Assetto Corsa Round 3 Donington 1938

Discussion in 'F1 Classic 1967 Series Closed' started by John vd Geest, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    I am loving the track so far, it makes me feel like I am seriously back in the sixties and driving the Brabham BT24 as Jack Brabham. It has this feeling I cannot describe exactly, as if there is nothing but motorsports, everything is raw, everything is mechanical, no computer stuff, it is just you and the unattended, unforgiving asphalt waiting for your next mistake either under braking or acceleration, so it can throw you into the forest around, designating the definitive end of your race and stopping you from reaching that chequered flag, and then you are there putting your utmost effort to go around and challenge the track to a duel which you are craving to beat. I never knew about these mods... This series is becoming more enjoyable each race. :D

    Although I may be in trouble at Monza with the Brabham since my top speed is around 285-290 Km/h and most of the other cars going above 300 Km/h.
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  2. Martyn McClune

    Martyn McClune Pro Driver Donator

    In the Honda now and adjusting from 6 gear BRM to 5 gear Honda
    Already a wee bit faster and feeling optimistic :cool:
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  3. Mauro Mariani

    Mauro Mariani Pro Driver

    Sorry guys,
    No health improvement for me

    i have to miss donnington race
    I was on mclaren
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  4. Mac Shepherd

    Mac Shepherd Pro Driver

    Not looking forward to this race xD

    The Cooper is just all over the place because of the bumps and nothing in the setup really fixes it.
  5. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    It's the same for all of us Mac :) We're all gonna have the same issue's.
  6. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Pro Driver

    I'm afraid I've had to unregister from this one. Taken the plunge with VR but my settings are now all over the shop...
    Also sorry to Jukka i couldn't reply on server the other night, i was testing VR but struggled to find the keyboard let alone type :p
  7. Mac Shepherd

    Mac Shepherd Pro Driver

    Does anyone have any tips on setting up the gears for this track? Running on the highest final gear so I don't top out in 5th gear too soon, but not sure what to do with the other gears.
  8. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I'm not an expert, but I know what works for me: use longer gears for braking and accelaration so you don't get wheelspin or torque oversteer. And brake really deep holding a higher gear and shift down just before turning in where the revs are so low that you hardly notice the downshift. They sort of blend together.

    Watching this explanation of using gears and braking was an eye opener for me years back.
    Jackie Stewart actually influenced my drivingstyle for real

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  9. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Broadcast link Donington 1938

  10. Henri Miettinen

    Henri Miettinen Pro Driver Donator

    Damn these friday's is bad day for me. I can't race today :(
  11. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Ok, so I *might* be able to race, however the baby is underway .. also a little bit ill, so if it's not going well I'll just quit the server. At least you know why if I do.
  12. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

  13. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

  14. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver Donator

    What can I say ... It is not the best day for racing for me neither. I will do my best (still don't expect to much) :cool:
  15. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    LOL, focus on having fun first. First fun, then results!
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  16. Pablo Finotti

    Pablo Finotti Pro Driver Donator

    All that practice, what for? To get hit on the third corner (it wasn't even an overtaking point)... had a broken suspension and a puncture... besides I was bugged in the catching fence.
    After that, even after the penalty, my wheel got badly offcenter. Race over.

    Thank you.

    PS: I will be out next race, I have some commitments at the time of the race.
  17. Laurent Londes

    Laurent Londes Pro Driver

    Very sorry ! I was a bit surprised by the pace, didn't try to overtake at all. Also, I thought I had some room left when contact happened.. Sorry ! I had the same 2 laps later.
  18. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver Donator

    I tried, sorry guys :(.
    I hope I didn't ruin anyone race
  19. Matteo Santini

    Matteo Santini Pro Driver Donator

    Unfortunately this track is not suited at all for online racing. There were a couple of invisible walls, one was at the second turn, and I just slightly touched it. That sent my car direct on a tree and the impact with the poor Phil Brown was inevitable even this time. Seems like we have a crash magnet mate. I'm sorry but couldn't do nothing to avoid that crash.

    I was too disappointed to go on this time and I was sweating a lot too cause I had a pretty bad stomacache by yesterday evening. A really bad day for me.

    See you
  20. Mac Shepherd

    Mac Shepherd Pro Driver

    That wasn't fun at all. Car wanted to understeer and oversteer at every corner and I just wanted to survive the race. P7 isn't bad though.

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