Automobilista Round 2 Blackstone

Discussion in 'Radical SR3 Eurocup Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Server is up
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  2. Jens Roos

    Jens Roos Pro Driver Donator

    There seems to be an glitch on the start straight, I got it visible but usually it's not. If you hit, your car fly high.
    It's in the racing line so it could be an issue, if it's on everyone track and not just my install for some reason.

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  3. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    There does seem to be something going on in this area on the main straight and in fact there is another invisible "something" a bit further down the track which also impacts the car. At first I thought it might have been due to the track edges being higher than the track surface, or maybe it was caused by a low ride-height on the car. I tested by running down the grass with low RH and max RH and it appeared to clear the 1st obstacle but not the 2nd. Im not seeing any graphical glitches for either like you are Jens:


    We ran a Porsche 911RSR race earlier this year and didn't encounter any problems, so why it should affect these cars I'm not sure. However it only seemed to happen if you were almost on the grass. If you stay 0.5m away then it's ok.
  4. Jens Roos

    Jens Roos Pro Driver Donator

    The glitch was normally not visible for me either, having your left side of the car at the red line seems safe:

    And as AMS has been updated to fix the CTD, I think the SRO server needs an update as it's not visible online.
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  5. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver


    Looking at joining this but would like to run some laps first just to make sure I'm ok.

    Is the car the one featured on RD?

    There's usually a link on the series page but I can't find one, don't believe it was part of a DLC but I haven't raced on AMS in ages so could have missed it.

    Thanks :)

    EDIT: Sorry not awake yet and looking in the wrong place, all sorted! lol
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  6. Jens Roos

    Jens Roos Pro Driver Donator

    There are some parts where it's easy to get an cut track, so it would be good to know track cut limit on this session?
  7. Luis Almeida

    Luis Almeida Atlantic Team Manager

    There are more of them spreaded along the circuit, one is between turrns 3 and 4, other exiting turn 14. always on the left side, both on the asphalt.
    And, altough the layout being interesting, this track has been badly designed: if you go too much over the kerbs (no matter if you keep two wheels on track) gives you a "cut track", except on turn 9 where you can cut for free to get a good line for T10.
  8. Jens Roos

    Jens Roos Pro Driver Donator

    Have as well noticed that a bit everywhere. if going out on the grass or enter the curbs from the grass, there can be an heavy jolt/crash/flip on certain locations.
    If staying on track it is ok part from the straight. Could be this car/track combo as I have understand the track have been used before with other cars.
  9. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I'm very reluctant to change the track at such short notice when the race is only 2 days away. I suggest if we encounter lots of issues which are detrimental to the race outcome, then we will void the race results and add another race onto the end of the series. I've also set the track limit warnings level to 10 which should be more than enough to avoid any penalty in the race.
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  10. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Ok, well I've signed up for this one. Haven't used AMS in quite some time.

    However I've yet to drive the car or track so I'll be up against it a bit! So I'll join the server and see how things go :)
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  11. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    It shouldn't be any problem for a driver of your calibre Andrew :D
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  12. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    great race!

    45mins battle with Jens but there was no pass.
    1st and 2nd great pace.

    great mod too, too bad im usually at work on wednesdays :(
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  13. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    A tough race on a tough track. Although I managed to snatch 4th in Qual from Toni, I knew it would be a different matter in the race. Going into T1 at the start I had to stay on the inside line which gave him the chance to run quicker round the outside and grab 4th, so that was that :(
    I settled into a decent rhythm in 5th but on L4 I wasn't concentrating enough and mistook a 180 turn for the fast chicane and ended up running wide, hitting the barrier and taking damage. I decided to run another lap to see how it felt...WRONG DECISION!! It then took me 3 laps to find out where the pit entry was (should've checked it in practice), losing a bunch of time and several positions.
    I then started one of my well known recovery drives and on L12 I had closed up to Luis when he ran wide coming out of the final turn, which flipped him into the air and I had to try and leave him room on the right where he was rolling along :eek: But I went a touch too much to the left and ended up flipping myself and dropping to the back. Strangely I didn't suffer ANY damage at all??? and could continue without needing to stop. By the end I was within 2 secs of John and could've done with another lap, but it was not to be :(

    Grats to the podium guys who were superb as usual and thanks to all those who have joined the series at this 2nd round. I'm sure you felt it was worth it?
  14. Paul Anstey

    Paul Anstey Pro Driver Donator

    Qualy : Forgot to lower my fuel level so ran on full tanks. Happy therefore to get a time just 2/10th off of my PB. Well done Csaba stunning pace :)
    Race : First few laps were spent trying to keep up with Csaba. He was a lot faster than me going through the final 2 turns. Just wonder whether he was taking the last corner flat. I could in the 2nd to last but had to lift slightly through the last corner. Csaba made a mistake into one corner and ran off the track and that was all I needed. Got passed him and pulled out a 3 second gap. That however vanished within a few laps. Was expecting Csaba to be all over the back of me but managed to keep a seconds gap. Came across 2 flying cars on the straight and very nearly had no where to go. Luckily I chose the right way around them. Do you need a licence to fly these things? ;) Csaba had a couple runs on me down the straight due I'm sure to his superior entry to the straight but managed to fend him off. Csaba kept the pressure on right to the flag.

    I saw 3 cars flying here. This shouldn't have happened. I don't mind if we void this round and either shorten the series or race somewhere else. I think this would be fair to those that hit these obstacles through no fault of their own. What's everyone's view on this?

    The next round is going to be fun. A very fast circuit but which layout are we using?

    Well done to Csaba for 2nd :) Well done to 3rd (sorry didn't see who that was) :)
    Well done to those that finished :) and commiserations to those that didn't :(
  15. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Sorry for not continuing, the pedal issues just put me in a bad mood! haha :)

    Well done to all finishers, nice track, never raced on it before.
  16. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Strange about the pedal problems you had Andrew. Let us know if you get them sorted.
  17. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Le Mas Du Clos Principal
  18. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver

    Yeah, just one of those things. The game was picking up the wheel but not the pedals. Restarted the PC and that didn't sort it. So tried again for a second time and that did. They weren't appearing in the game controller either so something was playing up somewhere. I just lost all my practice time trying to get it sorted I'm afraid. Seems ok now but just annoying at the time.

    I'm still getting the basic Windows game controller whenever I look at properties, not the Fanatec one. Been like it for ages. Tried numerous ways of sorting it but no luck. I think it's just Windows 10 automatically replacing the Fanatec drivers with what it thinks should be better ones.
  19. Bill Grewcock

    Bill Grewcock Pro Driver Donator

    My apologies for not participating in rounds 1 and 2, I had to re-install AMS on the evening of round 1 and it had not finished by the time the race started; for round 2 I simply got the day wrong and thought the race was on Thursday :oops:. Fingers crossed that I actually get on the grid for round 3.
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  20. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Have you tried uninstalling any existing Fanatec drivers, rebooting and reinstalling? I too have Fanatec pedals and the drivers are working fine for me in Win10.

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