Assetto Corsa SEAT LEON World Tour Round 4 Post race reports & screens

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  1. Rob Milliken

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  2. Roy Cop

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    So today it was time for race 4 of the series. Seeing how close this series is I had to perform again to still be in with a chance knowing that Nick is blindingly fast at times. Only due to real life I did not have the time to do a lot of practise so I was a bit nervous. But then I came into practise with a lot of you guys online and was able to set a quick time. Despite me thinking Nick was sandbaggin' I was sort of releaved my time wasn't all that bad.
    Qualy time. I figured I would qualify 3rd behind Nassim Alaoui and Nick. To my surprise I qualified 2nd.

    Race 1
    Having the outside line for turn 1 I was thinking of being very carefull thinking that 2nd or 3rd after the first lap is better than last. As luck would have it Nassim seemed to mis a gear or had some wheelspin of the line. I got a clear run into turn 1. Concentrating on setting a good, clean and fast first lap I did not look in the mirrors to see what was happening behind me. If someone got close, Helicorsa would warn me. So on the first few laps I got a lead gap of about 2 seconds. Not to bad you would think, except I made a stupid mistake lap 10 or 11 which had Nassim close the gap on me. Not to much later he tried a pass on me but I had him on the outside. We were side by side for 3 or 4 corners and he eventualy had to consede and slot in behind me again. Great clean racing! So I kept him behind me for the next few laps. I saw Nick must have had a problem because he was a good few positions behind me. Seeing that I decided not to take any risks in defending the position. Having said that, when the pass came it was executed to perfection. Forcing me defensive and then doing the switch-back for the pass. Great move by Nassim! From then on I was going for a safe 2nd place. I was happy with that.

    Race 2
    Reversed grid... I do and don't like those. Its good for racing, but having to fight through the field is nerve wracking at times. Nick, who as you all know I see as a real series contender, had a front row start for this one so in my view he was almost sure to win. I had to do damage control and try to finish as high as possible. Again I decided to take the start easy and be very carefull not to get tangled in any of the first lap race incidents. So I braked early for the first corner, but no incident. Nice, but not good for my race :p Only then a few corners later someone lost it having others trying to avoid him including me. 2 corners later an other went wide and off track. The guy following him lifted off and so did I. However having a better view on where the car was I was able to get on the gas that bit earlier getting along side him on the next corner. Then when I came on the straight I saw I was 3rd, Larry 2nd and Nick 1st. They were however 5 seconds ahead. 3rd, not to bad I tought. But being the person I am I wanted to atleast try to close the gap. So slowly I got closer to both when Larry skidded his car giving me a clear pass. Only 2.5 sec to Nick. Being a bit faster than him on this track I figured getting close was not the issue, getting past is a whole other thing. But Nassim was on my tail again. Driving for the championship I was being carefull not to lose to many points to Nick. Back to defensive driving. But that made me lose time to Nick. I saw Nassim was going for the same move he pulled on me in the 1st race so I didn't fight him to be safe. We managed to get close to Nick. Positions at that time Nick 1st, Nassim 2nd, me 3rd. All within 1 second of eachother with 1 minute on the clock. Then on turn 4 (last lap) Nassim and Nick came together. With both of them spinning I managed to avoid them both. Suddenly I was in 1st :eek: Got back on the gass, but immediately lifted again. I did not want to win that way. Didn't feel right. Looked at the timing to see if there was a way to let nick have the win while I kept 2nd. But he and Nassim were to close to risk the loss of position. So I won this one; and although I did nothing wrong it doesn't feel right. Nick 2nd, Nassim 3rd.

    I have to say that I had a couple of great races today. Can't wait for the next one.

    And as always, I have the replays if anyone needs them.
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  3. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    BTW guys, i'm sorry if my race reports are always taken from my point of view. But that's the view I have while racing.
    And it would be nice to see more of these reports
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  4. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Do not be sorry Roy. Nice write up. Keep them coming.

    And yes, if you could put on line your replays that would be nice;)
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  5. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Had a lot of problems with this track. I just couldn't be consistent.

    RACE 1
    Theoretically with qualifying fourth I should have been alright for the first race. Also, going by what I know of the other drivers, a fourth place should have been possible.
    But no, it was not to be! So with mistake after mistake I ended up pretty well at the wrong end of the field.

    RACE 2
    Because of all my misfortunes in the first race I was starting the second race at the good end. So all I had to do was to drive carefully, be consistent and I figured I would be alright for a fourth place. Started well, carefully, with no problems. After things settled down a bit I saw that Nick was first, I was second and Roy was quite a bit behind but reeling me in. I am no way at Roy's level so I was not going to fight. No problem, fourth was my goal. And then it happened, a mistake for no reason. Me and this track are certainly not friends! Mr Inconsistant was back. Roy passed, as he would have anyway later on, and then I just continued going from bad to worse and once again finished near the back.

    Oh well, can't win them all. (But I would like to win one)
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  6. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

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  7. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Half season, and the standing show that its going to be a hard fight for 1st and 3rd.
    1st looks like its going to be between Roy and Nick as I expected from the start. Both fast and clean racers.
    3rd looks like its going to be a 4way fight. Larry, Flaviu, Rob and Roger. They are separated by only 14 points. This is going to be a fight worth following!

