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Discussion in 'G.E.A.R. Multiclass Endurance S2 - S397 Closed' started by John vd Geest, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Karl Steeg

    Karl Steeg Pro Driver

    yes, thanx for trying.
    the pic you see is when i tried to make a test livery for the mclaren, yes, gt3 not gte.

    no clue why.
    thanks thou
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  2. Karl Steeg

    Karl Steeg Pro Driver

    with all the issues with PC and RF2, im not doing tonights race.
    see you all at Petit Lemans
  3. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Live stream like - hopefully

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  4. Roberto Balli

    Roberto Balli Pro Driver

    Sorry Taner & Nigel
    I did a mistake :(
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  5. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Not a problem Roberto :)
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  6. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver

    Was doing ok. Tyres ok, fuel plenty and driving softly my race pace.
    I pitted and got stop and go.
    Got complicated but would have won this easily nevertheless. 12 seconds to Eric.
    Then something not so flunny happened. I got rammed on fast left right after pitstop by P2. Straight into my butt and it hurts still!
    Guess the driver of that car forgot to read the rules how he, as a faster class, should make a safe pass or lift if that is not possible.

    Then something else happened which i really dont want to comment here ( because @Ken Jagger would probably PM me again ;P )
    but protest it aswell.
    Very very disappointed of this race. Nevertheless i bit my lip and finished, after long repairs, with reduced speed and driveability.
    Just for the series sake i guess.

    But really want to congratulate @Eric MOINET for his win!
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  7. Kahel Grahf

    Kahel Grahf Pro Driver

    Really fun race this one, I was a bit unlucky with my drive through penalty and lucky at the same time that some of the fastest guys, in this race, spun out.
    The drive through was following my pitstop, I was pretty sure I didn't brake too late entering the pit, but I didn't practice at all, so I probably didn't brake at the right line.

    Pretty intense and fun finish... till next.

    PS: Don't forget to unregister if you can't make the next race or if you don't run for the championship leaderboard. :D Right now it looks like I'm in the red.
  8. Eric Moinet

    Eric Moinet Pro Driver

    O'magod o'magod o'magod ! That's a big surprise, especially seeing Toni going faster by one year a lap over me.
    First win here at SRO, and I think my career third, and obviously the best place for me and my team Mistral for a win. :)

    PS: Just seeing the replay, and I want to say that what happened to Toni is just unacceptable.
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  9. Neil Tasker

    Neil Tasker Administrator Staff Member Media Group SRO Team Member

    Bit of a strange race from me tonight, plenty of practice put in a felt i had average pace with a stqble set up, car felt good in opening laps and had a car i could push with, few silly mistakes running hards was not cool just couldnt get them warm enough to grip, this lead too 4 drive through penatlys for going wide, "not track cut" just and lots of silly spins stuck it out but was close to hitting the esc button,

    Must say noticed some poor driving from the p2 class tonight in a rush to get through traffic at all cost,
  10. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Average race for me on my own most of the race still fun though, And yes I agree some LMP2 cars are in to much of a hurry to get past some times you have to wait until it is safe for you and the car you are trying to overtake.
  11. Michał Mazurek

    Michał Mazurek Pro Driver SRO Team Member

    Pole Position: big surprise
    Race, also a big surprise; I think that only I can break the band on a track as wide as an airport. In addition, almost flawless breed
    One misunderstanding when redublling up, sorry my friend, we've done it wrong, I should be more patient.
    Well, congratulations to the winners.
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  12. Zac Bremner

    Zac Bremner Pro Driver

    Great race, so clean from my perspective although I did hear of some P2 foul play from the stream....regardless Roos and Chen were perfect competitors, shame I spun then overfuelled on my pitstop, next time lads :)
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  13. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

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  14. Jens Roos

    Jens Roos Pro Driver SRO Team Member

    Not really a greatest fan of this track but the race went pretty well :)

    Q: Manage a PB at final attempt and ended 3rd with small margin to 2nd and 4th after Michal doing a very fast final attempt.

