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Discussion in 'Radical SR3 Eurocup Closed' started by Philipp Pichler, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Philipp Pichler

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    After my messy practise effort I really wanted to send this mod to hell. As soon you have to brake and go below third gear, this car ... I better omit that. In the end I never felt really comfortable in the car, which was also the case in Le mas du clos.

    So it was a positive surprise that qualy turned things a bit arround, P2 seemed like a good joke. Ok I never drove the car before with low fuel but in Le Mas du Clos this was not really a factor. Other than here. I drove a 1:47,4 in the practise before the race, in quali I was able to do a 1:44,5. It was close to Jens and if Paul had reached his PB that would still nearly a second slower.

    My start was very good, and because I shared the first row with Csaba I could pass him instead of stuck behind him. Had some good laps but my first mistake of the race (lap eight) allowed Paul to pass. Soon a made another one into turn one and Jens also saw the opportunity. A few corners later I nearly lost the car behind him and Csaba saw his chance. I passed him back (sorry if there was a touch) but not for long as I made the next error. Csaba was also not faultless so we swaped positions again. I could pressure Jens for some laps and nearly hat my chance into turn 12. There was a good chance to create a big crash, as I could not see him but I better backed out. After watching the replay this was reasonable ;)
    Then I got worried about getting to the end with my amount of fuel, I always try to calculate it and after my rule of three said 26 laps a 2,6 liter I putted 69 l in. Forgot about the one lap extra in automobilista :mad: So Bill instead of passing you another second I gifted you fourth place, good taht we did no crashed as this matter really sidetracked me. Ed could have gained form that too, but as I suffered while fuel saving two screen freezes he did probably something wrong.

    Good race I hope for more luck next time, and also less screen freezes for everyone. I cleaned my GPU/CPU from dust and hoped that this has some effect, which seemed so but I´m not sure about that.
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  2. Jens Roos

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    Did some practice before as always, but noticed I did lack some speed over one lap but still thought podium could be possible, if race pace was consistent.

    Lately AMS has started to go black screen sometimes when going back to pit. Alt tab is not working (it's working but nothing happens), so every time I need to log out and hope I can abort logout and start AMS again. When entering qualy, the screen freezed but this time the car was shown but nothing happened...:mad: So I decided to logout and reboot the computer. Still manage to get back into qualify with around 5 minutes left, great that it is not an closed session! :rolleyes:

    Qualy was a close with less than 0.1s between 2nd to 4th, but I assume both Paul and Csaba did some minor mistakes as they was faster during practice. Philipp must have been sandbagging the whole time as he claimed 2nd place in the qualify session :p

    Race started and it was close but fair the first lap and I manage to keep my 3rd position. Soon Paul was on my tail and passed. After the first 10 laps Paul was 1st and started to build a little gap, but it was still fender to fender between 2nd to 4th. Csaba did an minor mistake at lap 4 and a bit later Philipp at lap 11 so I did manage to get up to 2nd position.

    And this was how it kept going, both Philipp and Csaba was close a few times, but I manage to keep the position, good racing from everyone IMO :cool:

    This was for sure one of the most intense race I had in a while, if Philipp didn't had some problems last laps it could for sure ended different, or if the race was one more lap.. :D

    Some more stats can be found here:

    Congrats to Paul who did a great race, as soon he was free he was out of reach, and also to teammate Bill with a fine 4th position :cool:
    And to everyone who was there as well :)
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