S2-R2 GT World Hungaroring (Sprint)

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Europe' started by Doug Dezan, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Outline of the GT World Hungaroring

    30 minute race, in-game start time TBA

    The GTR3 class is the most densely populated car class in RaceRoom to date, spanning a wide variety of exciting racecar models from around the globe. All on a level playing field, all capable of taking the win with the right driver at the wheel and all equally capable of biting you if you get it wrong. This pack contains a amount of liveries across the 18 unique car models from Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, McLaren, Mercedes, Nissan and Porsche.

    Located in a natural valley in the Hungarian countryside, this track is fantastic for both spectators and drivers. The 4 km's of tarmac is quite varied and presents ample overtaking opportunities. Side by side racing action is the norm here.

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  2. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    leader board asset 2.png
    Link to live Practice Leaderboard

    Practicing with other drivers is fun and competitive on its own and there is not always someone on the dedi-server the same time as you or maybe the server isn't up yet. Here with RaceRoom Racing you can join the SRO leaderboard and set a best lap for others to practice against or you against their ghost car.

    Good Luck and may the fastest be with you
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  3. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Mon Apr 05, 2021 - 17:15 GT World Hungaroring 30 Minutes
    Server settings
    Difficulty: Custom
    Fuel Usage: X2
    Tyre Wear: X2
    Damage: Limited
    Qualifying: Unlimited laps, open session
    Formation Lap: No
    Type of Start: Standing
    Time Scale: Normal
    Fixed Setups: No
    Flag Rules: None
    Cut Rules Penalties: N/A
    Mandatory Pitstop: Off
    Automatic Clutch: Allowed
    Automatic Gears: Not Allowed
    Game Time: Variable
    Weather: Variable

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  4. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    The server is counting down to race time. Remember that there has been a time change for some and others not. The Qualifying Session starts at 17:00 GMT and Race Time is 17:15 GMT. Check your local time to see what time is your race time if there is a change.

    This is a short race and there is no pit stop for fuel other then if you need to go in for other reasons.

    Good Luck and see you on the track.
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  5. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    What???? The banner says 18:15 GMT so was aiming at 7pm UK time?
  6. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Sorry, I forgot to change the event thread ones .. But this was posted a couple posts above
  7. Björn Johansson

    Björn Johansson Pro Driver Donator

    Hi All
    Congrats to all podium players great pace, and Ken :cool: you make GM proud
    and me, as one old Chevrolet owner . Must try it once :D
    Still learning the Audi couldn´t really control it today :oops::confused:
    This time can´t blame lower back pain only to bad driving :(:(:(
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  8. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    Enjoyed that, there is just no let up around that track. Once i made some guesses at the setup it was a nice car to drive but definately more time to be found if i had time. Thought the tyres would have gone significantly being down around 20-30% wear and clearly others were struggling in the Porsche towards the end, but found the Audi to have equal wear and didn't bite!

    Shame Bjorn hit the barrier at the last corner as i then drove into the back of him; hard to look through the A-pillar! Car wasnt too damaged but couldnt close the gap down to those ahead.
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  9. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    That was a great, AWESOME run. You guys are great.

    Hey I made this video to promote SRO eSports Team for RaceRoom Competitions. Tell me what you think because I want to as a trailer for the SRO eSports Team Driver Recruitment thingy I am planning, Also more in the evil mind of mine for next winter. :D

    Great race!

    PS, I saw your blooper in to the pit wall barrier Björn Johansson Pro Driver... :rolleyes:
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  10. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    A nice little video Doug, which should work as a promo. :)
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  11. Björn Johansson

    Björn Johansson Pro Driver Donator

    Thanks for not sharing that ;)

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