    R: After the first laps the 3 in top got a little gap and Zac got close and passed so I went down to 4th. But all in top did mistakes and at one point I was in the lead for a few laps :). Had very good race with Carl where he was a bit faster but did a few mistakes so we changed positions several times during the race, great racing and fun.

    From my point fair clean racing with Kahel, Carl and Zac. Noted Jerry was on my tail waiting for the mistake, but did not happen in this race at least :D
    Maybe not always perfect, but both LMP passing and lapped cars worked rather well this time, but noted on stream there was some issues for others.

    When race was over I ended 3rd, satisfied result on pair with my pace on this track :)

    @Caitlin Penny, @Mac Shepherd
    Great work of the broadcasters covering the classes and commenting, really excellent!
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  15. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member

    If you signup for one class and then race in another class, you will cause problems when processing the race results. If you want to race in a different class than what you originally signed up for, you must unregister and then re-register in the proper class. If you race in a different class than what you sign up for, you risk being disqualified.
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  16. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Quali - Decent lap. Was on a better lap which would have gained me two positions, but got held up by a fellow GTE car (no issues, they were on quali lap also so no reason to yield)

    Race - Made a few silly errors early on and lost a couple of positions. Gained some positions back, then was a pretty lonely race for the second half.

    I must apologies to Taner for this embarrassing move (totally unintentional, but disappointed in myself when seeing it on the replay)

    Congrats to each of the winners.

    Thanks to Caitlin and Mac for the commentary, glad you got the stuttering issues sorted.

    And then there was 'that incident'. Didn't look good on the stream, and looked even worse on the replay. I'm sure the admins will be reviewing it :)
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  17. John vd Geest

    John vd Geest Administrator Staff Member SRO Team Member

    Just watched the full broadcast and there was certainly no lack of drama all across the 3 classes.
    Glad to see that Caitlin fixed the juddering issue with the stream. Once again, Caitlin and Mac did an excellent job of entertaining us with their high level of commentary.

    Q: got kicked from the server just as qual started, so had to sit that one out.
    R: I thought I had a good setup and racepace, but Eric's and Toni's were even better. I did my utmost to catch Eric in the second stint, but he was the faster driver and rightfully won the race after Toni dropped back.

    Big compliment to my GEAR teammate Kahel Grahf who won yet again. Solid display of racing skill (although he's in good company in that area with some other GTE driver).
    What a shame that Michal Mazurek had that incident, or he would have been right up there.
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  18. Oli Bateson

    Oli Bateson Pro Driver

    P/Q - not as much time as Id like to practice and get up to speed, toyed with lowest wing for a bit but decided it was too loose at the back so went with the second lowest setting for the race. Happy with my time though.
    R - managed to stay with the pack for a bit, gained and then lost some places. Bit of a hairy moment being unlapped by a GTE car going into the braking zone at turn 3 on lap 21 which felt a bit rough, but luckily no damage. Faster class cars seemed to be overtaking ok from what I saw - apologies to John for holding him up around lap 35, difficult fer me to get off line to let you past. For most of the race it was a bit lonely but I was happy with 7th again.

    Grats podiums!
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  19. Steve Olden

    Steve Olden Pro Driver

    not played rf2 for a while cos it didn't work too well with my new wheel. tried it again on sat and seemed to work ok, so signed up for the race. no time for much testing so I ran default setup (just added fuel)
    I saw there were 2 yellow LMP2 and 2 red lmp2 so I nipped out during warm up to change into a different livery to add a bit of variety. unfortunately that put me to the back of the grid. wasn't sure if I shoulds stay at the back or make my way thru. Saw another car moving forward thru the field so started doing same, but still not sure if I should be.. I came up behind a group of 3 prototypes so assumed I was in my 4th place..once the race started it was obvious they were Lmp3s so I was nowhere near the other Lmp2s. At least I got some overtaking action in early.
    I knew I wasn't on the pace of the others so didn't change tyres to try and limit my time in the pits , but watching the replay I was losing 25-30kph down the straight.
    Anyhoo I still had fun getting thru the traffic.
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  20. Oli Bateson

    Oli Bateson Pro Driver

    p.s. the broadcast feature on this site/series is a great addition. Listened to a bit of it and the commentators do a great job :)
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