Assetto Corsa Comp Round 3 Paul Ricard

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  1. Simon Gymer

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    Good race for me finishing 2nd behind my team mate Jeffrey, couldn't have hoped for better!

    Saw on the forecast the rain was going to come with about 30 minutes left so was just getting into as good a position as I could before needing to stop for wets. Stopped probably one lap too late trying to overcut the guys just ahead of me, but the lap was wetter than I had hoped and I lost a few seconds instead.

    Assumed Rogerio was running out of fuel at end as I rapidly closed in to take 2nd in the last couple of laps, but I see he managed to use the wrong fuel mix somehow and lost a lot of pace through that.

    I was running 1 wing and it was difficult to keep with the Ferraris down the straight even with a tow! When the rain came it was a case of guessing a good TC/ABS setting to change to and I think I ended up getting it spot on first time. Love the rain and liked the challenge of strategy as a result of having half dry half wet.

    Blue flags were adhered to by most people as normal, but there was one driver in particular that seemed to want to fight and make it difficult (no surprise) for no reason, probably to keep me away from his team mate!

    I agree about the full formation lap, seems a bit pointless with the driver behind me seemingly jumping the start and brushing my door on the way past getting lucky not to cause a massive accident.
  2. Mark Ekins

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    After the disaster of Suzuka, this went much better.

    Started where i thought i would, mid pack despite never getting itn othe 56's before. The first lap was chaos, one particular ferrari seemed to want to take out most of the field throughout the lap; The rejoin at turn 6 ahead of me almost took out the two cars on track.
    I ended up a few places further back than i started so tried ot just focus forward and had pressure all through the first stint with Mark right behind always keeping up. I could see from the weather forcast that 10mins away was light rain, but 30mins away was heavy rain so was really hoping that when i had to stop as i would run out of fuel that i could stick wets on. I really didnt want ot make another stop later on for wets. I was even considering putting wets on hoping the rain would come soon enough!
    Luckily as i rolled down the pit road and its a long pit road i could select wet tyres. I'm confused you thought it would clear up @Mark Johnson.

    Having never really driven on wets it was pretty nerve racking on the first initial laps but quikcly became apparent the car felt the same and putting consistent 2.05's all the time in the second half. I guess some tried to stick it out as i picked up another place to finish 4th as it looked like a ferrari ahead had admitted defeat to the slicks!

    Oh and less comments about peoples sisters in Italian in the chat please.. this isnt the place for it
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