Assetto Corsa SEAT LEON World Tour Round 7 Race Reports & Screens

Discussion in 'Seat Leon World Tour Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Rob Milliken

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    Have your say !
    Round 7 Replay uploaded to the Championship event page's ...
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  2. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Let me state by saying that this again was a great race! Well done all!

    So on the race report as seen from my point of view.
    There were 9 drivers logged in for the qualies. Somehow everyone was setting fast times today. Nick set pole with a reasonable time. John Bayes took 2nd, Roy 3rd and Flaviu who clearly was having a fast day took 4th.

    Race 1;
    While preparing for the start John Bayes disappeared from the grid. Not sure what was going on there. Red lights on, Red lights OFF! And of we went. I had a slightly better start than Nick which had me slowly closing in on him coming up to the frist corner. Closed the gap completely by turn 3, but I had the outside line. So I gave Nick the racing line and he gave me enough room to take the corner without pushing me on the grass. I followed him as close as I could for the rest of the lap capitalising on the last part of the track where I was just a little faster than him to get past. Did so on the last corner 1lap. I would advise everyone to have a look at the 1st lap replay of this fight for the lead. This what racing is supposed to be, mutual respect and trying to pass while giving each other enough room to race. At the end of the straight I saw Flaviu was trying to pass Nick which gave me an opportunity to build a gap between us. The next 10 laps or so where very uneventfull for me. Just doing the laps trying to be as consistent as could be. Then from lap 10 my times suddenly dropped off. Lack off concentration I think (not good). Nick took the opportunity to close the gap on me. Going into the last lap he was real close on my tail and was trying to use the slipstream to get by. I had to go defensive which had me missing the breakpoint for the first corner. Rookie mistake. Nick got by and I just didn't have the pace to get close to him again. As far as I could see Flaviu, who was really having a good day, was in 3rd. And that's how we finished. Looks like it was a good and incident free race for all.

    Race 2;
    Now since we use a reversed grid for race 2 in this series, normally Nick would have to start last with me right in front of him. But seeing John and Dan Houk did not start in the 1st race but where taking the start in this one, they had to start on the back of the grid. Me being me I did not want to risk being punted off or punting off someone else I took it easy on the start. Everyone seemed to be well behaved and there were no incidents going into turn 1. I came out of turn 1 in 5th. Not to bad. 1th to 4th were all very close going into to turn 3 which saw Roger Hinds make a slight mistake by going wide. This gave me the opportunity to get alongside him and take the inside line for turn 4. The next part of the lap I was trying to get closer to the 3 leaders. On the last corner of the 1st lap Roel decided to go a bit wide, leaving an open door for me to pass him. 3rd. This was looking good. Next up, Larry and Rob. Roel was keeping up with me so I had te be carefull. Larry being the nice guy he is missed his breakingpoint at the end of lap 2. Flew by him. 2nd. Only Rob in front of me. Closed the gap on him fairly quick, but then I needed 4 laps to get by him. Now I was being extra carefull because I didn't want a repeat of what happened at Grobnick (my fault btw). Once I got past Rob I just couldn't find the speed I normally was able to do on this track. Anyway, keeping an eye on the positions of everyone I saw that John and Nick got by Rob to. Not wanting a repeat of what happened in the 1st race I just kept my head down and took the car home in 1st. Race result, 1st Roy, 2nd John, 3rd Nick.

    All in all this for me was a very good race and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
    Again, love the series and love the Mod.
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  3. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    BTW, by now its clear that 1st place in this series is spoken for. Even if there were to be a scrap result there is no one that can close the gap.
    However, 2nd to 6th have it all to play for and none of these positions are safe. Looks like Zolder is going to be a very exiting end of season.
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  4. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Was not at ease on this track and was way back from the top guys time.

    Race 1
    Got off to a reasonable start but on the first lap had a touch with Roger which sent me off the track and behind the guard rails. Happily Roger didn't seem to be penalised by much. My fault as eventhough I was in front of Roger I should have given him more room; in the heat of the race I misread Helicorsa:(.
    From then on I just plodded on behind hoping to get one or two points.

    Race 2
    Started 2nd on the grid (I think) and then just let everybody pass me.
    My pleasure Roy:rolleyes:
    Nope, just couldn't get the feel of this track.

    On the bright side Zolder can only be better:) I hope:rolleyes:

    Edit: John replaced by Roger
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  5. John Bayes

    John Bayes Pro Driver

    Hi Larry, Had no idea about that touch, where did it happen? Will try and check replay, sorry if it was my fault anyway.
  6. Larry Thomas

    Larry Thomas Pro Driver Donator

    Whoops! My error John. I mean't Roger.
    I'll correct my post.
  7. John Bayes

    John Bayes Pro Driver

    Thought my age was getting the better of me ;)
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  8. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    Guys, there is an issue with the Zolder track. We can't leave the pitlane due to a bug in the mod. No one seems to able to fix it. I've informed Rob of this and we're trying to find a solution. But we will most likely have to switch to another track.
  9. Flaviu Bozga

    Flaviu Bozga Pro Driver

    Hi guys,
    Yep, @Roy Cop I like this track :). And I had time to practice :).
    Enjoyed both races, in R1 I felt @Rob Milliken breath on my neck. To my luck, @Roel Postma kept him busy so I could go in my pace.
    For R2, I was a bit to pushy and slightly touch Roger back. Slightly enough for me to go out of the track, but, to my luck he could stay on road. Sorry Roger and thank you for your careful driving. As always when I try to push harder to catch the field, made another mistake :oops:.
    After all this, it was a very nice race.
    Thank you all and see you on track.
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  10. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    NEXT RACE WILL NOT BE @ ZOLDER!!!! Issues with the mod of the track prevents us from racing there.

    Next race will be Donington National
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  11. Nick Phillips

    Nick Phillips Pro Driver

    Ok not going to be at Donington I am afraid, I am off to watch Wolverhampton Wanderers who are playing Saturday tea time, so will not be back in time.

    Thanks to all for a very enjoyable series and grats to Roy on the title, hope we run these cars again soon.
  12. Roy Cop

    Roy Cop Pro Driver

    You will be sorely missed. And yes, i'm hoping for a new series with these too

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