Assetto Corsa Round 2 Magione

Discussion in 'Abarth 500AC Club Challenge Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Server is up
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  2. Doni Yourth

    Doni Yourth Pro Driver

    Touch and go as to my making the race today. Time mis-management. Fingers X'd.
    Edit: Some hours later now and it would seem that my time issues have been resolved in my favour. Bring it on! :)
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  3. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    This was unexpected ! I think I had not driven this car since AC was in early access maybe. The way I remembered it it was almost impossible to spin the car. I might be wrong, been such a long time.. but this was certainly a lot more fun !

    My rears had way too low temps, between 40-50 and my right front was also pretty cold. I tried making setup changes before the race, which may have made it worse, but I had no time to correct it anyway and went with it.

    Qualy : Very sorry to whoever hit me when I rejoined. I play in VR, looked at the turn before rejoining, nobody there, but of course that was in a fast turn. I tried to move out of the racing line but the other car did the same and hit me. Not sure who it was but very sorry about that !

    Race : Start went ok, P3 for quite some time because cars in front of me went off. I pitted when Tim was catching me. Oh man, I should not have changed tires !! That took ages and the tires didn't really need to be replaced .. Stupid. I had a spin a few laps after the pit stop and went on to finish the race in P5. Setup wise it wasn't great.. something to work on for the next one.

    Big congrats to Andrew, Tim and Jens !
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  4. Tim Muttram

    Tim Muttram Pro Driver

    What brilliant little cars, not quite as fun as the NetKar versions but still great for close racing :cool:
    I only had the 10 or 15 minutes of the practice session to make a setup as Wednesdays are F1 night. Having watched Andrews' driving in the replay it's clear I'm going to have to put some time into setup and practice to compete.
    But the racing I did have was good fun, maybe I should fall off track more often?

    Well done to Andrew and Jens, and to all else who finished.

    Hopefully I'll make the rest of the series (even Silverstone - eugh)
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  5. Vasilis Doumanas

    Vasilis Doumanas Pro Driver

    First of all my apologises to Ken, i missed my break point at turn 8, punted him and both found ourselfes at the very back.. I gave the place back, but that was pointless, i ruined his race and i know it :( Even that, he managed to do some very goos laps and gained some places, but i still believe that if i didnt hit him, he could may be another one or two places ahead.. I am sorry again..
    As for me, it's obvious that i am not stable at my lap times, i managed to do some good ones around at low 1:23 but i also some bad ones around at 1:24 or 1:25... That means i need a lot of work to do at my race pace and setup of course.. Practice makes us better, isn't it?
    I am trying to have a sportsman behaviour at races - i believe i have, even if i am still rookie at online races but i also trying to be better at this, thats why i installed a radar app and crew chief, so i can see and hear who is at my left and right side of the track..
    Anyways, big congrats to Andrew, Tim and Jens for the podium finish.. Well done guys.. :)
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  6. Paul Anstey

    Paul Anstey Pro Driver Donator

    Love this circuit. It was the very first circuit I drove in AC with this car. I also think that the NetKar version was better but then I think that sim was pretty awesome. AC is slowly growing on me. Recently I have made changes which have improved the experience especially when I increased the FPS. This got rid of a remote driving feel I was getting. I have switched on the apps that Ken recommended so I now know who is around me. So I'm getting there. One question How do you change the Pit Strategy whilst racing? Is this possible?

    As for the race. It was a fun start racing Laurent and Tim. I overtook Laurent early in the race but at the long hairpin towards the end of the track I ran wide and he got the place back. He then pulled away from me. Tim then went off a few laps latter at the same place. He fought back and overtook me again at the same spot but ran wide and I undertook him. Think I may have squeezed him a bit but not intentionally. Sorry about that Tim. A few laps later he got me down the straight and immediately pulled away from me. I need more speed :). That was that. The rest of the race I was all alone. Was surprised to see Laurent pit early and then be so far behind after he came out. But I now see he took on tyres so that explains that. Thanks Laurent giving me your place is much appreciated ;).

    Well done Andrew. :)
    Well done Tim and Jens for the podiums :)
    You know you guys could take Laurent's lead and give up your place for the less advantaged sim racer. (mournful piano music playing in the background like those annoying TV charity adverts). We are people too. A win or podium does make a difference. Please think of the down trodden sim racer next time you race and make someone else's dream come true.. :)
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  7. Tim Muttram

    Tim Muttram Pro Driver

    If your wheel has a POV hat or D-pad then that should allow you to navigate the pit menus when on track. You only need the up/down/left/right bit as there are no more buttons.
    You can also set your pit strategy in the setup file providing you know what you're going to do, that way all you have to do is drive into the pits and stop.
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  8. Doni Yourth

    Doni Yourth Pro Driver

    Grats on a fine victory, Andrew! Well done to Tim & Jens for scoring podium placings.
    Thanks to pit stops and off-track adventures by some, I actually got to go wheel-to-wheel with a few people this round. Not that I was in any way much of a challenge but at least I wasn't alone. I had some moments myself in coming off the back straight where leaving it in 4th gear just didn't provide me with the torque I needed to comfortably maintain control. Still, it was fun and am looking forward to round #3.
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