Assetto Corsa Round 3 Donington 1938

Discussion in 'F1 Classic 1967 Series Closed' started by John vd Geest, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator


    We may have written sim-racing history!

    I'm glad to inform you that there were no "No-shows" for Donington.
    What ...?! Not one?!
    Nope, everybody on the list showed up.
    Get outta here! Impossible!
    It's true I tell you.
    Well ... did you pay them?
    No, I did not.
    Pull the other one!
    I know ...
    That should be added to the eight wonders of the world!
    I'll inform them to adjust the list.

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  2. Jukka Drugg

    Jukka Drugg Pro Driver

    WOW!!! What a dramatic race for so many drivers :eek: Starting from Fabrizio getting knocked from first row to last row in T1 and Toni dropping from podium in last minute of the race. Congrats to everyone that finished and Fabrizio and Phil for podium. And sorry for everyone that had DNF or huge problems. This really is challenging track. Had so many insidents when practicing and even qually but luckily not during race. Thanks for your incredibly friendly words Caitlin at 40:28, 57:00 and 57:40. Those really felt good even they were had to swallow :) Great job with broadcast again. There was some really nice battles along the way and really a tight and long one with Fabrizio and Yusuf.

    Mark, no problem not replying. It´s the hardest part in VR :) So, you bought a headset? Which one? I have Oculus and if you need any tips or advice don´t hesitate to ask :) VR really brings so much to simracing in my opinion.

    Laurent, hope everything goes great with baby. Sorry for your DNF on race.

    Toni great pace with that practice and car which is not the shiny end of the grid. But what else can we expect from Finn ;D

    Fabrizio, this grid was really frightningly tight, so sorry that you were collected on T1. Hope you can get your fps problems solved to not have problems because of that. Great recovery on the race from last grid positions. Thanks for personal congrats :)

    Martyn, so you are a biker too? I have Yamaha Drag Star 1100 (custom) so not really a racing bike :) Took it around Nordsleife once thou :) Pretty scary experience since I didn´t know track back then and there was all the time faster cars and bike approaching in mirrors :)

    Thanks Henri for link to Broadcast :)
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  3. Mac Shepherd

    Mac Shepherd Pro Driver

    Does anyone have the replay file for this race? :)
  4. Norman Bruce

    Norman Bruce Pro Driver Donator

    Sorry wrong post
  5. Fabrizio Ferrante

    Fabrizio Ferrante Pro Driver

    Yeah, absolutely great! Congratulations for the comment and for the historical notes, Caitlin.
    Thanks also to have followed my comeback, specially the battle with Yusuf.

    PS: the second place was taken by Phil. A great race for him too, I think he was also with a damaged car.
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  6. Yusuf Macit

    Yusuf Macit Pro Driver

    If I had to look at this race from a professional perspective, I would say I have butchered a very good race for myself, but in terms of sim racing and having fun, that was pretty damned good.

    So I did not have a great start and lost a few positions, and in the first or second lap, I somehow found myself a comfortable position in 2nd place, now, I thought that was it, I had the pace (maybe not as good as Jukka, but I had the pace to protect my position in 2nd place) and thought I could keep it until the end of the race. However, all of these thoughts made me miss my braking point at the worst place and time possible, I braked way too late down the slope before the last corner and flew off the circuit, and miraculously enough I have managed to come back on to the tarmac without hitting anyone. At that point, I was around 8th or so, but there was no time to lose, I was grateful to survive it and I had to leave that behind and make amends, so I stepped on it once again. I easily caught up with the front pack, since they were all busy battling each other. I took it very easy since this was the most frustrating and difficult, but fun on the other hand circuit of the calendar. However, at one point, I came side by side with @Mac Shepherd and we touched wheels, I am not entirely sure who is guilty of that, but as far as I know, we both managed to get out of it with only light problems. I apologize for the unnecessary crash if it was because of me.

    Anyways, soon after I found some breathing space, I also started to gain some lost time, and there was @Fabrizio Ferrante following me very closely indeed. At one moment I felt really frustrated because whatever time I gained through the corners was immediately lost on the straight at the back. It was truly distracting to see an eagle in my mirrors up so close and going lap after lap, I was finally broken, the slope had me again, I managed to turn back on the racing line, however my mind was still there left behind and i missed the first corner as well, allowing @Fabrizio Ferrante the long awaited pass. Then i followed Fabrizio as best as i could, but it was no easy task to follow a fast guy in a fast car, we were closing up on @Toni Talvitie, he was now in front of Fab and struggling with the car, or so it appeared to me. Then together with Fabrizio, we kind of abused that last mistake by Toni and passed through under the arch. It must have been a tough race for Talvitie, but I believe he still has done great, considering the amount of time he only spent with that car. I give my thanks and congratulations to @Fabrizio Ferrante for keeping me company until the end of the race.

    And of course I congratulate @Caitlin Penny for the great commentary provided! I love to come back and watch those streams over again.

    See you at Monza, I mean in the horizon. (Although it seems Jack Brabham has finished that race in 2nd with his BT24 Brabham in real life, i still dont trust the Assetto Corsa model on straights, it is slow!! :D)
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  7. Mac Shepherd

    Mac Shepherd Pro Driver

    Yep, I think it was just an unfortunate racing incident between us. These cars tend to wander a little down straights.
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  8. Mac Shepherd

    Mac Shepherd Pro Driver

    Uploaded my race highlights. Pretty exciting race for the first few laps!
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  9. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Great video Mac. I know it's very difficult to drive and commentated at the same time. But you're a talent :). Well done!
    I've taken note of your observations about the default setup rule and started a poll to find out what the drivers want with regard to that. The pole is here on the main forum as a sticky:
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  10. Mac Shepherd

    Mac Shepherd Pro Driver

    Thanks. Just got frustrating towards the end due to the car’s drivability.
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