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rFactor 2 Round 5 Road Atlanta – into the night

Discussion in 'G.E.A.R. Multiclass Endurance S2 - S397 Closed' started by John vd Geest, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Jens Roos

    Jens Roos Pro Driver Donator

    You might need to update your veh ref in the rcd file, two valid:
    norma -> 2ULTIMATE1BFAD7C63.VEH
    oreca -> ORECA07PRE192BE062.VEH
  2. Johnny Gutierrez

    Johnny Gutierrez Pro Driver

    I might have to miss this race. Pedal problem. Brake pedal fluttering like crazy. I jiggle the wiring to the brake and it stops for about half an hour then comes back. Anyone with this problem? I made a video of my brake problem. I just purchased them in Feb. o_O

  3. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    Looks like load cell issue.
    Did the pedals came with spare?
    If yes, change it... and see what happens

    cluctch and gas are ok?
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
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  4. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    It does look like you have a hardware problem Johnny, but have you tried manually calibrating the pedals rather than relying on the auto-calibration? If you have I would send your video to Fanatec support.
  5. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

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  6. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    i think the v3 uses different load cell system, not sure.. i have a v1
    and it sure looks like load cell
  7. Johnny Gutierrez

    Johnny Gutierrez Pro Driver

    Thanks guys. I'll see what I can do. I'm going to take it apart and clean the contacts. I hope to race but if not, it was worth a try.
  8. Johnny Gutierrez

    Johnny Gutierrez Pro Driver

    Well, took the load cell out and clean/dusted it. Still the same issue but even worse now. Time to get them fixed with only 3 months under the belt.:(

    Now racing with my reliable G27 pedals. :D Watch me lock my brakes!
  9. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Happy :) you will be able to race Johnny.
  10. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Have you tried reinstalling the drivers @Johnny Gutierrez? With Fanatec I sometimes have strange issues like yours and up until now simply reinstalling the drivers and flashing (for the wheel) has always worked for me. Try it, it might work and it doesn't cost time or money;)
  11. Toni Talvitie

    Toni Talvitie Pro Driver Donator

    Note to self: dont buy fancy wheels.
    Seems unacceptable people have to fix their gear when its concided brand new like in Johnny's case.
    And what can be read, he is not alone :(
    My logitech driving force pro costed like 100euros and it was around 10 years ago.
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  12. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes Pro Driver

    Look, a load cell is not like a potentiometer or a sensor like the ones on the clutch and gas.
    You can't just clean it, it won't do any good

    10:1 it's the load cell
    I have used some.... and it's "normal" to have some that last 1 year and ones that last 1 month (my exprience)

    EDIT: sure, another logical explanation is the circuit board, but the first thing fanatec (or you) willl (should) check is the load cell
  13. Henri Miettinen

    Henri Miettinen Pro Driver Donator

    Fanatec is not known by reliability. I think if you contact fanatec, they will fix your pedal for free.
  14. Paulo Lima

    Paulo Lima Pro Driver

    short and narrow track, few spots to overtake.. 2x cars, lmp2 qualy should be separate
  15. Caitlin Penny

    Caitlin Penny Pro Driver Broadcaster

    Good luck, guys! Today's race will be broadcast here.
  16. Caitlin Penny

    Caitlin Penny Pro Driver Broadcaster

    I'm afraid the broadcast has been cancelled due to the strange juddery glitch returning. I'm so sorry.
  17. Mac Shepherd

    Mac Shepherd Pro Driver

    Never mind, we got the stream working:
  18. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams Pro Driver

    Well that was fun, while it lasted :(
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  19. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper Pro Driver Donator

    Sorry I had to stop, I had terrible frame stutter and screen tearing. Tried my best but as the sun started to set I was only seeing the corners in chunks and I was all over the place.

    Such a shame as it was good fun apart from being unable to see where I was going! lol

    Well done for everyone who made the show :)
  20. Nigel Middleton

    Nigel Middleton Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Started the race well after 15 or so minutes Didier spun which I got caught up in (no fault of his nothing he could do he was just a passenger after his spin) spent a couple of minutes in the pits.

    Carried on car did not feel the same so went in to the pits and retired.

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