rFactor 2 Round 1 Spa

Discussion in 'ACD Formula BMW Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Bubán Dávid

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    This Serie is fun. Sadly I can't find a good transmission setup, so I lost a lot in the straights, but in the corners I was in race. The first race wqs nearly OK, the second was horrible. In Eau Rouge I was forced out of the track so I hit the wall and the whole steering gone. Sadly this was brcause my gear ration wasn't too good so I wans't that fast and he got me.
  2. Bill Grewcock

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    David ... if you are referring to the incident where you hit the side of my car in Eau Rouge then I suggest you look at the replay. I kept to the right of the normal line into Eau Rouge, leaving you a good car's width of track but as you rejoined the track from running over the kerb at the start of Eau Rouge the line you took intersected with mine and you bounced off the side of my car and suffered damage as a result. A few laps earlier I took the same line when running side-by-side with Henri and there was no problem. If, after watching the replay, you still feel that I am at fault then submit a report and we can get an impartial review.
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