Assetto Corsa Comp Round 2 Nurburgring

Discussion in 'ACC World Tour Series 4 Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

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  2. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Servers up (in mixed mode for any of you that have the GT4 DLC !)
    Random weather had rain last session ..o_O:eek::D
    I will lock the server down to GT3's only later in the week !
  3. Jeffrey Ruskus

    Jeffrey Ruskus Pro Driver

    Is the weather file the same? We had a lot of rain during our first season, but after that it has been dry pretty much all the time.
  4. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Its actually a number you choose , the line is simply > "weatherRandomness": 1,

    0 = static weather; 1-4 fairly realistic weather; 5-7 more sensational (but less chaotic compared to versions before 1.0.7)

    I had this set at 2 for that first series 1 and we had more rain then sunshine !
    so I bumped it down to 1 ..
    We don't have a tool to set weather to something we can predict ,its all randomly generated from the randomness number . some other games let you pick when and how much rain so you could have it rain in the middle of the race if you wanted then dry for the finish etc .. But ACC's weather its not built like that ..It takes real life scenarios built from real weather data from each track and you then apply randomness number to create change , higher the number the wider the range of weather . So a track like Silverstone where it rains a lot will have a higher chance of rain at randomness 2 then say Laguna seca at same setting because its dry desert and does not rain that often …;)
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  5. Tim Muttram

    Tim Muttram Pro Driver

    Any room for a little'un before I register?
    I've just upgraded the rig and should now be able to cope with ACC and it's higher-than-specified requirements :rolleyes:

    You say locked cars - presumably I have to stick with anything I choose as opposed to being assigned a car?
  6. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Yes ! plenty of room ! Locked = you may pick any car for the series but you then must use that car for all races in that series ! :D
    The Tuesday Night racing series has Open car choice so you can change anytime during the series .. ..
  7. Tim Muttram

    Tim Muttram Pro Driver

    Done - I'll do some practice to pick a car - not spent any real time in ACC before due to the dire performance.
    Expect me to be slower and incompetent in the pits :D
  8. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Don’t worry you wont be slower than me !! Lol if you search the main ACC thread there's all kinds of hints & tips buried in those posts ! Pit stop stuff as well !
  9. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Race Day Password posted up' on the event page !
    Race day reminders:
    Start Type : Short form lap
    Mandatory pit stop : NO
    Race length : 90 min
    Take care on the start into T1 !
    Race start will be Admin reviewed ! if you accidently punt some one either wait for driver to rejoin & give back the position / or serve a drive threw ..
    make sure you have read & Remember the rules !

    Looks like another nice grid guys ! best of luck ! see you all on track !! :D
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  10. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Can't race tonight have fun.
  11. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Won't make it tonight. Just finished 3 hours of Monza :cool:

    Have fun.
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  12. Max Veloce

    Max Veloce Pro Driver

    hello again :)
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  13. Edward Jones

    Edward Jones Pro Driver Donator

    Not sure what happened as it's never happened to me before but when it was time to start the formation lap my steering wheel and pedals were dead, and I couldn't escape so I guess my keyboard wasn't working either. Had to do a quick pc shutdown or I would have still been sitting there when the field came back around. Sorry to Dean who I think got caught behind me.
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  14. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander Pro Driver Donator

    Thanks everyone, had some good battles but I just never had pace at this track.
    Roberto sorry for the contact, I was just going in way faster into T7, I tried to stay as far right as I could but contact still happened. I waited to give the position back that screwed over the both of us.

    P.S. There was someone on track that I do not even see in the registration, he was ALL OVER the track, would rejoin in qually from the grass with no consideration for cars behind him and spent half the time in the pits, then just out parked by the side of the road....
  15. Roberto Balli

    Roberto Balli Pro Driver

    No problem Alex :)
    See you next race
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  16. Daniel Kristow

    Daniel Kristow Pro Driver

    Grats Jeff, great job mate, and Tim you deserved that podium, brilliant strategy call.
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  17. Tim Muttram

    Tim Muttram Pro Driver

    I enjoyed that - ACC has been the unwanted runt of Kuno's stable for me since about the 2nd early access VR revision, when performance went out of the window - even on the normal monitor it just became more and more un-playable as time went on.
    Luckily my PC upgrade has well and truly fixed that and I was able to race in VR (actually not as nice as in AC but hey hum - some of the little details really make up for that at least).

