Assetto Corsa Round 8 Zandvoort

Discussion in 'SimRacingHolland Audi TT Cup - Closed' started by Ken Jagger, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Server is up
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  2. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Zandvoort only has 18 Grid slots, so several driver entries have been unregistered from this race due to non-appearance at recent events. Their personal skins have been removed from the server config and replaced with five default skins for new entries for this final race.
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  3. Chris Hill

    Chris Hill Pro Driver

    Ken it looks like you have had a cull on Race 1 but not on Race 2. Will this matter?
  4. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Thanks Chris I'm on it. :)
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  5. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Pro Driver

    I think you can scrap hakan aslan as well. He has only driven the first two or three rounds. Makes another gridspot available
  6. Race 1

    Watch on youtube in HD, like and subscribe please...

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  7. Race 2
    Final race of the SRH Audi TT Cup!
    SRO Thanks for hosting the series and the good work @Ken Jagger

    Watch on youtube in HD, like and subscribe please...

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  8. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Pro Driver

    Pole position was rendered useless by another lousy start. Bart overtook me in the first corner.
    We had a very close battle for the lead with some rubbin here and there which is almost impossible to avoid at Zandvoort
    and halfway the race I was finally able to make the overtakingmove stick. After that I could control the race and bring it on home.
    Race2 did not went so great as I barely avoid Phillip who got spun around but further up the road Jacopo and Frans collided and I was unable to avoid Jacopo.
    Luckily I was able to keep the car out of the wall so more damage was avoided.
    After that I was almost last but managed to climb back up to fourth with a nice battle with Chris for that position.

    I want to thank everyone who participated almost every round for their dedication.
    Except for Hockenheim we always had a solid turnup of at least 13 drivers! :cool:

    Congrats to SimracingHolland for taking the teamchampionship.

    Hope to see you all at the Mazdacup!


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  9. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    Thanks Frans, I also would like thank you and the other competitors. The most of the time it was fun to compete with you.

    To my races, race one was very good, after though races in Spa and Silverstone this one was far better. Best qualifying result with P 6. I also finished which was a bit fortunate, because Andrew was on the verge of passing me but edge ever closer and we touched. I could catch the car but hit him again and as he result he lost his advantage. Looked a bit dirty but it was not on purpose. Probably I should had been a bit more careful because that was close to end in tears for both of us. After that Andrew overcooked it in one of the fast right bends. I was in control until Stefano really pressured me and tried a late attempt in the last lap. That resulted in the showed drift
    But changed nothing at the result. Good fight, also thanks @Pasha Paterson for the awesome liverly, was a pleasure to drive it.

    As I said after the race, I used all my luck in race one and karma faught back. Simon spun me arround, so the mayhem behind was out of my control. At least the car was stil ok to drive and I could continue. Soon I was behind Ken and Jacopo with Frans and Tim pressuring me. I was really worried that could end up in tears. It nearly happend that way, Frans got beside me and I thought we should make the turn side by side. But Frans hit the inside curb and send me rallying. No harm done, he had actually the position and I was almost happy that I had not to fight with Tim. Nothing against you, but my trust in the fast guys in general was very limited at that time.
    In the end I overtook Jacopo and Ken, nice fight as always and finished eight. Which was the place I expected to finish race 2.
    At some way I never understood the reversed grid races, they caused more "pain" than fun.

    For the last race I made a little highlight video for race two.

    See you hopefully in the future.
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  10. Karl Steeg

    Karl Steeg Pro Driver

    Big thank you to @Ken Jagger , @Frans van der Linden and SimRacingHolland for making this Audi TT Cup what it was.
    i was'nt able to do most races as thursdays are busy days, but when in town or home in time its great fun.

    thank you for hosting this series.
    id love to do it again aswel as race with SimRacingHolland .

    many thanks
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  11. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Pro Driver

