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Discussion in 'FKR ACC GT3 Championship Series 2 Closed' started by Rob Milliken, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    There is no mandatory stop and originally you could just do it on a full tank, with a bit of fuel saving. However a recent update to BOP in the game has reduced the fuel tank size to all cars so Its now impossible to do 80mins on a single tank.
  2. Alex Sander

    Alex Sander Pro Driver

    Just a heads up that I'll be missing the next one as well, but will be back after! Technical issues this weekend and next race I have something to do that Saturday.
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  3. Taner Selvi

    Taner Selvi Pro Driver

    Laguna Seca server up please.
  4. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    It's up,
    FYI we are changing server providers before the next round so if it's off for a day or so that's why!~
  5. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    Its up, not sure about the password

    Hmm.. can't access the GT4 server either
  6. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    PW's should be good now ..
  7. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    With the Laguna race tommorow now, it kinda would be nice to discuss it and how people are approaching it, as its not a track version i am used to yet. Why are the forum post locked?
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  8. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Pro Driver

    Not sure i can make saturday night sadly, its the wifes birthday so dont think she would appreciate me disapearing for a couple of hours :D Think i could have run well here too as done a couple of Porsche cup races there recently and know it quite intimately. Have even walked the course for real and stood at Corkscrew watching Mustangs hurtling through :)
    I'll see if i can still swing it, but doubtful.
  9. Simon Gymer

    Simon Gymer Pro Driver Donator

    Give her some fancy bubble bath and tell her that for her birthday she should go and have a nice. long, soak in the bath, and you'll find something to occupy yourself with whilst she's doing that. ;)
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  10. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Pro Driver

    yeah bigger problem is we are meeting up with friends late afternoon for a boozy birthday meal, not sure my virtual driving will be as sharp after a couple of hours of drinking :p but dont write me off just yet.;)
  11. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    I'm at Brands Hatch on saturday. Worst case i get home at 7.30 which will be cutting it tight.
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  12. Mark Ekins

    Mark Ekins Pro Driver

    Please stop locking threads for the next round...Its tommorow and we cant discuss it?

    Imola is a track i love, done alot of public sprint races and was finally going to try and run it without stopping for tyres!

    The more i look at this, the more it seems to me that actaully stopping for fuel will be quicker....
    My lap count doesnt change much even when my lap time varies by over a second...Potentially i think i can easily make up 40+secs i waste in driving through the pit.. .If i'm forced to drive so slow to get the right fuel consumption so as to avoid a stop...

    Run rich, quicker times but pit
    Run really slow, never really knowing if i will finish, panicking every time i check the fuel consumption,

    Hope the Pit stop info is out in practise, Doesnt matter how much fuel i select it just says 3.4secs.
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  13. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken Administrator Staff Member Donator

    Are you talking about this ? Assetto Corsa Comp - Round 6 Imola | Sim Racing Online it's been open on my end? I will sticky it.

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