    I'd missed round 1 so plumped for something I like rather than something fast, looking at the laptimes maybe I should have gone for something I like that was a teeny bit faster though....
    The V12 handles pretty well (great in the wet I found) and is pretty stable, it also sounds fantastic when you run it up against walls so I chose that.
    In qualifying it quickly came clear that I was a strong contender for the rear of the grid so in the race I chose to just drive and hold my lines, leaving it to others to find a way around me rather than pushing it hard.

    Aside from being rear ended into T1 about 35 minutes in and spun (by another Aston of all things!) that seemed to do me well - at about halfway I had to do a double take on my fuel reading.
    Originally my calcs had said I'd need about 10ltrs extra to finish, at halfway I'd actually used only a tiny bit more than half my tank - so I changed tactics and started short-shifting and coasting into corners to save fuel.
    Checking again about 15 minutes later and my shoddy mental math now suggested I had enough to finish - Jeffrey had exited the pits in front of me so I knew I couldn't catch him, but Daniel had exited behind Alex I think and after passing Alex was now starting to close in on me.
    I had to choose whether to gamble on fuel and start pushing again to take 2nd (I calculated he'd catch me with between 5 and 10 mins to go), or carry on saving to ensure I had enough to fight for 3rd with Alex when he inevitably caught me - I chose to continue saving, which turned out to be correct as Daniel caught me in no short order, and thanks to a slight error by me on dodgy rubber passed almost immediately.
    If Jeffrey had been a few seconds faster and there had been an extra lap I'd have had just enough to go flat out from when Alex caught me to the flag.

    Bad luck to Alex - if you were on new tires I suspect you'd have had little trouble with me had you got to me in time, I'd upped my pace by a few hundred RPM from the point you got to 4 seconds behind - you were still gaining but I think this slowed you enough to save me having to fight ;)

    Well done Jeffrey and Daniel and to all the finishers.

    Hi Max, shame you missed last Wednesday - It turned out to be a good clean one despite a low turn out, finally a track the Estonia's could shine on too!
    What happened last night? I was expecting you to finish up front somewhere
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  18. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Pro Driver Donator

    That was a long old race, thought it was never going to end. Didnt get to see the full distance in round 1 when all my controls fubared mid race.
    Didnt qualify as high as i had hoped despite being in the 56's, just couldnt match my pb, ended up 12th i think.
    Race start went well, managed to miss the spun car at T1 and settled into a fast moving pack in about 8th i think enjoying watching Tim and a Ferrari duke it out whilst i sat on the rear of the pair of them. Once the Fezza was gone i chased Tim hard for about 45 minutes of the race trying all sorts to get past but finding his Aston up to the task of keeping me there. Now i know after that he was fuel saving but it was costing me about 1 sec a lap and i was getting frustrated as a series of cars attacked me from behind everytime i got held up in a corner, especially sector 1 where he seemed slow, i was twice biffed by two consecutive Bentleys having a lunge. Each time i clawed back the time and again got glued to his bumper. But he just wouldnt make a proper mistake and after successive laps of watching him take a late wider line into T1 i went for the tighter turn in thinking he'd see my nose there as he swang in but unfortunately we clumped and he half-span whilst my car stayed on line. I did wait around for the next 2-3 corners, losing 2 places but he still didnt show up so i trundled on and then pitted about 2 laps later as my tyres were now borked and was nearing my planned stop anyway.
    Rejoined in 8th place behind Selvis' Bentley who must have had a redbull in the pits as he somehow pulled a 10 sec gap over me despite being behind me most of the race. But then saw he got a DT a few laps later (track limits?) and was promoted to 7th. With too big a gap to 6th upwards i had a boring lonely drive for about the last 35minutes just keeping an eye on my fuel until i knew it was safe to push again.
    The track seemed fairly empty of cars last night? was there a late drop in attendance or were the rest of the field so far back? Think i only saw about 6 different cars over 90 minutes o_O
    ps cant we use a bit more atmospheric lighting/conditions for these longer races? Would have been cool to watch it darkening a bit towards race end with the circuit lighting. ACC looks brilliant in evening or varied light conditions. Plus we never seem to get a shower in this virtual GT world ;)
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  19. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander Pro Driver Donator

    All credit to you mate, I was really trying and TBH my tyres were not bad, I always take on a new set when pitting, I needed more pace to chase you down. No spins for me but my fare share of mistakes including almost customary pit screw up for me....One word of advise, practice pitting!

    Anyway some great battles guys, I'll be missing the next one, but see you all at the one after.
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  20. Neil Tasker

    Neil Tasker Administrator Staff Member Media Group Donator

    sorry guys couldn't make it last night tried to get on server but the kids were playing up so had to come back of and sort them out
    would not let me sigh out on here by that time :(:(:(:(
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