep the gap around 14secs but annoyingly it stretched out a bit in the last 10mins..
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