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  1. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
    The circuit was designed in 1969; it was built from 1970 and 1972, and inaugurated that year. Its initial length was 3.488 km (2.167 miles) and only had a small, open pit area. This version of the circuit hosted three editions of the San Marino motorcycle Grand Prix, from the 1985 season to the 1987 season. In 1993 it was modified for the first time: the track length was increased to 4.060 km (2.523 miles), with the possibility to race both the long and the old short loop; moreover, new facilities and new pit garages were built. It was at Misano during the 1993 Italian Grand Prix that the defending 500 cc World Champion Wayne Rainey's career ended after he fell and suffered a broken spine. Between 1996 and 2001 all facilities were improved further, adding more pits and stands. In 2005, a new access point to the circuit was built, Via Daijiro Kato, in honor of the late Japanese rider, killed during the 2003 Japanese Grand Prix, whose in-season race home was in the Portoverde frazione of Misano Adriatico.

    In order to host again the World motorcycle championship, the circuit was extensively modified in 2006. The circuit direction was changed to clockwise direction, the track length was brought to 4.180 km (2.597 miles), track width has been widened to 14 m (46 ft), facilities were improved, and all security measures have been applied. The first MotoGP race held on the circuit after the modifications was the 2007 San Marino and Rimini Coast Grand Prix, which was won by "home" marque Ducati.
    Main straight.

    During the 2010 Moto2 event, Japanese rider Shoya Tomizawa was killed after losing control of his bike and being subsequently struck by both Scott Redding and Alex de Angelis. Coincidentally this incident occurred 17 years to the day of Wayne Rainey's career ending incident also at Misano.

    On 3 November 2011, the circuit owners announced that it would be named after Marco Simoncelli, an Italian motorcycle racer who died during the Shell Advance Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang a week prior. Simoncelli was born in nearby Cattolica and had lived from childhood in Coriano. On 8 June 2012 the track's new name was confirmed at the San Marino round of the Superbike World Championship. Also, Scuderia Toro Rosso, later known as Scuderia AlphaTauri, make first shakedowns at this track. Most recently, the Scuderia AlphaTauri AT01, AlphaTauri's 2020 challenger and the first car to be run under the name 'AlphaTauri', had its first shakedown here 24 hours after it was first revealed, by Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly.
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  2. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Misano Practice Times and Speed (Last updated Oct 9)
    • Nuno Leite Castro \ 01:43.87 \ 237.3 kmh
      Mario Serafim / 01:43.93 / 237.5 kmh
      Goncalo Brites / 01:43.94 / 237.9 kmh
    Rui Santos \ 01:44.00 \ 237.4 kmh
    Mario Serafim \ 01:44.71 \ 237.6 kmh
    Tiago Monteiro \ 01:44.95 \ 236.1 kmh
    Chris Belfield \ 01:45.36 \ 235.9 kmh
    Paulo Viegas \ 01:45.66 \ 236.0 kmh
    Ruben Boss / 01:45.87 / 236.0 kmh
    Mark Hightree \ 01:46.32 \ 234.9 kmh
    Miguel Soares / 01:47.15 / 235.7 kmh
    Vitor Joineau \ 01:48.56 \ 231.6 kmh
    Mike Fertitta \ 01:48.73 \ 235.4 kmh
    Rogerio Santos / 01:49.69 / 229.7 kmh
    Doug Dezan \ 01:56.26 \ 221.7 kmh
    Rob Milliken \ 02:03.07 \ 226.4 kmh

    Today's Practice updated tomorrow
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  3. Tiago Monteiro

    Tiago Monteiro Pro Driver

    Hi guys.

    I'm sorry but i will need to pass this one. I've already Unregister on this event.

    Good luck all
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  4. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I am having power and internet problems, We are have a storm and I am on LTE, everytime there is lightening I have issues with internet or power flickers. Next time.
  5. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member Donator

    A preliminary review of the event revealed a lot of track violations. Some drivers were cutting corners 6-7 times in a lap. Please take some time to review your race and do a self-evaluation. Admins will be reviewing the event in more detail over the next few days and some drivers can expect to be penalized. I was told that before the event you were warned to be aware of track limits. We understand the occasional 4 wheels off and will tolerate that. But when you do it multiple times in a lap and repeat that several times in an event, you can expect to be penalized.

    Replay Available on the Event Page

    Please review the SRO rule for Off-Course Excursions (2.7)
  6. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Not my day today:confused::eek::rolleyes: .. Hope I did not ruin anyones race .. very strange thing happened ..early on I had the blue flags when the leader finally caught me to lap me and all the rest as well the blue flag was there so I would find a spot to let him by .. .. But towards the end I was in last place ,12th .. then a spin ahead and a car off & when I pass it says im now in 11th ! ok , after that I had cars on my tail but no blue flags ? so I thought it was 12th trying to pass me again so I defended .. but then I see it was not 12th as 12th had left the server ,probably after the crash that gave me 11th ,so I IDK what happened .. all I can say is sorry guys .. ..
  7. Chris Belfield

    Chris Belfield Pro Driver

    Wow, didn’t know there were that many corners that could be cut with all the “sausage kerbs” installed!

