Assetto Corsa Round 4 Monza 66 Road Course

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    :O This is getting a bit serious :) But I think this is to be expected when you go and win Italian driver in front of Italian audience :) I am sure it will not be 100% before season is over :) I can tell you I had to work really hard for this one. Was sure Fabrizio will catch me before flag. I got lucky lap 1 to get 2s lead and again at end with lapped cars.

    Exellent coverage again Caitlin :) Nasty pile up in the start, I had no idea that happend. Some really nice battles along the way. Specially Laurent and Bill battle was exellent. So sorry it ended, could have watched it more. But congrats to Bill for exellent racing and nice points and Laurent for exellent recovery from multiple insidents. Was not supriced to see Henri popping in and out on third place on my real time display at early laps as he is really fast with anything with wheels but this was propably too much to ask from car that slow on track like this.

    It really was nice to have drdoomslab watching the race. I agree that this is best mod there is. Thank you for congrats too if you are here too. Also thank you for everyone else for congrats here and YouTube, specially Fabrizio for his nice (and big) words. And congrats Fabrizio and John for podium.
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