S2-R3 GT World Spa Francorchamps (Endurance)

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Europe' started by Doug Dezan, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Outline of the GT World Spa Francorchamps
    90 minute race, in-game start time noon
    Date Mon. Apr.19, 2021
    Race Time GMT 17:15
    Qualify GMT 17:00

    The GTR3 class is the most densely populated car class in RaceRoom to date, spanning a wide variety of exciting racecar models from around the globe. All on a level playing field, all capable of taking the win with the right driver at the wheel and all equally capable of biting you if you get it wrong. This pack contains a amount of liveries across the 18 unique car models from Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, McLaren, Mercedes, Nissan and Porsche.

    Spa-Francorchamps holds a special place in the hearts of most racing fans, and with good reason since nothing really compares. It is a historic crown jewel of motorsports and will test the mettle and skill of any race driver, especially through the single most famous corner in motorsports, famed Eau Rouge. Virtual or real, this corner will test your resolve and the setup of your car.

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  2. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    leader board asset 2.png
    Link to live Practice Leaderboard

    Practicing with other drivers is fun and competitive on its own and there is not always someone on the dedi-server the same time as you or maybe the server isn't up yet. Here with RaceRoom Racing you can join the SRO leaderboard and set a best lap for others to practice against or you against their ghost car.

    Good Luck and may the fastest be with you
  3. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    Have to go into work on monday and so might not be back in time.

    Do you guys notice there is no actual reference to the date of when this? I had to doub;e check in the other thread.
  4. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    Are tires and fuel consumption x1?
  5. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Spa Briefing

    Server settings for Spa Event
    Difficulty: Custom
    Fuel Usage: X2
    Tyre Wear: X2
    Damage: Limited
    Qualifying: Unlimited laps, open session
    Formation Lap: No
    Type of Start: Standing
    Time Scale: Normal (Exception :Spa ? I will check how this works today to simulate 6 hours.)
    Fixed Setups: No
    Flag Rules: Visual Only
    Cut Rules Penalties: None
    Mandatory Pitstop: One pit stop with all 4 tires plus fuel.
    Automatic Clutch: Allowed
    Automatic Gears: Not Allowed
    Game Time: Variable
    Weather: Variable
    Practice your Pit-stops!

    Sorry for late briefing, my internet cap was busted because I installed Dirt Rally 2and just got my data back today,
    Tires and Fuel are X2,
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  6. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Sorry about that.
  7. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Outline of the S2-R3 GT World Spa-Francorchamps (Endurance)
    90 minute race, in-game start time noon
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  8. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I have found the settings for a 6 hour simulated daytime lighting. The race in game time is 13:00 to 19:00 hour. It doesn't get dark and no headlights is needed. Expect track temperatures to vary during the race.
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  9. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    So i make it that its 2 stops needed then? I will need 300L in total.

    You can preset the first stop, trying to set the other while driving will be fun!
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  10. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Time Scale: Custom (Spa simulate 6 hours. 13:00 to 19:00 hrs track time)
    Mandatory Pitstop: One pit stop with all 4 tires plus fuel.

    Practice your Pit-stops!

    • Pit stop presets, don't forget to activate them. :D
    • Mandatory pitstop is not set by game. You must strategically do it on your own.
  11. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Mandatory Pitstop is after the first 15 minutes and before the last 15 minutes of the race.

    Reason I shut off Mandatory in game pitstop is because it may get complicated for drivers still struggling with pit stops. This way no one will get DQ.

    Remember 4 tires and fuel for mandatory pitstop or you will be penalized after the race two positions
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  12. Doug Dezan

    Doug Dezan Administrator Staff Member Donator

    I have 7 pit stop presets for my drive in this event. It is a good idea to do this to get through the pits faster and less complicated. I always have repairs on except for the fuel splash.
    Remember to set up your buttons in the assignment to switch which pit stop preset you choose. You must have your selection made before you cross the pit entrance line.

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  13. Björn Johansson

    Björn Johansson Pro Driver Donator

    Congrats to Ken for the win and also Tanner real good pace both off you.
    Mark was also fast, try to hang on to him , when I had one off my many driving
    error :(:mad:. They where to many to count yesterday:oops::oops:

    Qual :p1 was a bit unexpected but nice too see the Audi could be fast.