    On a separate issue, it all got somewhat scrappy in the last 1/4 of the race with some rather “optimistic” attempts of overtakes from some way back! Then got put into the wall on lap 25 by Rob whilst I was lapping him!
    There appeared to be some rather impatient and frustrated driving from some who were trying to “charge” back through the field after going off through their own mistakes on several occasions. This takes some of the enjoyment out of the event for me.
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  8. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    After reviewing each driver that took me 2 1/2 hours to review there will be announcing what the punishment will be after more conversations with other Admins involved with this event.

    I plan to make a guide with some of the drivers here with intentional cutting by how they were crossing the left line to gain a larger apex and crossing the track then crossing the right line in the corner is a single motion. This happened a lot and this is where some will be penalized more then the others just cutting corners on the inside line.

    If you like you can make a report as I saw the incident and more that I will not give my thought about what I saw happen. 1.1. Procedure - Filing a protest

    Rules and Regulations
    Did anyone read my briefing I sent in the Inbox to all who raced this event that I sent 2 days ago. Neglect to read it is ignorant, I wasted my time to make a good event and seems like no one cared. If drivers did not read it then better go read it now.
    Click here INBOX
    Thank You
    Race Official.

    irt banner.png

    Edited: I retracted F###n. Sorry for my behavior.
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  9. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Some righteous anger from our admin who works hard to bring us these events.

    Here are some examples of what we are finding. Those sausage kerbs that Chris referred to do very little to deter corner cutting or setting up outside track limits to take advantage of a better apex.







  10. Chris Belfield

    Chris Belfield Pro Driver

    Not intending going down the “report” route, I did review the replay myself, and the driver was off the circuit as I passed and hit me whilst re-joining. Not sure why they were contesting the place so vehemently instead of just getting out of the throttle until I’d passed. Hopefully, when the driver concerned reviews the incident they’ll understand. It’s supposed to be fun, and I really do enjoy some close fighting for position as I did for a number of laps again with @Mike Fertitta (good racing Mike:)), let’s just try to retain the fun bit!
  11. Mark Hightree

    Mark Hightree Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Good fun guys. Well deserved win Rui. Congrats. The start was a bit hectic. Got pushed off the track in turn 2 but survived. Yeah I was seeing drivers going wide before turn 11 to gain time. Maybe I did that myself I can't remember. Tried my best to stay inside the lines. That last lap racing Chris was fun. Other than that I just tried to stay on the lead lap and keep my tires from going off at the end, which is normal for me. Was it just me or did it seem like it was getting dark. I saw some guys with their headlights on :)

    It's ok Rob. All of us have a race like that occassionally. Well, for me it's often.

    I noticed some of that myself and was actually distracted by a driver in my mirrors cutting corners to catch up and get around me . LOL. I guess the race admins are seeing some of that.

    It's ok Doug. I understand how you feel. You do a great job and put in a lot of time for your series and I think well all appreciate it.

    See ya'll at Spa. Maybe it will rain and give us slow guys a chance :)
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  12. Chris Belfield

    Chris Belfield Pro Driver

    Indeed, @Mark Hightree large in my mirrors again!:) Always a pleasure Mark. I was trying to recover places after being taken off into the wall a on the previous lap!
    Looking forward to doing battle with you again at Spa.

    congrats to Rui, looks like he certainly has the measure of the Flat 6.
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  13. Mike Fertitta

    Mike Fertitta Pro Driver

    Phew, glad you were enjoying it, I was worried I roughed you a bit. I would have completely loved our battle but we were mixed up with other guys making it so very intense. :)
  14. Chris Belfield

    Chris Belfield Pro Driver

    In all honesty Mike, a bit of nudging here and there i don’t find a problem, as long as it remains just that. Close racing with those that can do it properly is the most enjoyable part for me. Let’s hope we can do it again at Spa (without any “interference”)......bring it on!
  15. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member Donator

    The following drivers have been issued a warning for violation of rule 2.7, Off-Course Excursions, which states:
    The competitor is required to follow the marked course during the competition and shall not gain an advantage by an off-course excursion.

    Mario Serafim
    Goncalo Brites
    Paulo Viegas
    Ricardo Gama

    Any additional violation of this rule will result in a drive-through or time penalty or possibly even a one race ban.

    All drivers, please review the rule:
  16. Paulo Viegas

    Paulo Viegas Pro Driver

    Hi guys.

    I know and read rule 2.7, Off-Course Excursions (it's a general racing rule actually...).
    Obviously turns 10 and 14 were the ones where I believe most of my abuses were committed because I used the yellow fat 'bananas' as reference point for my turn in.
    It turned out the Porsche is not that wide... :)
    I made so many mistakes in the race, that only for that reason I deserve the warning.
    On the other and, me and Misano... we don't get along very well...
    Lesson learned.
    Keep up with the good work. You guys have a great community here and I'm enjoying it a lot.

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