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    1991 Belgian Grand Prix

    The 1991 Belgian Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at Spa-Francorchamps on 25 August 1991. It was the eleventh round of the 1991 Formula One season and the debut race of the future world champion Michael Schumacher.

    At the start both Senna and Prost got away well and the Brazilian led into the first corner. Mansell was third followed by Berger, Piquet, and Schumacher. The German's luck however would run dry just after Eau Rouge when his clutch failed. Out at the front Senna continued to lead but Prost's day ended on lap three when his Ferrari caught on fire, leaving Mansell in second. The determined Englishman proceeded to go after Senna and the two battled lap after lap until Senna pitted for new tyres on lap 15. The stop was a bad one and when Mansell pitted two laps later he was able to emerge ahead of Senna, but just behind Berger who had yet to stop. These stops left Piquet in the lead for one lap before he made his stop.

    Mansell quickly closed in on Berger and managed to sweep past into Les Fagnes. When Berger stopped a lap later he had problems and then spun on the pit exit and came back right in front of Modena, nearly causing a bad accident. Mansell's big lead would not last, however as on lap 22 his car stopped, having succumbed to electronic problems, his championship hopes taking a major hit.

    Ayrton Senna during the race in Spa-Francorchamps on August 25, 1991.
    Mansell's misery was Alesi's jubilation as the young Frenchman took the lead with Senna closing. Senna continued to close until he had a small problem and lost ten seconds, putting him into the clutches of Piquet's Benetton. The Piquet-Senna battle was soon joined by Patrese and de Cesaris, who had been battling over fourth. Senna led the quartet, but could not pull away because he was suffering from gearbox problems. Alesi had planned to do the entire race without stopping and his strategy was looking very good until lap 30 when his engine expired. This left Senna ahead of Piquet, de Cesaris, and Patrese, who had gone off the track trying to pass Piquet.

    On Lap 31 de Cesaris managed to out brake Piquet into Les Combes and was looking good for Jordan's first podium finish in second place. Meanwhile, Patrese got past Piquet as well and set off after the Jordan. In the late stages Berger got past Piquet and then moved into third when Patrese started to suffer from gearbox problems. De Cesaris's fairy tale run ended just three laps from the end when his engine blew, promoting Berger to second and Piquet to third. Up front Senna limped home to his second consecutive win despite serious gearbox issues. Moreno was fourth, followed by Patrese and Mark Blundell, who scored Brabham's first point of the year (also the team's best result since Stefano Modena finished fifth in a Judd powered BT58 in the 1990 United States Grand Prix). The Fondmetal team and its driver Olivier Grouillard scored their first finish of 1991.

    1991 Belgium GP Highlights - P1/4
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    How would you like this to be our next F1 project?
    It's all S397 F1 1993 McLaren MP4/8 with 1993 skins. Default content car.

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  4. John vd Geest

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  5. Chris Melton

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  6. Andrew Harper

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    Sorry John I’ve had to sign out of this one.

    I’ve got some work going on in the house and I’ve had to take apart and move my racing rig to the other side of the house. No spare TV or monitor makes it difficult to even practice let alone race so I’m stuck.

    Sorry, I think the work is going on for four weeks but hopefully I’ll be back for the next one.
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  7. John vd Geest

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    Understood. See ya when I see ya :). Good luck with the house :)
  8. Marco Vismara

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  9. Martyn McClune

    Martyn McClune Pro Driver

    well I bought a new toy
    Oculus rift s and so far transformed my driving. First delve into VR and im loving it
    Set a 1.47, more time to lose I think, on Spa which I cannot match using my monitor and also correcting the car a lot better and crashing less
    looking forward to this weeks race it will be fun even if im last:cool:
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  10. John vd Geest

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    Good luck with the VR bro :)
  11. Ricardo Almeida

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    Sorry I'm out (injuries)
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  12. Michael LaBelle

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    I have decided to drop out of the F1 1991 series. I realized that I would have commitments every Sunday for the next month and that did not work for me. I decided to stay with the Porsche Cup Sunday race, which I think is a bit easier to handle and set up, as in Super Cup. :)

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
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  13. Caitlin Penny

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    I cut the chicane on the first lap to avoid an accident, which gave me a warning. I cut it by accident a few laps later, and the game glitched and gave me SIX CONSECUTIVE DRIVE-THROUGH PENALTIES! XD
    I wasn't too annoyed. After all, I knew I wasn't going to be competitive today and I'm not fighting for the championship or anything. It matters even less now because I crashed anyway! Oh well. I got a good laugh out of this round.
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  14. Gert-Jan van Osch

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    First of all my apologies to Michal... I did not see you were inside of me, because I was paying attention to Caitlin who was on my right... I also did not have a clue why I spun but had a look at the replay and then I saw Michal was on the inside...

    Today: My 1st DNF since I joined Sim Racing Online 11 months ago... I had a good launch of the grid but then took it easy to La Source to leave everybody space... Going up Eau Rouge the lack of downforce of being behind someone lead to the incident at the end of Camel straight. I continued in 3rd and noticed that I had more downforce then the leaders. I could catch up in the corners but lack of downforce driving close behind someone prevented me to come really close... I decided to go for a 2 stop strategy, while I noticed everyone else was on a one stop strategy. After my stop after 17 laps I rejoined in 5th and closed in to Roberto who was 4th... in lap 20 I ran wide again bein to close and tried to hard staying on the track while I also could let the car run wide and rejoin. Nevertheless at the end of that lap before the "bus stop" I downshifted but it skipped a gear and I blew my engine...

    The end of my story... CU next time
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  15. Toni Talvitie

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    Q didnt really make it. 1.41.5 was goal.

    R Had good run, no mistakes. Not doing long stints while practicing, showed in setup. No mechanical grip when tyres got worn out but i hang in there till the end.
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  16. Pablo Finotti

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    Nothing to brag about today...
    Q: awful, I was expecting something about a second faster. But I'm not inspired today... At least I still have my ears.

    R: pace was as expected, just like strategy. What I was not expecting was that my brakes started to feel really weird after my pit... Four or five times, I pressed the pedal and braking power was really lame. I could save the spin twice at the end of the big straight and twice at the bus stop, but eventually, I spun. No damage, just a small loss of time... Before that, I was steadily catching Roberto. It would be hard, but I had a small chance, but after the spin, I decided just to bring it home.

    Congratulations to those who raced today, especially top 4.
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  17. Pablo Finotti

    Pablo Finotti Pro Driver

    Last round, I had a similar problem. I spun at the hairpin, and was "awarded" a drive through for no reason, which I served twice, because the first time didn't count. My driving was so bad that day, I didn't even get pissed.
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  18. Mark Hightree

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    Something similar happened to me at COTA with this sim. I feel your frustration. For some reason my car decided to take flight in Eau Rouge and I'm still trying to figure it out. No one ahead or behind. Bad setup but never had a car launch like this at Spa. Thanks to everyone who raced today and special thanks to our donating members who keep this site racing :)

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  19. Caitlin Penny

    Caitlin Penny Pro Driver Media Group

    I watched your replay. It seems you clipped the kerb just wrong. It was very unlucky though.
  20. John vd Geest

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    Awesome, that's like a "wheely". Nice pic.

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