    Race : My main error was when I did a second pit strategy , and forgot to clearify with
    the green. And going in pit behind Mark I just waited and nothing happend, and then I
    understood and try to fible in pit could get them to change one set off tyre, thats all and
    with only 10 l left I had to go in once more. Well some day I hope to do a clear Pit Stop :rolleyes:

    Thanks to admins for all the fun
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  14. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    It was really hard to behaive the car all race and at the same time to push to chase Ken. I did early pits to get advantage of fresh tires but I lost much time especially in first pit that I did not settle the car right in the pit box. That made the gap over 15 s. The last pit stop was ok but Ken earned 20 s I dont know how he managed, probably he will clear my curious.
    Last stint I was behind 36 s. Pushed the car everylap with solid pace, decresed under 10s through last 3 laps then I noticed fuel was not enough. Grrrr, again consecutive 2 race. I got easy on throttle just to finish the race with zero fuel.
    Congatulations to all challanging in the race. Well done Ken, was awesome pace.
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  15. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Well despite testing the pit stop procedure and configuring my presets correctly, at the 2nd stop somehow I contrived to only get fuel and not tyres, which is where the 20 secs Taner asked about came from. With 30 mins or so still to run I decided to take a chance and not stop again for tyres, but I couldn't maintain the faster pace from the first two segments of the race. Fortunately although the gap was coming down to Taner, I was constantly trying to calculate whether he would catch me or not and my luck was in this time.

    With 10 laps or so to go, I saw both the default and R3E Otterhud overlay I use were both either flashing or showing 0% on the tyre wear :eek: but the car didn't feel like it was about to go off track, so I continued with crossed fingers and took it a bit easier. Maybe the racing Gods were looking down on me fondly, as I survived to the flag with all tyres showing zero!

    The first segment of the race was the toughest with Taner breathing down my neck for the first 10+ laps or so until I managed to break away a little and work on consistent rather than fast laps. I then focussed on getting the first stop done cleanly as much as possible (unlike the 2nd one :confused::mad:) and came out with about 15 secs advantage, so good enough to keep my concentration steady for the 2nd segment.

    I'm not sure what happened to Doug, maybe a disconx, or Mark?
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  16. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    You got no tire change? :O 2 sitnts with 1 set? If so, you are magician on tires : ) jealous :D well done my friend.
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  17. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    I just dont know what it is with Raceroom. Its the worse looking game out there but runs horribly or the cockpit view in triple screen just doesnt look right.

    Driving Spa was a strange thing Almost like i was completely divorced from the driving experience! I can only describe it as being like low frame rate, with a slightly delay to everything. Plus Cockpit view felt so slow even compared to ACC.

    Anyway.... I've been overdoing racing a bit since getting my rig a couple of months ago. Maybe its because its a different seating position but my left shoulder is getting quite painful. Felt ok after saturday nights race but on sunday the temptation was too great; Audi at Brands GP in ACC but the FFB and the nature of the track with the sudden, sharp corners just irritated things more.

    So... My shoulder was just getting more and more painful after the first stop and lapping on my own wasnt much fun. Sorry.
  18. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    Check your arms position against wheel. I dont expect shoulder aches/injures up to sim but position and how much you make busy front deltoids. But If you want stay out of pain, suggest you some push ups to set your arms little bit ahed of your shoulders on the ground 1 hour before the race, 3 sets max. This make them warm and stronger for any issue during race even your wheel reaction gains.
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  19. Ken Jagger

    Ken Jagger Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Sorry to hear about both your issues Mark. Hopefully you can get them resolved soon.
  20. Björn Johansson

    Björn Johansson Pro Driver Donator

    Sorry to hear about you´r issues Mark :(
    I know how the feeling , when all is so much fun you just like to go on and on.
    I also "overdrive" my self for 6 months off nearly 24/7 sim racing.

    About RRE can´t say that I agree with you , but I only got one screen so that could be the case.

    I have some problem with the Audi and my driving style:rolleyes: seems that I some time can have the car
    at a near stand still across the track, and no way off save it then.

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