rFactor 2 Round 4 Paul Ricard Proto

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  1. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Paul Ricard Proto

    The track is characterised by its long Mistral straight (1.8 km, 1.1 mi) and elongated track design. The track is also unusual in that it is built on a plateau, and is very flat. In 1986 the track was modified to shorten the circuit, by adding shortcut through to the middle of the Mistral Straight. This shorter circuit is also known as the GP short circuit and is 3.813 km (2.369 mi) long. The track offers 167 possible configurations from 0.826 km (0.513 mi) to the full 5.861 km (3.642 mi). The track's elevation ranges from 408 to 441 m (1,339 to 1,447 ft) above sea level. Its flexibility and mild winter weather mean that it is used for testing by several motorsport teams, including Formula One teams.

    The track is known for its distinctive black and blue run-off areas known as the Blue Zone. The runoff surface consists of a mixture of asphalt and tungsten, used instead of gravel traps, as common at other circuits. A second, deeper run-off area is the Red Zone, with a more abrasive surface designed to maximize tyre grip and hence minimize braking distance, although at the cost of extreme tyre wear. The final safeguard consists of Tecpro barriers, a modern improvement on tyre barriers.

    4 Hours of Le Castellet 2017 - Race
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  2. Eric Cline

    Eric Cline Pro Driver

    Going to unregister for this series..just not able to put in times to even stay with field. good luck thanks for letting me race.
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  3. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    This is a fun track. Looks good too. Started practise yesterday to get a setup and it's pretty clear that you have to take the Low Aero package.
    Good fun flying down that long straight and then chucking it in that 4th gear righthander at the end. You can't afford to set your wings too high, or you will get eaten on the long straight.
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  4. Paul Anstey

    Paul Anstey Pro Driver Donator

    Sorry guys I can't make this race as it's Easter and I have to sit around entertaining my stupid guests. :rolleyes:. I may try and come up with an excuse to disappear for a couple of hours so please if you have an excuse I can use please post it here ;)
  5. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    1. You have to do your taxes, and Sunday is the last day to do it.
    2. You're not feeling well and need to lay down for a couple of hours
    3. You have a schooltest the next day and forgot all about it.

    Who's next :D
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  6. Oli Bateson

    Oli Bateson Pro Driver

    Hey guys - a question on set up for this race :)

    At Dijon I ran softs all race which were great for a few laps but I noticed a lot of vibration after that for a lot of the stint - anyone got any tips for reducing this?
  7. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    For me its usually meaning that I brake too hard and flatspot some tyre. Soften brakes works for me. Also have bad pedals so my brakes are usually in the 80-90% range.
    Ofcourse the braketemperature matters too. Might lock up if too cold or hot. And brakebalance...
    I would soften the braking for starters and try to find the line where brake in straight line as much as possible. I know its hard on some corners.
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  8. Oli Bateson

    Oli Bateson Pro Driver

    Thanks Toni - I did increase the brake pressure to 100% as I like to dial in my pedals to reduce lock up instead but will give it a try. Also, Im not really taking note of brake temp until I get a red warning light somewhere :) but maybe Im running too much tape
  9. Bill Grewcock

    Bill Grewcock Pro Driver Donator

    Some excuses for Paul:
    1. Need to go and water the lawn ( At night to avoid evaporation).
    2. Regular Sunday evening meditation ritual.
    3. Need 2 hours in a darkened room in order to relieve the boredom (ok, this is more of a reason than an excuse ;))
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  10. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    1 more excuse:

    You have joined a evul cult and have to participate in the ritual. Basic right of the civilized men in the civilized(?)world.
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  11. Karl Steeg

    Karl Steeg Pro Driver

    back to the real stuff...

    after this update my liveries are gone, i cant remake them
    after creating new driver, that driver option isnt displayed in car selection.

    any ideas??
  12. Eric Moinet

    Eric Moinet Pro Driver

    First idea: you can't have twice the same driver name for your team (even with different series, which doesn't make sense for online racing, but so be it).
    Maybe try to delete your old car files first and try again.
  13. Karl Steeg

    Karl Steeg Pro Driver

    Tried that. didnt make a difference:(

    cant even make a driver for a different car(as a Test)
  14. Jerry Chen

    Jerry Chen Pro Driver

    Did you just copy over your old .rcd file or did you make a new one using the "Create team" button using the in game showroom?

    The old .rcd won't work anymore, each time they update the cars the .veh filename in the .rcd changes.
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  15. Karl Steeg

    Karl Steeg Pro Driver

    same as last time, tried to create new one.

    something is ffffkkked up


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  16. Eric Moinet

    Eric Moinet Pro Driver

    I might be wrong but your picture shows a McLaren and there's no McLaren in this mod.
    Anyway, just a reminder of the process in case you've jumped one step:
    1- Create your car.dds and car_region.dds files
    2- Pick the first car in your make and go to Showroom
    3- Click CREATE DIR and copy your dds files in it.
    4- Hit RELOAD in Showroom and click CREATE (not CREATE DIR)
    5- Fill the form with: Driver Name ; Team Name ; Car Make Class #Number ; Number. Hit ACCEPT then BACK
    6- Select your car in the car list and go back in Showroom
    7- At that point you might want to use the regions facilities to make your skin wonderful or keep it simple with no other tweak.
    8- Either way, when you're finished hit RELOAD again, only once
    9- Hit RACE
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  17. Barrett Erickson

    Barrett Erickson Pro Driver

    Really love this track and especially this version. But...

    It's easter and the family always gathers for dinner at my mother's house. Same time the Q starts. So i have to unregister. Depressing.

    See you at Road Atlanta.
  18. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I'm the boss in my house, so I do whatever I like ... !!

    Daydream version for easter racing ... :
    "Oke, I'll have the bloody easter dinner you slaved over in the kitchen all day, but right after that I'm off to the computer for racing the rest of the night !!"

    Actual version for easter racing ... :
    "Honey ... you know I love you, right? Can I pleeeeease do a race after dinner. I'll rub your back and do the dishes when I'm done ... !!.
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  19. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    You think your the boss John we know different :)
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  20. Steve Olden

    Steve Olden Pro Driver

    I just tried to go on the server but get "package not available" ? I have the endurance pack & the track..any ideas whats wrong?

    *edit: sorted now..steam hadn't bothered to update my M8
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