    This series is shaping up te be a great one! We are having an average of 10+ drivers for each race.
    Thanks to SRO for organising this
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  8. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Well waited until I had the Race 1 replay to see what had happened...

    Made my own mess really, usual safe start to be up there, then got a cut penalty by oversteering on Turn 1 and nearly hitting the inside barrier, had done that a few times in practice and no warning (not that that was any better than staying on track due to the kerb throwing you about) so that stuffed the early position.Then I guess I must have sped into the pits as I got another penalty.

    Knew it was then a case of damage limitation and try to get places back but everyone seemed to be faster round here and picking people off was not as simple as previously. Had a good battle with Larry which unfortunately ended when we both got wiped off track from behind. With Roy doing so well I really didn't need that.

    But for Race 2 I was second on the grid, and hoped that Roy and Nassim would struggle to get past. Not the case and slowly but surely they were catching me in 2nd and 3rd. With one lap left I thought I had just enough to hold them off, moreso Roy given the positions. However calamity struck as Nassim punted me round on the final lap, allowing Roy past. Fair enough he waited to give me the place back, but damage was done by that point. Thanks to Roy who would have let me back past if it had been possible, a fine gesture but not to be.

    So that as really had an effect, and was the kind of Race evening neither of us could afford. I can but hope Roy has trouble soon, but could well be the deciding round of the series.

    Obviously no one wants to have contact, but these have really had a massive impact this time.
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  9. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Wondered how it was that you got behind me!

    Unfortunate indeed!
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  10. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver

    Yep, I'm glad I don't give up after Bridgedhampton. First two races was pretty bad for me. Now I'm getting used with the car and things goes in the right direction.
    R1 - I qualy in a very good position (for me :)) 4 th and at start I gain one position. @Nick Phillips I hope it wasn't my fault your penalty. At start we had a little touch, I went two wheels on grass and maybe I pull a little to hard to right to come back. With Nick at almost one second I didn't feel comfortable at all and in the first couple of laps I go as hard I could to keep a safe distance from him. After Nick took his penalty with Rob at 4-5 sec behind it was just a race of keeping position and careful driving. Mission accomplished and finished 3rd.
    R2 - Finishing on podium in R1 is good until R2 star and find yourself at the back of the grid :eek:.
    At the start I was careful and in the first couple of laps I took it easy, didn't want to ruin any other race, the two fastest guys from back Alaoui and Roy or my team mate Rob in front. After few laps with Alaoui and Roy passed I had Scott pressing me at under 0.5 sec until he made a mistake and lose almost 7 sec. living Mateusz at 4 sec. behind me.
    From now for several laps I had a very intense race with Rob until he also made a mistake and allowed me to pass. After this mistake Rob start to gain time and soon he was at 0.4 sec than, another mistake give me 2 sec advance. From now, again, it was just about driving safe and keep this advance. I must thank you to Larry for his careful driving. And also I want to ask you guys (with more experience and knowledges) to watch R2 replay between 8:56-9:02 and tell me if my move on T1 was OK or not.
    Thank you all for a good race and also SRO staff for all the work !!!!
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  11. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    If you mean the turn in on corner 1 with the other car trying to pass you, then yes. Your move was OK. You were still ahead of the car that was trying to pass you. If he had been beside you then it would not be ok. So good defending
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  12. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver

    Thank you very much Roy. I still have some trouble judging this kind of situations. :confused:
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  13. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    That's the problem while racing. You have to make split decisions. Sometimes one makes the right one, sometimes the wrong one. The rate of making the right decisions goes up with experience, but even then it sometimes goes wrong :confused: And like I said in another thread, if it went wrong, apologise, do what needs to be done and if need be take the penalty.

    Its a good sign that you doubted the move was correct. Good attitude.
    That's why I always look at the replay to see where I could have reacted differently if need be. And on top of that, its always nice to replay good moves you made during the race ;)

    Haha, listen to me talking like I'm Michael Schumacher :D
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  14. Nassim Alaoui

    Nassim Alaoui Pro Driver

    Thar was one of the best reports I readed so far . Great Driver and also very Wise choice of words . I do not know what to say else , well done brother .
    Looking for replays too . I wanna watch that fight again , so intense !
  15. Nassim Alaoui

    Nassim Alaoui Pro Driver

    Yes phillips , got a bit greedy to get that 1st place but I didn't take my chance very well causing to hit you , but that's not how I gain position so my dignity comes first , I had to give you your place back and take it clean if possible but after I thought about it , 2nd place could've got me to win but silly me was hungry for a win :oops: , well done everyone and thanks SRO for giving me a chance to race with such respectful drivers .
  16. Nassim Alaoui

    Nassim Alaoui Pro Driver

    & i have a little montage if anyone is intersted in what was happening in the front :)
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  17. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Nassim, in your video I saw all the cars other than yours are white. This means you don't have the skinpack installed. You can download it at the download section.

    Nice video BTW
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  18. Nassim Alaoui

    Nassim Alaoui Pro Driver

    Yep , didn't know there was a skinpack , no wonder all cars looked the same to me :D .
    Glad you liked the video .

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