rFactor 2 Round 5 Red Bull Ring

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  1. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Originally built in 1969 to replace the bland and bumpy Zeltweg Airfield circuit located just across the street, the Österreichring track was situated in the Styrian mountains and it was a spectacular, scenic and unique circuit. The track was very fast, every corner was a fast sweeper and was taken in no lower than 3rd gear in a 5-speed gearbox and 4th in a 6-speed gearbox. It had noticeable changes in elevation during the course of a lap, 65 metres from lowest to highest point. Like most fast circuits it was a hard circuit on engines but more difficult on tires, because of the speeds being so consistently high. Many considered the Österreichring to be dangerous, especially the Bosch Kurve, a 180-degree downhill right-hand corner with almost no run-off area which, by 1986 when turbos pushed Formula One engine power to upwards of 1,400 bhp (1,044 kW; 1,419 PS) in qualifying, saw Derek Warwick speed trapped at 344 km/h (214 mph) in his BMW powered Brabham BT55 on the run to the Bosch Kurve. There were other testing corners such as Voest-Hugel, which was a flat-out 180 mph right hander that eventually led to the 150 mph Sebring-Auspuff Kurve (this corner had many names over the years, Dr. Tiroch and Glatz Kurve were others) which was an essential corner to get right because of the long straight afterwards that led to the Bosch Kurve.

    Some of the track was just road with little to no protection at all, even up to the final Austrian Grand Prix there in 1987, a race that had to be restarted twice because of 2 progressively more serious accidents both caused by the narrow pit straight in a similar manner to the 1985 race when the race was stopped after one lap following a start line shunt that had taken out three cars including championship leader Michele Alboreto's Ferrari and local driver Gerhard Berger's Arrows-BMW. In practice for the 1987 race McLaren's Stefan Johansson narrowly avoided serious injury or worse when at over 150 mph he collided with a deer that had made its way onto the track while Johansson was cresting a blind brow before the Jochen Rindt Kurve behind the pits.

    Increasing speeds were also a concern at the Österreichring; during the final Grand Prix there in 1987 pole-sitter Nelson Piquet's time for the 5.942 km (3.692 mi) of 1:23.357 set an average speed record for the circuit of 159.457 mph (255.756 km/h). At the time it was second only in F1 average speed to Keke Rosberg's 160.9 mph (258.9 km/h) pole lap of the Silverstone Circuit set during the 1985 British Grand Prix. Both times were set using a turbocharged Williams-Honda.

    American driver Mark Donohue died after crashing at the Vost-Hugel Kurve in 1975. In 1976, the Vost-Hugel Kurve was tightened and made into one right hander rather than 2 right-handers with a small section between, and in 1977 it was slowed down and became the Hella-Licht chicane, going from the fastest to the slowest corner on the track. It is also known that four-times World Champion Alain Prost often said that all tracks can be changed but that the Österreichring should remain unchanged, just adding run-off areas would be fine, which eventually did happen up until the original track's final year in 1995. The track was known for having many crashes at the start of races (especially 6-foot-wide [1.8 m] Formula One cars at the Austrian Grand Prix) because the start–finish straight was very narrow (about 30 feet wide [9.1 m], while most start–finish straights on other tracks were 60 to 80 feet wide [18 to 24 m]) and it did not provide enough space for cars attempting to pass others, especially cars that stalled or broke at the start. Motorcycle rider Hans-Peter Klampfer died after a collision with another rider at the Bosch Kurve (where most fatalities happened) and 29-year-old Hannes Wustinger was also killed after a crash at the Tiroch Kurve (the part that was left out of the present circuit) at a race for the Austrian Touring car championship and this sealed the decision to build a new circuit.

    Triple World Champion and long time hero of the home crowd Niki Lauda is the only Austrian driver to win his home Grand Prix. He won the 1984 Austrian Grand Prix at the Österreichring driving a McLaren-TAG Porsche. Lauda went on to win his third and final championship in 1984, beating his teammate Alain Prost by the smallest margin in F1 history, only half a point. He announced his permanent retirement from driving at the circuit before the 1985 race.

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  2. Goncalo Brites

    Goncalo Brites Pro Driver

    Good afternoon, I injured a finger and I will not run in the last round I will leave the fight for the second place between Mike and Mário.
    Good luck and good race to everyone :)
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  3. Mark Hightree

    Mark Hightree Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Wow Goncalo! You raced with an injury! You are are a real professional sim racer :) I look forward to racing with you again in another series at SRO.

    I want to say Thank You to Doug who hosted this series. Doug puts in a lot of time at SRO to create new ideas and new series. If you are a RaceRoom fan, then check out the work he is doing to bring RaceRoom to SRO.

    It was a good series. Congrats to Rui for the Championship. Looking forward to racing you guys again. I had no issues with drivers in this series. You guys have been great. Thank you for the fun! :)
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  4. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Fun series for sure , we need more in that time slot ! Thanks Doug and everyone who showed up to make it happen !
    Finally had some great fights for the tail end positions , made it a lot of fun .. I also discovered a glitch with my breaks where they would spike and not return to 0 when lifting ,this killed me a few times on the long uphill :confused::oops:o_O lol I saw it on the replay , I wondered how I was so slow a few times when on the gas ! so I had to have a look , the replay reveled my breaks coming on while on the up hill' strait when I'm floored on the gas ..:rolleyes::mad::D
    Already started the cleaning process ….

    I will keep my eyes peeled looking forward to another flat 6 series !!
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  5. Sim Racing Online

    Sim Racing Online Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Review of the event shows the following drivers exceeding track limits at turn 7 (Rindt). The count only shows a maximum of 9 violations. Some drivers exceeded 9.

    Rui Santos - 9
    Mike Fertitta - 9
    Mário Serafim - 9
    Kevin Going - 5
    Nuno Leite Castro - 9
    Mark Hightree - 2
    Paulo Viegas - 3
    Rob Milliken - 9
    Gonçalo Brites - 6
    Miguel Soares - 3

    If we give 3 warnings and then a 5 second penalty for each violation after 3, how would that affect your final position? Drivers with 9 violations would receive a 30 second time penalty.
  6. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Okay boys and girls, you made it on Santa's naughty list.
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  7. Paulo Viegas

    Paulo Viegas Pro Driver

    Great race and great fight with Rob (I didn't had time to respond on chat... ;) ).
    I could have ended further, but two spins in T2 blew it all away. :(
    Thanks to SRO for organizing such good series.
    See you all on the next one.:)
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  8. Goncalo Brites

    Goncalo Brites Pro Driver

    I race for pleasure, it doesn't matter if I'm injured, I consider the RedBull ring race to be a victory because driving with one hand is not easy.

    I love driving here at SRO only spectacular people, I look forward to race in another series at SRO. If you need help to organize championships, to make a suggestion or to make some banners for the presentation of the championships I can help, I love driving here at SRO and I want the community to grow.
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  9. Caitlin Penny

    Caitlin Penny Pro Driver Media Group

    Hi there. The car feels very different this time. Has it been updated?
  10. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Last update was in April 2020
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  11. Caitlin Penny

    Caitlin Penny Pro Driver Media Group

    Strange. The setups have changed too. I'm sure I could put in less than 15 litres of fuel and could only do 11 clicks of wing before.
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