    Accidents can always happen. However I do think that there should be paid more attention to the rule of punting which says to wait for the driver you hit or take a drive through. It is very rarely I see a driver do this, not only in this series. Maybe a steward who watches the race afterwards and gives time penalties or sthing like that may help, but I can imagine it to be timeconsuming as well.
    I can sense your frustration very much.
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  12. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    I agree with you, errors and accidents can respective will always happen. Myself included, so I have no hard feeling with anybody here.
    But the thing what frustrated me, especially in this series, were incidents with cars/drivers who were clearly faster than me. And on the one hand it was not always their fault and on the other hand I can imagine that passing/following a slower driver is not easy. In addtion I always feared with one of you behind me, that a little mistake or a missed apex will lead automatically into a crash. So I never enjoyed it or even tried to fight with a defensive line. Still I could not prevent that needless things from happen. Needless because I would have lost the postion at any case. So as with Simon today and it would not "repaired" it if he had waited, likely that would have caused even more mayhem. That is what I mean, so I´m not a fan of forcing a "duel" beweteen cars with a big speed difference. That would be probably the same if I would be faster, but that is only my opinion and if others like it, why should the organisators change it.

    And there is a possibility to file a protest, which will bring a "steward" into play but I don´t think it is necessary here.
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  13. Andrew Stringer

    Andrew Stringer Pro Driver

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed my short time racing with you guys, having only been around for the past 2 events.

    I've not had as much time as I'd like to get comfortable with the car and tracks and I know I have more to give performance wise in the next series, but still mighty enjoyable racing!

    As for last night, I apologise to anyone I clattered into on the first lap of Race 1. The total practice time of about 15mins was definitely showing lol, and the coming together with Phil later on on that lap was a fitting way to end any hopes of moving up the order (If you've got a replay of that Phil I would be intrigued to know what happened as I haven't a clue haha!). Damage from then on and a steering wheel at 30 degrees to go in a straight line meant 8th was the best I could achieve, but this lined me up well for race 2, so I wasn't too disappointed.

    A good get away saw me leading for the first few laps, but it wasn't long before Bart had realed me in. Having made the pass, I foolishly thought I could attempt a retake out of the left-hand hairpin, but my attempt very nearly ended my race with a scary off-road excursion, all my own fault. From then on a could see Simon edging ever closer until finally he made a move stick, but I managed to wrestle it back off him during the next lap, much to my delight (really great considerate driving Simon!). Unfortunately, a cheeky nudge coming out of the long left-hand hairpin at the end of the last lap sent me grass-bound to a 3rd place finish, but still better than I expected going into the race without any preparation.

    All in all, two podiums from my first two events has made me hungry for more and you can count on seeing me out on track in the future. I'd like to thank the organisers for running such a professional show, and everyone for making me feel welcome to this league.

    Hope to race with you all again soon!
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  14. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Pro Driver

    you are really fast for not having had any practise time!
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  15. Jacopo Zaninelli

    Jacopo Zaninelli Pro Driver

    thank you everyone for my first championship in simracing! See you soon.
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  16. Philipp Pichler

    Philipp Pichler Pro Driver

    I have the replay but I´m on vacation now, therefore I could first sent it to you in one week time. Maybe somebody else could help you faster?

    Or did you ask for a description, then to add more detail on the snippet above, after our first hit I corrected to avoid the gras or maybe I over corrected, in the end it resulted in a second hit which was unfortunately to the back end to your car.
  17. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    The Race 1 replay has been uploaded to SRO Resources and a link added as usual to the race page

    Requests for replays can be made to the organising SRO Admin. We do not automatically upload all race replays, only those requested.
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  18. Simon Pike

    Simon Pike Pro Driver

    Philipp sorry for the delay in post had real life matters to attend to , I would like to appologise for clipping you in turn one ,I was following one of the SRH cars Frans I think and when you quite rightly took your position behind him it appeared that you slowed as I was starting to accelarate I did lift but could not brake in time with all that was going on into that turn I hope you can forgive me for that.:oops:

    Had an awsome battle with Andrew got a feeling not the last;) really great chapionship Thanks Ken and everybody :)
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