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    Entry Applications
    Drivers/Team entries will be accepted based on their SRO racing.
    The following list of criteria will reviewed:

    • Previous league attendance/dedication
    • You must be a Premium Driver
    • Previous single event attendance/dedication (if no you have no league history)
    • Previous warnings/penalties

    Drivers/Teams who do not hold the above criteria may also apply to enter the league. You will be the next priority and will be placed on a first come, first served "Fresh Racer"/ "Fresh Team" list, although bear in mind more investigating will be required and sign ups may be rejected.

    Test Races:
    There will be one test round for this league. This will done to test that all the skins for the event are working. The test race be a 90 minute event. It is not a race. Each driver must complete the test event.

    There will be a test server up 5 days before each event.

    • 3 or more absence reports may result with you being removed and replaced in the league.
    • You may report future absences for the league in the "absences" thread.
    • We understand real life issues or emergencies may occur and leave you no time to report an absence. If this is the case, you are promptly required to send a personal PM/Conversation to your league staff member with the form made available in the absence report thread, stating a detailed reason for the absence.
    • Absence reports will be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result in you being refused entry into future leagues.

    Additional On-Track Rules

    Track Boundary Rules
    Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt:
    (a) the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track, Kerbs are not part of the track. Run-offs my be used if your league admin says so in the race tread.
    (b) drivers must have a minimum of 2 wheels on the track at all times.
    (c) Running beyond the track boundaries may entail the imposition of penalties up to and including the exclusion of any driver concerned.

    ATTENTION - Off-track excursions will not be GLOBALLY monitored, if you feel another driver is gaining an unfair advantage by going outside of the track boundary, please send a report.
    The race director may impose a penalty on any competitor considered to have obtained an unfair advantage (whether inadvertently or not) in a race. The penalty may be imposed after the race has finished.

    Overtaking, according to the circumstances, may be carried out either on the right or on the left. However, manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as more than one change of direction to defend a position, deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are strictly prohibited.

    The leading driver can choose his line up until the driver behind brings A SIGNIFICANT PART OF HIS CAR alongside the leading car: the overtaking driver must have his front wheel ahead of the rear wheel of the leading car. At that moment BOTH drivers must give each other 'space to race'. Remember you can only move to defend your position only ONCE.

    Blue flags need only be respected when it concerns two cars of the same class. The slower car may ignore a blue flag issued over an approaching faster car from a different class. Both cars are still encouraged to facilitate inter-class overtaking.

    The race director may impose a penalty on any competitor found to have made manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers. The penalty may be imposed after the race has finished.

    Race Discipline
    Each of the following is a breach of these Regulations and will lead to disciplinary action being taken.

    Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety.

    Misbehaviour or Unfair Practice.

    The race director may impose a penalty on any competitor found to be in breach of these regulations. The penalty may be imposed after the race has finished.

    Penalties & Explanations
    Any penalties handed during the season shall be posted in the "Penalties" tread in the league area. All drivers must read this thread before any round.

    A range of penalties can be imposed against offending drivers these include:
    • Drive through penalty.
    • Stop & Go.
    • Points deductions (includes team points).
    • Relegation from qualifying at the following event.
    • Exclusion from the race and/or round results.
    • Suspension from the next round.
    • Suspension from the league.
    • Exclusion from the league.

    Helping directors enforce driver discipline is down to you, the drivers.

    Reporting an incident is easy. Send a PM to your league admin, including a time stamp and the name of the offending driver. or during an event speaking to race "Race Control"

    Standard SRO Racing rules also apply, found HERE.

    By signing up for the league, you agree to all of these conditions and understand that (following an announcement) the league rules and penalties may change at any time.
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